Spring cleaning is essential for our body.

Winter is over, the epidemic is going on. Our bodies are full of toxins due to nutritional deficiencies and air pollution … spring fatigue is also at the door. Here are some simple tips from oruhlu to get a fit and energetic body against all these negativity …

Spring cleaning is essential for our body.

The weather We need transit clearance. Therefore, with spring, we must take steps to renew our bodies like nature. “We like the word detox. But you don’t have to worry about how to detox, “said biochemistry and anti-aging expert Dr. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for acne treatment.

Don’t miss the sun

When we start taking more natural vitamin D with the presence of the sun, it helps to reduce all our diseases, depression and fatigue. Sunbathing for a short period of 15-20 minutes between 11.00-15.00, when the UVB rays are intense, is the most effective way of synthesizing vitamins. One mistake in this case is long-term sunbathing. The ideal is to come in contact with the sun at short intervals. Therefore, regular sunbathing for an average of 20 minutes per day is sufficient.

Increase nutrition with rainbow colors

With spring, colorful vegetables and fruits take their place in green groceries. Now is the time to eat more fruits and vegetables that contain all the colors of the rainbow.

Track the color of your urine

Drinking plenty of water is essential for cleansing the body internally. Water is especially needed for our kidneys and lymphatics to work well. However, the darker color of our urine indicates that we drink less water. So be sure to drink enough water throughout the day. Make it a habit to drink water without waiting for thirst.

For vegetables

During the day, let’s drink more fluids that support the body and help cleanse it, such as lemon water, vegetable juice, herbal tea.

Do not eat a little in the evening

During night fasting, the body already cleanses itself. Captures and destroys all old cells. However, if we eat at night, then this system does not work well. Autophagy literally means ‘self-eating’. Why does the body need to eat itself? To get rid of old cell parts, break them down and use them as spare parts. We see our body as a specific collection of cells. It’s like a flowing river. We do not continue with the same cell. Cells are in a constant state of construction and destruction depending on their organs. For example, this transition takes 28 days for skin and 4-5 days for intestinal mucosa.

Sleep on an empty stomach

A good night’s sleep with hunger is a great supporter of autophagy. The ideal night’s sleep, which is not full while lying down, is important. Ideally, the evening meal needs to end at 17.00. It is essential for sleep hygiene that the bedroom is dark and somewhat cool. Just sleep hygiene; It can be defined as hunger-dark-cold. The general purpose of sleep is to tidy up the body’s processes during the day. Damaged cell identification, their repair; All of these positive processes that I can cite as examples such as protecting the body from abnormal cells, better identifying cancer cells, and quickly curing an existing disease are the key to sleep intelligence in the body. Sleeping state; It is a time of repair, detection, cleaning and renewal. DNA repair is good at night. It is best to autophagy and destroy old cells at night and replace them with new stem cells.

Support your gut

We should also support the functioning of the intestinal system, which is struggling to get rid of all food residues. Eating lots of fiber, eating gluten-free foods balances bowel movements. To avoid constipation, you need to go to the toilet every day and pay attention to food.


Regular exercise in the spring will also start to regenerate your body, which is tired of toxins. Even walking outside increases blood circulation in the body and provides oxygen to the body. Good circulation and oxygen levels are more important for cell health than food.

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