Survival without books; You have to live blind, deaf, dumb!

Everyone has a story about books and libraries. The protagonist of my story was my late mother Nurhayat Sunat. I stopped reading, so I started reading like a flood. My mother was very interested in history and geography. We were in Bursa, my late father, the first place in the duties of a retired police chief.

It was summer vacation. An old junkie was selling books and magazines that his donkey had packed around in his two saddlebags. He used to walk down the sidewalk where we lived once a week in the Altiparmak district. My mother and the women in the neighborhood would close the liquor store, go through everything to read, and each woman would enter the house with magazines, books, and magazines in their hands.

The first book my mother bought for me to read from that old dealer was Kemalatin Tughku. It was his novel.

After reading the book we would give it to the old dealer and buy a new one. Today I can’t remember if he used to buy and sell anything other than old books. However, I know very well that I keep reading Jules Verne’s book “Two Years of School Vacation”.

This love of reading continued when I moved from second grade to third grade.

I continued to read old man’s books until my father left Bursa for Kaysari, that is, until he left Bursa.

Our neighbors in Caesarea, who love to read, gave me their reading books at home to read. When I was in fifth grade in elementary school, a non-commissioned neighbor, Hussein Nihal, brought a book by Atsiz. “Death of the Gray Wolves”. After reading this, Petty Officer Big Brother brought a second book, “The Resurrection of the Gray Wolves,” by the same author.


I started high school in Bunian, a new place of responsibility for my late father. Seeing my enthusiasm for reading, my dad took me to the Bunian Library on the weekends. The library was a place where we would go for lessons from time to time, but we could not say that we had met the librarian.

The older brother, the librarian, showed me that things could be done, from sorting books to pasting spinal numbers and writing numbers. I was helping him too. I also had the opportunity to read, view and mix as many books as I wanted and thought.

At the suggestion of my elder brother, a librarian, I started reading most of the historical books and novels written by Turkish authors.

Resat with Nouri Guntekin, Hussein Rahmi with Gurpinar, Holiday with Oedipus Adwar, Rafik Halit Karai

I met Mehmet Akif Ersay in those years and I started reading their works.

I read books that were said to be above my level.

I have read all the historical novels written by Abdullah Zia Kozanoglu. Feridun Fazal Tulbentasi was another writer whom I admired. The books were out of my hands.

However, historical novels were at the top of my most read books.

I also started telling my mother what I had read to my mother, who instilled in me a love of history and geography when I was still in elementary school and for me there was a reason and a way to be a teacher of this lesson.


When I was in elementary school, my mother taught me all the cities, mountains, rivers and lakes in Turkey. It wasn’t enough for him. He also taught me the capitals of many states. We kept repeating what we had learned from Mom until Dad came home late because of duty.

I haven’t seen the map yet, but I was in third grade in elementary school when I memorized a city, a river, and a mountain.

My grandfather Ismail Hakki Sunat was a teacher. In my last year of high school, I learned that what my dad wanted was for me to be a teacher. Police arrived at the college form school. My father was the police commissioner of Bunian district. Moreover, the police took their children to college. I suddenly became a favorite of my friends. I filled the form. When the father came in the evening, the mother explained the situation.

My dad studied the form, “One policeman from one house is enough” He said and tore the form. And then he said, I want you to be a teacher.

However, I became a teacher following in the footsteps of my late grandfather. My late grandfather was a graduate of Bursa Teachers School. I was fortunate to be able to finish the Bursa educational institution.


In high school, our Turkish teachers would read, review, and summarize books as homework during semester breaks. A Turkish teacher who had just graduated from the Balikesi Institute of Education was assigned to our school in the middle of the second year. His name was Mehmet. Talip Apaydın’s work “Yellow Tractor” was left to me. I read it, summed it up and explained it in class.

Our school library was much richer than that year. Mrs. Tulin, our social studies teacher, chose me for the library branch. We were at the library branches of Ruhi Onat, Tunsar Tokat and Errol Sunat. Our titles must have caught his attention, because he gave this job to the three of us, seeing our titles spread out with each other. Our responsibility was to open the library, give books to our friends and follow the books given to them. At Bunian High School, I couldn’t get away from the library and had the opportunity to check out books I hadn’t read.

I encountered Western classics for the first time in the library of Bunian Secondary School. And then I started reading Western classics too … My late father was hired by Adiyaman to serve his Orient. As the eldest of my siblings, I went to high school.

We soon see the new library building in Adiyaman, which is very close to our house and with the librarian there. There were thousands of books. Each will be sorted, the number written on their backs. The library did not provide books. My father re-entered. We rolled up our sleeves with my brother, the librarian, and started helping him … I was taking home the book I wanted, and my mother’s warning, go to bed until you go to bed. I was fascinated by Western classics. Thus began my acquaintance with Victor Hugo, Cervantes, Emil Zola, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Charles Dickens!


About two thousand years ago, the Roman thinker, statesman, and playwright Lucius Anas Seneca said, “to live without books; Blind, deaf, dumb survival “

So like many book lovers and bookworms, libraries and books have a special place and love for me. How can I forget the library and the books that strengthened, developed, and strengthened my love of reading?

During my years at the educational institution, the rich school library at the Barাa educational institution was an invaluable boon for friends like me who are interested in reading.

I have been studying philosophy for a year or so. I have had the opportunity to examine and verify many philosophers from ancient times to the present.

After I became a teacher, I started with history and continued with Oriental-Islamic classics.

May the place of my librarian brothers, whose names I have forgotten, who opened their libraries for me, be heaven. Throughout Library Week, I pay my respects and love to my Librarian brothers who have given their hearts to this work and congratulate them on their day.

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