The students of Tob Science High School were the guests. Dr. Katin: “We train future physicians with a student-based learning approach.”

The 12th grade students of Gaziantep TOBB Science High School were guests of Sanko University. Head of the Department of Medical Biology, Professor of Medicine. Dr. Zafar Setin gave important information about the university and the choice.
Lecturers trained at well-established and successful universities in Turkey work in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sanco, said Professor. Dr. Katin says they are training future physicians with a student-based learning approach. Explaining that the faculties of medicine at SANKO University include the departments of Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, and the Faculty of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, and the Faculty of Health Sciences. Dr. “Training is provided in the Vocational School of Health Service, Operating Room Service, Anesthesia, First and Emergency Aid and Medical Imaging Techniques programs,” said Katin. Professor Dr. Katin shared her information that “our university, where the undergraduate educational institution is located, offers doctoral studies in biostatistics, molecular medicine, nursing, biological and biomedical sciences, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and medical microbiology.”
The Faculty of Medicine is approved to provide specialized training in medicine in 10 branches. Dr. Katin has given a presentation on academic, social and cultural studies for university students. Students of the Faculty of Medicine are given the opportunity to implement a project and present the results of these projects at the National or International Congress, to gain a scientific perspective, to acquire a scientific context, thanks to the application of alternative project courses. Their education is the year of life. Dr. Cetin continued:
“At our Anatomy Laboratory, an important laboratory in the medical faculty, our students can receive one-on-one dissection training in specially collected full-body cadavers from abroad each academic year during their education process. In addition to our classrooms, which are equipped with all the latest technology, we have extensive laboratory infrastructure, including laboratories for professional skills, multidisciplinary, physiology and computer skills. In these laboratories, professional and clinical skills of our students are practiced using pediatric, pediatric and adult patient simulators. In this way, our students have the opportunity to develop their skills in difficult and rare cases before facing the patient. “
Hospital facilities
Mention that students can benefit from SANKO University Hospital’s laboratories and clinical infrastructure equipped with state-of-the-art technology during their applied learning when they move to the clinical medicine education stage. Dr. Cetin says:
“To enable our students to have a universal perspective, we enable them to go to various educational institutions abroad with the European Union Erasmus + program and to meet internationally renowned successful scientists through international scientific organizations such as SANKONUK and Innovation in Medicine Meeting. We support our students to showcase their projects on important platforms like Technofest, of which we are a partner university. Our 26 Student Clubs, which were established to contribute to their academic and social development, enable our students to express themselves, develop and organize activities on a variety of topics that appeal to their talents and interests. “
Recognition study
In order to complete the accreditation study that they have started to record the national and international standard of education that they provide in the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Dr. Chetin concludes:
“Since the outbreak of the Covid 19 epidemic, our Faculty of Medicine has been successfully carrying out this process to ensure the healthy functioning of the education process, the technical information infrastructure and the secure campus certification it has received.”
After the presentation, students had the opportunity to visit SANKO University, see the library, laboratory and site applications.
Rector of Sanko University Prof. Dr. visited. Dr. Gunar Dagli, Secretary General. Yusuf Zia Yildirim, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. After a photoshoot with the participation of Salih Murat Akkin of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Turkin Pasinliolu, the students were presented with gifts.

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