The former Colombian president told TurkTime how he got rid of Escobar.

The former Colombian president, Andres Pastrana, who was held hostage by Pablo Escobar, who became one of the richest men in the world through the drug trade in Colombia in the 1980s and is the only survivor, visited Turkitim.


Pastrana, president of the International of the Centrist Democrats (CDI chairman), spoke with Talat Atila.

Pastrana, who was held hostage by Pablo Escobar, who became one of the richest men in the world in the 1980s through the drug trade in Colombia, and later the only survivor, said curious things about the incident. Turkish media for the first time.

When asked about Atatুrk, Pastrana said, “What comes to my mind when I call Atatুrk the founder of this beautiful country and indeed the architect of modern Turkey. So, we all know the name Atatুrk of Colombia.” He replied.

Pastrana, who was targeted by the organization for his harsh words in the fight against drugs, described how he was abducted by Escobar’s men while running for mayor and how he escaped:

“My life has been threatened since 1982. In fact, in my experience, I’ve been a journalist since I was 82. When I was a TV personality, I took the first threat. As I said, I started fighting drugs. By 1988, I I was the mayoral candidate in Bogot,, and that election was the first popular vote. The mayor was his choice, and of course, I made the fight against drugs my priority in the process.

Poppy, Escobar’s infamous hitman kidnapped

One day, while I was sitting in my office, two men came, of course, saying that he had kidnapped me on behalf of the guerrillas and that he had put a gun to my head. The funniest thing was that he put a gun to my head. Head, he put his own head next to me and said, “When I kill you, the bullet that will kill you will kill me too.” Escobar’s hitman, whom you can recognize, was Poppy.

They kicked me out of my office in Bogota. I was on the farm an hour’s drive from the Colombian capital. I was with my abductors one night. The next day a helicopter arrived. They handcuffed me, I didn’t know where I was, they blindfolded me, they kept me in 3 to 1 room. It’s a small town, but I’ve traveled so much that I’ve lost my orbit.

People have a great fear

This is what happened when they kidnapped me. When a person is abducted and taken from one place to another, he feels a great fear of losing orbit to find you or being killed. That night or the second night, I heard a loud noise outside, very frightened, then someone came and put a chair, first said good night, then good night is not, shut up, you can not talk, but finally he gave me a phone and My dad was at the end of the phone and my dad was on the phone since he was the previous president of Colombia so I talked to my dad.

I turned my head to face Escobar.

They picked me up that day, took me downstairs, gave me a call, like I said, they let me talk to my dad, I asked my wife, I asked my children. I asked them to start a negotiation process with the authorities on this side. But to no avail. Then they took me to my room and sat me down with a chair against the wall, 3 by 1 was a very narrow place. I wasn’t going to turn around for sure, I heard a voice saying that if you turn around I have to kill you, but of course, turned around behind me, I had no desire to take such a risk. I was staring. On an empty wall, but as I stared at the empty wall, I suddenly saw someone jumping on the bed, and when I inadvertently turned my head, I was with Pablo Escobar. We made eye contact, good night Andres told me. I must say, what a good night you kidnapped me.

Pablo Escobar had something like this here. He was instructed to give Andres everything he wanted, but he would have to be killed if he tried to escape anyway. The next process was difficult.

“Luckily I survived.”

At the same time as me, the Attorney General was abducted and I was taken prisoner in a place far away from the airport. During this time, a great search and rescue operation was carried out for the Attorney General in that area. Therefore, it was actually an opportunity that the job came to me. I heard a lot of noise from outside. I took a bath that morning, of course, we had to talk about those conditions, it was an environment where there was no privacy. Not at all, and I went out and took a bath, and while I was getting dressed, a kidnapper came and handcuffed me. And then the police came. After that, something very interesting happened. He holds a gun to my head, there are a lot of movie scenes you see in front of your eyes at that moment, they go to the moment of the police operation and they kill the person they kidnapped. So they leave no trace behind and after that they run away. In such a process, it is a process where I went through ebb and flow with such thoughts. I saw a gun on my head and the owner of that gun said to me, “You are my insurance for redemption.”

In that confusion, a police officer actually gets involved, and has a conversation with the kidnapper. “If you leave me, I’ll give you Andre” So there was an exchange process, but the person who kidnapped me said handcuff the police and if you both move for an hour you will die, but of course, There is a mutual conflict outside, so what an hour when we get the first chance. We threw ourselves with the police in a small town nearby and we were very lucky, the city municipality took care of us, luckily we survived.

It was an exchange, but not a trade for freedom. The exchange process was a compromise between the police and the kidnappers, we were injured in that gap and fled with the police. I was lucky because the police were actually looking for the attorney general, not me. Everyone was shocked to see that it was me.

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