The incredible story was published a few years later: she stole the bride from her future husband during the wedding!

One of the bride or the bride’s closest friends gives a speech during the wedding and the emotional moments felt during this time … it sounds like a Hollywood movie. The news in the world media that dropped like a bomb on the agenda promises us a story that is not even found in the movies.

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The following is a summary of recent events that took place in 2010:

“I never forgot the first time I saw her. I loved her, I fell in love with her. I knew it had to be me. She was the most beautiful person I’ve ever met.”

Those who read these lines will think that the speech was given by the bridegroom to the bride. But they will be wrong! These words were uttered by his best friend Bryant at Desari White’s wedding.

What doesn’t look like a movie, Desiree White, now 32, wears her wedding dress and takes her place in the hall to join her life with her beloved man, when she is surprised to hear these words from her best friend Bryant, who He got up on the stage to give a speech.

Dixie and Bryant’s wedding photos

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Not even in such a movie!

Bryant’s love for the woman, who has been his friend for many years, is revealed in the confession he made during his wedding speech. When the incident appeared many years later, it made headlines in the world media.

According to Dizzy White, the wedding speech continued with the words:

“She is OK. He is not like anyone else. But I found out she had a boyfriend and I thought she should be brought back. And then I met that guy and we became friends. “

There is no mention of Dizzy White’s ex-wife in the incident.

When these strange moments happened, the future bride and groom were sitting side by side and 200 people were looking at the wedding guests with amazed eyes.

The incredible story was published a few years later: she stole the bride from her future husband during the marriage

Desiree, a strict TikTok user, has included her married life and her husband in her posts.

The lecture that Hall made

“I love you both very much and wish you happiness.” After talking about Bryant’s cold shower, Dixie blushed in shame and didn’t know what to do.

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The wedding guests were smiling silently at first, the hall suddenly became cold.

After the wedding, Desari White was shaken by this confession and the secret feelings of her best friend for years. The woman said, “Bryant and I were high school classmates. I had a boyfriend back then and I always saw other men as friends.” He spoke of those days.

The young woman said she showed the picture of her boyfriend to her best friend Bryant and then the three of them became close friends and Bryant was also friends with his ex-wife; Dizzy, who says she never finds relationships weird because she knows men make friends easily, also mentions that she never had romantic feelings for her friend in those years.

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The trio were very close friends

In fact, Desiree arranged many dates for her friend, and she and her husband went out to dinner with Bryant’s girlfriends. Dizzy added that he did not find Bryant mature in those days and talked about his childish character.

The incredible story was published a few years later: she stole the bride from her future husband during the marriage

Dizzy and Bryant are now a happy couple

“On my wedding day, when I was getting ready for my hair and makeup after my wedding dress, Bryant came to my parents’ house and saw me that way. The expression of love in his eyes is different from the previous ones. This is the first time I’ve ever felt something like this happen. ” Using the expression, Desiree thinks Bryant told her that she looks beautiful and that she has never seen herself like this before.

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Bryant, who couldn’t control his emotions during the wedding and made this incredible speech under the influence of alcohol, then danced with desire and said to the woman, “Why didn’t you give me a chance? I looked at you like my eyes.” Says

Don’t want to believe

Dizari says Bryant then calmed down and withdrew.

The next day, Dizzy thought his friend was giving such a speech because of alcoholism, loneliness and emotion, and he wanted to ‘sweep it under the rug’.

He always feels like a third person by our side. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. “The couple began arguing with each other in the first year of their marriage.

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The woman, who said that she was very tired during the divorce process with her husband, said that Bryant supported her a lot in those days. When two friends were ‘hanging out’ together one day, suddenly they kissed.

A happy ending like a fairy tale

Desiree says the kiss was very nice and normal and she suddenly fell in love with Bryant and within a year she got pregnant with their 9 year old son Sawyer. The couple married in 2012.

The incredible story was published a few years later: she stole the bride from her future husband during the marriage

Desari and Bryant’s story has a happy ending, like a romantic comedy movie …

Desari and Bryant White, who now have 4 children, live happily ever after. He ended his interview with Desire Media with these words:

“If you had told 20-year-old Desir that she would one day be a mother of four, she would never have believed you. And he never thought his life would come to this point. “

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