The 24-grade school in Malata was opened through prayer.

The secondary school with 24 classrooms, which was completed with the help of a benefactor from the central Botalgazi district, was opened with the participation of the provincial protocol following the prayers of the provincial mufti Vessel Isldar.

In Mahanük Mahallesi in Battalagazi district, a ceremony was held in the school garden to inaugurate the 24-class Ridvan Mertoz Secondary School, which was completed in 115 days with the help of philanthropist Ridvan Mertöz.

“A very valuable investment to contribute to the future of Malta and Turkey”

Speaking at the event, Governor Aiden Baruch said the school is a valuable investment in contributing to the future of Malta and Turkey, and hoped that the school would develop a good generation that would contribute to the country’s future.

“Investment needs to be evaluated in three important ways,” said Governor Barush. First, we believe that giving is important for the future. It is narrated in a hadith of our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). ‘When a person dies, the retribution of his period ceases. These three things are exceptional. The first is the benevolent son who prays behind him, the second is benefiting from knowledge and the third is the concubine who gives. ‘ Charity is the welfare of the concubine which continues. How does a good work continue? Even if you leave this world, the investment you make will continue to be rewarded as long as there are beneficiaries from the organization. Blessed are those who make this gift a concubine. I congratulate and thank Mr. Ridvan Mertoz and his family. In collaboration with our Metropolitan Municipality, we laid the groundwork for a very fast process in July. Today, we are happy to open our school for education together on a beautiful day. This area is a congested area in terms of schools. This is an area where there is not enough space to build a school. Building this school on this land confiscated by our metropolitan municipality is very important for the children of this region to come to school on foot. At present, the school has a total of 863 students studying in 24 classrooms. This place will now bring peace and joy to the residents around us in an environment of learning and training with the chirping of our children. We have a Cengiz Topel primary and secondary school in the ünük region, which is not enough for our school. We will demolish these schools this year and build a secondary school with 32 primary schools and 24 classrooms. Thus, with Ridvan Mertoz Secondary School, the area will be very comfortable for our students. “

“We will build an 8-class kindergarten with Memur-Sen accommodation.”

Mentioning that a kindergarten with 8 classrooms will be built at the place where Memur-Sen’s residence is located, Barush said, “This is one of the 40 kindergartens announced by the Minister of National Education who recently visited our city. Malatya is currently having a very lucky time in terms of education and educational facilities. Currently, we have ongoing investments in more than 70 education sectors. With 40 kindergartens and 20 primary schools announced by the national education minister during his visit to Malta, the number will exceed 130. Therefore, our children will arrive at the school with much more comfortable, spacious and social facilities and the future of Malatya will be more assured. If you want to invest in the future of a country or a province, you need to take care of that province and the human resources of that country. Our children who will study in Ridvan Mertoz Secondary School are the future of the country, the future of Malatya. There will be many eminent scientists among them. There will be very successful engineers, doctors and people from other professions who will do things that will brighten the face of our country. ” He said.

“We will do our best to prepare our children for the future.”

Wishing Ridvan Mertoz Secondary School, which has been completed, will benefit the students, Metropolitan Mayor Selahatin Gurkan said, “The most important investment is human investment, and human investment is investment in the future. Our country. I know it and I like it. Thanks to Rıdvan Mertöz for using it. The better our students grow up in this school and classroom, the brighter and safer our future will be. There are elements of learning. Environment is important and school is another important issue. We are currently in the process of opening one of the four basic parameters that affect education. As a municipality, we have occupied the place where the school was built. We have to remember our beauty completely. Therefore, in our school. The construction of, and R পছন্দdvan Mertöz’s choice to build a school in the area, not only built a school, but also the official square of our city, which is not particularly special, as soon as possible. In that sense, I would like to thank both of them for building the school and for being able to reach our square as soon as possible. “

“We have always tried to support education.”

Charity businessman Ridvan Mertoz said: “We are here to support and continue to support all kinds of physical and technical work, not just as a building, but as a library, which is necessary to contribute to education. In the 25 years of my 45-year business life, I began to support education. First, we started by training our colleagues to work with you. We have tried to make them more qualified and more experienced. Next, we hire interns so that our university students studying in our country can gain experience. We try to give them social education, not just technical education. One day a week, I personally meet the interns, especially myself. Together with the Istanbul Chamber of Industry and our Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, we have taken over the guardianship of 90 vocational high schools to enhance the quality of vocational high schools, including a protocol signed with our Ministry of National Education. In my district high school, which I sponsor, the number of students dropped from one thousand to 650. Last year, the number of students in this school increased to 960. So began the confidence of parents and students. Through this study, our students have both achieved a career and seen job opportunities after graduation. We will discuss with the experts how a similar project can be done in Malatya and hopefully it can be implemented. I would like to thank my esteemed Metropolitan Mayor Selahatin Gurkan, my Governor Aydin Barush and our National Director of Education Battle Kanbe who have made significant contributions to the construction of this school. “

At the end of the speech by Provincial Mufti Vessel Isaldar, participants cut the inaugural ribbon and visited the school. (Primary)

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