Pay attention to these recommendations for controlling anger!

Specialist clinical psychologist Omar Bayer evaluates the issue of anger management that came to the fore when Oscar winner Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, who was joking with his wife, at the Oscars.

Learning to control internal stimuli

Referring to anger as one of the natural emotions like sadness, frustration, happiness, jealousy and fear, the expert clinical psychologist Om Bayer said, Learn to understand and control internal stimuli. ” Says

Emotions must be learned

Expert clinical psychologist Om Bayer, who mentions that it is possible to recognize and control emotions through experience like everything else in life, says: Living. If their feelings are not translated by the family and the environment around them as they develop, these children may become people who cannot live with their feelings. “

The reasons for controlling anger can be different.

Expert clinical psychologist Om Bayer, who explains that there can be various causes of difficulty in controlling anger, said: It’s hard to do. ” Says

Beware of the next angry attack!

Noting that having difficulty controlling anger can sometimes lead to psychological problems, Ommer Bayer said, “It is important to look at the flow of a person’s life to distinguish it. When started, it can be a psychological problem that goes wrong. It can be a personality trait of a person from childhood as well as the result of a mental problem. ” He said.

Anger control can be learned at an older age.

Expert clinical psychologist Om Bayer, who says that controlling anger, recognizing or controlling emotions is a situation that can be learned, says, “In fact, we have to learn emotions from childhood. We learn to control emotions by recognizing and understanding emotions through our experiences, by having the opportunity to feel and develop them. Just because you haven’t learned in childhood doesn’t mean that anger control won’t be learned in later life. If the person makes the necessary effort, he can learn to control his anger. For example, if some children see that the problems in the home have been solved by shouting and the people in the house cannot feel their emotions in a healthy way, they will learn to control the anger, not control it. An uncontrolled way. “

The cause of anger must be understood

Explaining that difficulties in controlling anger can be treated, expert clinical psychologist Om Bayer said, “It is important to understand the factors that strengthen anger control. For example, a child with dyslexia or comprehension may face anger management with that helplessness because he does not understand what he should do in school life. Usually a calm person may have difficulty controlling his anger after consuming alcohol. In other words, first of all, you need to understand the causes of the difficulty in controlling your anger and find the right treatment. “

Pay attention to these recommendations for controlling anger!

Expert clinical psychologist Om Bayer also advises people with difficulty controlling their anger and says:
“First of all, it is important to understand that anger is not a problem. It is necessary to be aware that anger is a normal emotion like happiness, sadness and longing. For example, when we are aware of situations that make us angry, we need to avoid those situations.

A long discussion must be interrupted!

If we realize that we are getting more angry in a long discussion, let’s take a break when the discussion starts, and by taking a break like clearing my head, we will prevent this anger from growing and becoming difficult to control.

In addition, when we get angry, we can confuse ourselves and do relaxation exercises.

Usually, when we get angry, the body goes into a tense and stressful situation and in this case, when proper breathing exercises are done, it helps to reduce the blood pressure and pulse of the body and relax.

If the difficulty in controlling the anger is excessive and sudden, at least until the person develops his own anger control, he can take the help of medicine and it will definitely be effective to get the help of therapy. ”

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