The 68th Gillette Millet Athlete of the Year Award has found its owners

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One of the longest running sports organizations in the history of world sports, “68. The Gillette-Milliyet Sportsman of the Year award ceremony was held at the Volkswagen Arena.

Winners of 7 categories namely Athlete of the Year, Coach of the Year, Gillette Venus Female Athlete, Footballer of the Year, Team Athlete. Best of the Year, Breakthrough Athlete of the Year and Paralympic-Disabled Athlete / Team of the Year. Special prizes were also given to their owners.

State Minister for Youth and Sports. Mehmet Muharrem Casapoglu, Chairman of Demirোরren Holding Board Yıldırım Demirören, Member of Demirören Holding Board, Sinan Oktay, Chairman of Demirören Holding Board, Cemal Demirören, Chairman of Milliyet Newspapers Akif Ustundag, President of the Turkish National Olympic Committee Ugur Erdener, President of the Sport Toto Organization Bunyamin Bozgeik, President of Galatasaray Burak Elmas were present.

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Here are the prize winners;

Athlete of the Year: Mate Gajoz

Olympic champion Mate Gajoz was named Athlete of the Year in Tokyo.

Presenting the award to Gajoz, Minister Casapoglu said, “It is a very special night, a night of pride. On this occasion, I remember all those who have lived this beautiful tradition with honor and gratitude for 68 years. I congratulate the Mileyat family. I remember the late Erdogan Demiroren with kindness and gratitude. We are here with our enthusiastic spirit. We are here with our esteemed sports friends and managers. I congratulate and thank the entire sports community. Together with this unique community, we raise the hope that Turkish sports will again be represented at a higher level. All sports stakeholders are important to us. In this sense, I congratulate the sports press staff. Athlete of the Year. ” He said.

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Erdogan Demeroren Ozul Award: World EthnoSports Federation

Demiroren Holding Board member Sinan Oktay and Demiroren Holding Board member Semal Demiroren presented the award to Hakan Kazansi, President of the World Ethnosport Confederation. “Honorable Minister, welcome the distinguished guests. We would like to thank the distinguished stakeholders. This award has a significant meaning for us. We are proud and delighted to present this to an awareness raising organization,” Sinan Okta said in a statement. Hakan Kazansi, president of the World EthnoSport Confederation, said: “I would like to thank the Milleit family. I once again remember the late Erdogan Demiroren with compassion.”

Breaking Athlete of the Year: Alperen Sangun

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Alperen Sengun, who played for the Houston Rockets in the NBA, was named Breakout Athlete of the Year. TFF President Nihat Ozdemir handed over the award to Kemal Sengun, father of Alperen Sengun. Kemal Sengun said in a statement: “I received this award for my child. I am proud, I am happy. I hope Alperen will represent our country in the best possible way and make us proud.”

Gillette-Like Movement of the Year Award: Koniaspor Technical Director Ilhan Palut

Konyaspor President Fatih Özgökçen received the award from the experienced coach of Tankut Turnaoğlu. In a statement after receiving the award, Ozgoken said: “Konya is a city of tolerance. Our athletes have a fair-play movement, but we as managers wanted to do it.”

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Procter & Gamble Turkey and Caucasus chairman Tankut Tornaolu said: “We have said in the Olympic mothers’ program that regular exercise is the key to success in life. . “

Gillette Footballer of the Year Award: Hakan Calhanoglu

The star footballer, who has been associated with the night online since returning to Milan, said: “This award makes me proud. It reminds me of my great responsibility to the Turkish people. This award will inspire me. I congratulate all the athletes. And the teams that won the prize. “

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Autocoach 2nd Hand Volleyball Trusted Hand Award: Simge Akaz

Otokoç Automotive General Manager Inan Akisi said, “We have been building standards for 94 years. We have been supporting athletes and athletes for a long time with our Otokoç second-hand brand. We have created a social responsibility project to stand by women. We have tried to empower women. To raise awareness on the removal of obstructive glass ceilings, we have embarked on a journey with our women’s national team, and we have emerged as its reliable arm.

The 68th Gillette Millet Athlete of the Year Award has found its owners

Paralympic Athlete / Team of the Year: National Amput Football Team

Amputee national team captain Bulent Setin, who received the award, said in a statement, “Good evening everyone. Millet for this year’s World Championships in Istanbul.”

Altineildis Slasics Award: Mete Gajoz

Mete Gajoz, the national archer who made Turkey proud to be the Olympic champion, made the statement after receiving the award. Successful athletes, “After we did something good on the field, it was an honor to be elected by your vote. Thank you all very much.”

McDonald’s Red-White Women’s Award: Neckla Gungor

Oguz Ukanlar, general manager of McDonald’s Turkey, presented the award to Nekla Gungor, technical director of the national women’s team.

Milka Ski Athlete of the Year Award: Ada Gayei

Ada Goni, who could not hold back her tears as she received the award, said in a statement: “I would like to thank my family and the coaches who have contributed to my success. I thank the Milka family for their support. Wear it. “

Gillette Venus Woman of the Year Award: Busanage Surmenelli

Busenaz Surmenelli, who has made us proud to be the Olympic champion, said, “I am accepting my award for the new Busanazlar, the new Yasmein. I thank everyone.”

Old Spice e-Sports Award: Football List

Named Sevik Special Award: Irfan Kurmus

Irfan Kurtulmus has been awarded the Sevik Special Prize by Mete Belovasicli, the editor-in-chief of the Millet newspaper. Fan Interaction Award: Sports Club in Galatasaray

Burak Elmas, president of the award-winning Galatasaray Sports Club, said in a statement: “Dear Minister, Distinguished guests, We as clubs have tried to generate revenue in various fields. Socios has given us tremendous support. Thank you for the partnership. I want to thank the fans in Galatasaray, “he said.

AXA SIGORTA Coach of the Year: Giovanni Judetti

After receiving the award, the successful coach said: “Everyone sees us. They see the tip of the iceberg. Below is a very important organization. I congratulate the young women on their success.”

Best Team of the Year: A national women’s volleyball team

Presenting the award, former Minister for Youth and Sports Osman Askin Bak said: “Intellectuals are to be commended. I congratulate the Miliat family. Turkish sports are on a good path. We saw it at the Olympics. I congratulate the whole sports family. New success in Turkish sports “Right now, thank the president. I do,” he said. Osman Askin Bak presented the award to Mehmet Akif Ustundag, President of TVF Federation. Captain Simge Aköz said: “We are delighted to be able to represent the strongest women in Turkey. We hope that success will continue.”

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