The children are hungry, the President advised them to eat buffalo curd

Wall – Sadet party chairman Temel Karamollahu made the statement at a weekly news conference held at his party’s headquarters.

For the second six-table meeting on Sunday, the SAADET leader said, “Our common will and determination will continue and be strong. We have common problems, common concerns and priorities; we will continue on our path based on our common interests; The government has changed the electoral law, “said Sadet’s leader. We are determined to break this unity and resolve our country’s problems together decisively. ”

Temel Karamollu criticized President Erdogan’s recommendation for “buffalo yogurt, breast honey, dates and oats”: Listen to the truth from the day you came to the palace. “Even if we advise them to eat buffalo curd and honey, our people cannot meet their basic needs. The children go to school hungry. ”

Karamologlu’s statement is as follows:

Congratulations on the month of Ramadan: “Today is Wednesday, March 30 … We are leaving behind the first 3 months of the year; we are entering the months of April and Ramadan. We are meeting the last Ramadan of the 3 blessed months, the Sultan of 11 months. I congratulate our nation and the entire Islamic world on the month of Ramadan, the people we “welcome” and hope that this spiritual climate will surround us.

We will meet the government’s assessment for our joint distribution: First, I would like to make some assessment of the meeting I had with the valuable leaders of the political parties on Sunday evening, which the public closely followed. After the Ahlatlibel Summit and the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding on a strong parliamentary system, our third meeting was attended by the DEVA Party and Mr. Chairman Ali Babachan presided over the function. It was a very fruitful meeting which will be very beneficial for our country and our people. We discussed and consulted in detail about the development of Turkey and our region. Our common will and determination will remain strong and will continue. We have common concerns, common concerns and priorities; We continue on our path based on our commonalities; This is how our cooperation will continue. We are determined to thwart the government’s desire to break this unity by changing the electoral law and resolving the country’s problems with determination.

Our citizens will not forget this snowfall: We have warned the government towards the end of 2021. We have said that 2022 stands before them as a clear white slate and this is an important opportunity for a fresh start. Now the first three months of the year have passed, the month of Ramadan has come; But unfortunately we see the government does not give up its habit. Without focusing on solving the problems of our people and the problems of our country; They only focused on prolonging their tenure and they got stuck and tired at the point we reached. To make matters worse, they are exhausting our people and devouring our country. Our citizens have survived the harsh winter, but as we have said before, they will never forget the frost they ate. Now that we have Spring and Ramadan … Again, very difficult days await our people; On the other hand, the government continues to ignore the problems it is facing without listening to the cries of our people … because; It’s almost a habit.

People don’t mind: After all, what more can be expected from those who have wasted 19 years in 20 years? Now, as if mocking our minds, they say, “It’s been 19 years of preparation, now we’re just getting started.” They say to the man, “If this is the process of your preparation, may Allah protect our country the year you take action.” I think, believe me, people don’t mind; As the Felicity Party, let us leave the year 19-20, when Almighty God gave 20 months and such a powerful time of power; Turkey comes to a completely different point. Every government in the past may have an excuse for failure, but not a party government! How can this be? This nation has given you what it wants, you are ruling the country alone and with superpowers a time that will not be given to any power; You’re still having trouble finding an excuse for your disability and creating it because you can’t find it! You always focus on the image …

Millions of people are below the poverty line of hunger and poverty: The government has taken it as a habit. Every day another excuse, even to make an enemy; What’s worse, they’ve taken on the character of declaring their yesterday’s friends as today’s enemies, just as they declared today’s meat and liver mutton as their enemies yesterday. Come on, we understand everything, but the price of a curly haircut on the market today is 15-20 lira; What is the excuse for this, for God’s sake? The cost of starting a home has increased by at least 100% since last year … unmarried people can’t get married, married people can’t have sex; How would you explain this? March data for Türk-7 has been announced; The hunger limit has increased to 5,000 lira and the poverty line to 16,000 lira. The monthly living cost of a single employee is 6,500 TL; Food inflation 6%! Millions of people, especially low-wage earners and retirees, remain below the poverty line. How would you explain this? Let’s say Only by your disability.

Retirees start living with their children at home: Now there is talk of raising the minimum wage anew. Because the purchasing power of our people has already melted away. Yes, such an increase is necessary, but it is not a permanent solution. Point numbers are not enlarged; Ending living expenses, controlling inflation. View; Last year the minimum wage was 2825 lira, a minimum wage earner can buy more than 220 liters of oil. Today, although the minimum wage is 4250 lira, he can buy only 70 liters. Unfortunately, 8 million retirees live below the poverty line. Most of us retirees are looking for jobs. Since many retirees can no longer afford the bills and rent, they have moved to live with their children. The number of families receiving social assistance from the state is 2-2.5 million; It comes in at 4.5-5 million and tolerates.

This party spreads poverty widely: The AK Party, which came to power with a promise to eradicate poverty, spreads poverty widely. The middle class has collapsed, the lower income groups have become poorer. Inequality in income distribution has increased, the gap between rich and poor has widened. The president, who in the early years of his office chose to live in a decent apartment in Kechiouren to give the impression that he came from among the people, was, unfortunately, unable to hear the truth from the day he left. Glass Palace Nowadays, as if it is not enough for people to devalue their livelihoods and ignore the long queues, he gives some advice on healthy eating. Mr. President recommends eating buffalo yogurt, chestnut honey, dates and oats to keep you full.

The nation cannot provide enough food: See Dear Friends; The amount an adult should spend on healthy eating is about 1100-1250 lira. For our 4 to 6 year olds, this amount is about 750 TL. For a family of 4, the amount that should be spent on healthy nutrition alone is 4-5 thousand lira… but unfortunately, our people cannot be fed enough in this economic constraint where rents and bills are rising and new roads are being built. While you are advising the citizens to eat buffalo curd and honey, our people cannot even meet their basic needs. The children go to school hungry. Even our little puppies, who have to think about their lessons, go to school with their father’s financial difficulties. There is a lack of tables, there is sadness in the face, there is anxiety in the house. All of this is the result of the great devastation caused by the Erdogan government, which promised to enter the top ten economies in 2023, but described 2023 as a “problem threshold” at the point we have reached today. When the President was thinking, what should he eat to keep his stomach full before going to bed at night; People remember what they will eat the next day, how they will pay their bills and how they will balance rent. Unfortunately, the economic crisis caused by the President and his allies, who turn their backs on the livelihood of the people and think of nothing but how to prolong their life in power, unfortunately annoys the people of this country.

We want to reach out to our people with their country: According to Eurostat, we are one of the largest asylum seekers in Europe, which Erdogan claims is jealous of us. As always, we are at the top of the bad stats. After Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, we are in 5th place among the countries applying for asylum in Europe. We, as the Felicity Party, exist to reunite our people with their country. We exist to produce lasting solutions to our country’s problems. We exist to keep our people alive humanely. “(News Center)

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