The non-binary teenager was abducted and kidnapped by her mother and her friends – “They told me, ‘We will kill you, no one will find your body’.”

News- Photo: Edanur Tanış
Camera Editing: Ayşegül Karagöz

Youssef Aydas, a non-binary transgender man, was abducted by his mother and friends on March 8, 2022 in Taksim, Istanbul and held for three days. Idas, who was abducted again after going to the police station, was subjected to violence and death threats. Aydas, who survived after his friends announced what had happened to him on social media and reported it to police, MediaScopeHe said.

Yusuf Aydas (22) Non-Binary * Trans. Aydaş, who has been involved in the LGBTI +, Women and Workers’ Struggle since 2016, participated with Trans Cortez at the Women’s Demonstration in Istanbul-Kadiko on March 6, 2022. Here are the pictures taken with friends. According to Yusuf Aydas, some trans exclusive Radical Feminists (TRFs) shared the photos on Twitter, zoomed in on the people in the photos, and created profile photos to ridicule them.

Aidas says her family called her on March 8, International Women’s Day. “You asked me, ‘Are you in Istanbul?’ They asked. They saw that I was in Istanbul when TERFs posted pictures of me. Mom called me home, I didn’t go. After the parade on March 7, a friend of my mother’s called me and said that she had my book and that she wanted to give it to me. I went to buy books, but my mother was there, and they forced me into a car and drove me to Kokley’s house. ” Says

Explaining that her family had detained her for three days but had not assaulted her during the process and confiscated her phone, Aidas said that her family had told her on March 12 that she would not send her to school and that she had not agreed to this. Informs friends. Saying that he sent police to the house where his friends were detained, Aydas said, “The police knew nothing. I asked for help, like hugging a snake that fell into the sea. They said to me, ‘You are a minor, why should we take you, you can leave this house on your own’. There I was abused by the police. Then we went to the police station, my lawyer came. My lawyer told me he would talk to my family and take me to a safe place. I also believed. My lawyer said, ‘I’ll take you down to the marble.’ I’m glad it’s all over. “ He said.

Death threats were made

Idas said that after leaving the police station, the lawyer suddenly left him and while he was on his way to Marble alone, a friend of his family stopped him with a car in front of Marble and forced him into the car and continued following. :

“They told me, ‘We are going, we will kill you, and no one will find your body.’ They are dragging me, I want to move. I told people, ‘Look, they’re taking me away,’ if they could save me, but nothing happened. He got in the car and said, ‘We will kill you, we are taking you to the village now, no one will hear that you are dead’. At one point, I thought, OK, let me die, it’s over. When we reached the village, they got me out of the car and threw me in the snow. ”

“Don’t hit her in the face, she’ll complain.”

There he was beaten by his mother’s friends “Are you going to go, are you sure? If you don’t go we won’t kill you.” Aydas says, “I told them I was going. I said, ‘I’m willing to die now, do whatever you want, I won’t go to that house with you, I will go’. Everyone there was watching. My assigned family saw me being beaten by my mother. Later, my mother came to me and I told them, ‘Kill me now, it’s over’ because the one who beat me had a gun. My uncle also started beating me. As I was about to hit him in the face, someone said to him, ‘Don’t hit him in the face, if you hit him in the face he will report to us, let’s hit him everywhere except his face’. They planned the violence.“She kept going.

He said Gendarmes came to the place where he was the victim of violence and his mother came to him immediately. “Joseph, don’t go, don’t complain, promise we’ll leave you, complain about me, not these people.” Aidas says he said, “I went to Gendermess. They talked to my family without talking to me. They checked the ID. I did not get any response from them. When I told them, ‘Look, you’re going to be a murderer, get me out of here’, one of the genders started laughing haughtily. When the ID check is over, they put it in our car. I told Gendarme, ‘If you don’t take me, they’ll kill me, you’ll be a murderer.’ They told me, ‘They’re going to kill your family’, and Gendarmes didn’t help either. He added.

Explaining that later, his family and friends took him to a house in Tuzla, Aydas said:

They were trying to persuade me to stay in Kokley. They told me, ‘Don’t come back, don’t go, we promise, we won’t do anything to you, we’ll accept you, if you go that way, bad things will happen’. They think I’m going to be a sex worker, which they call bad. They were moralists and prostitutes. They told me that if I went down that road, I would be killed and put aside. I told them at least I wouldn’t die with you, I would die alone.

Mentioning that her abduction was on the agenda on Twitter and that Gendarmerie and lawyers went to her mother and her sister’s house, Aydas said, “Everyone is looking for you, come back to this, we’ll drop you off, the taxi is coming,” said one of the criminals, who saw what was written on Twitter. I didn’t believe them either, I said, ‘I won’t call before I get in the taxi, I won’t do anything to you either’, and they were relieved. Revealing that he got the marble, Aydas said, “I was covered in mud and blood, I was cold but happy. I was smiling to myself and people were watching me. “ He told me.

Here are the reports of the attack

Idas received a report of the attack after it was unveiled. The report states that Aydas had wounds on his head and neck.

Revealing that he would issue a stay order, Aydas said, “I shouldn’t complain against anyone, they have children, I think it’s sad for children, but then I say, ‘When they had children, they deserved this violence against me.’ A stay order will be issued in a day or two. If they do anything to me during my suspension, I will complain. “ He continued.

Expressing that he is now very happy that he is free and able to leave the house, Yusuf Aydas finally added:

“When they kidnapped me, I seriously thought I was going to die. I said, ‘No one can reach me, my name will be a murdered trans person.’ I want to say this, and I have told my family this: I will not be the first or the last, there are many puppies without me. Without solidarity maybe I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t be able to escape. I want to thank all my friends and lawyers who have taken care of me. The day we fuel this hatred against us will be in front of everyone. I hope I am the last person in this experience. “

* Non-binary: One of the terms used for people who do not define themselves in the traditional categories of men and women and who feel a gender identity in or out of these two sexes.

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