Tibor Place: We want to defend our title as Euroleg champions …

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Saying that Tibor Place, who had previously played for Galatasaray, is not unfamiliar to Turkey, Nazli asked Eleskin Place his thoughts on Turkey and Turkish basketball.

“My 5th year in Turkey, I don’t need navigation”

“There’s not much to say here. I love this place. People are very friendly and polite. When I walk down the street, people greet me and treat me warmly. Of course, the food is great, they have an incredible basketball fan base. They enjoy basketball. They enjoy the living environment. It’s my 5th year in Turkey. Now I know everything. If I want to eat, I know where to go. I even know where and when the traffic will be. I know exactly where to drive if there is traffic. ” He replied.

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Gokhan German to Tibor Place; He asked what it was like to lift the Eurolig Championship trophy at home in Cologne with the Anadolu AF jersey.

“Cologne dreamed of becoming Eurolig champions”

“Actually, I can’t find the words to express my feelings. It happened so fast and fast. I still need time to remember exactly what I went through. When my career ends ’10 years later ‘, I have this moment. Remember again. It was emotional for me. Cologne is the city where I was born and raised and started playing basketball. “My family, my friends were there. They supported me a lot. Everyone was congratulating me after I became the champion. There was a lot of emotion. It was a dream come true for me and the dream came true. “

Nazli asks Aleskin Plis how she decided to play basketball.

“Mom said ‘I found you a new game’ …”

“I used to play football. I wasn’t really bad, but I was tall. My dad loved football like everyone else. Every little boy started with football and then moved on to other sports. One day I decided not to play football. I had so much fun. I could not, I was playing defense and the ball was not coming to me very much. One day my mother said to me, ‘I have found a new game for you.’ That’s how my whole story started in basketball. ” Made a statement.

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After Sertaç Şanlı’s transfer to Barcelona, ​​Gökhan asked about the new role of the German center in the German Anadolu Efes.

The responsibilities and minutes of Tibor Place have increased …

“I’ve been here for 4 years, before that I had responsibilities. Last year was tough, we didn’t start the season well due to injury. I just play basketball and I’m not very interested in the time I get. We are a team! When I play, sometimes I, sometimes someone else … We are like a family. It doesn’t matter how much I play. Of course I want to play more, but the one who plays well stays on the field. Long time. Some teams are jealous but we No, everyone is trying to help each other and the team. We try to be successful as a team. ” Says

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Nazli Aleskin asked Tibor Plis what it was like to play for the German national team.

“It’s good to be on the national team, everyone there speaks German. I’ve been abroad for 10 years and I have to speak English to communicate. That’s why I like to be on the national team. You play with the players. In your own country and in an international arena. “You are representing your country. Everyone is fighting for the same goal. It doesn’t matter who scores how many points. Like here, everyone is fighting for success.” He replied.

Gokhan mentions the German police being calm … he wondered if the German center, who had never been angry on the field, was a quiet person off the field in real life.

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Tibor Place: We want to defend our title as Euroleg champions ...

“People are more emotional in youth”

“Actually, I used to get angry. Someone got more emotional when I was younger. I used to get very angry. For example, when I blocked someone, I used to scream a lot. It also took my strength. When I got angry and went crazy. , Tired … I realized. If I don’t show my emotions too much, if I’m calm; it’s a bad thing. ” My guess is it’s actually about maturity. If something bad happens on the field, I leave it behind and look to the front. Now I’m mature. “

Nazli Aleskin asked what she would do when her basketball career at Tibor Place ended. Will he be in basketball again?

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His only wish was “I hope” …

Gokhan German emphasized that the Anadolu Ephesus has dominated the Euroleague for the past three years. This year, however, the situation did not go well. But they still have a chance, he asked the German center if Anadolu Ephes could defend their title.

“It’s harder to hold a champion’s title than to be a champion”

“Anything is possible. Other teams are being formed, good players are signing up. They are trying to level up. Of course, our job is getting harder. Everyone wants to beat the Eurolig champions. So, our job is harder than the last. It’s hard to hold the title because everyone wants to lose to the king. It’s not easy to defend the championship title. Fans say we have to come back and win. We have to fight for it at least like last year. We didn’t start well last year. We were meeting. Talking about our problems. We had ups and downs. Now we have the same period. “We’re going through the game. Sometimes we play well, sometimes we play badly. We’ve been together for four years and we’ve been playing the same basketball for four years. Of course, they watch our game and say, ‘This is how they attack, we have to protect them. They work for us, we work for them, “he explained.

Nazli Aleskin asked Tibor Plis about his thoughts on the Basketball Super League.

Which team is the biggest rival of Anadolu Ephesus, which team they are afraid of?

“I can’t say I have reservations, but there are dangerous teams. It’s hard to name, every team in the play-off threshold is dangerous! It’s basketball and one can have a good day and the other a bad day.

How is Head Trainer Erzin Ataman doing?

Gokhan asked the German center what he thought of head coach Ergin Ataman, with whom he had previously worked at Galatasaray. What kind of relationship do they have?

“We’re in good condition. Since I’m still here, I can say we’re in good condition. I haven’t gone anywhere yet, we’re working together.” Used expressions.

Tibor Plis says he lives in Atako and is close to the sea, but the sea is not clean enough for swimming; “It’s good to be near the sea, but it’s bad not to be able to swim. It’s really sad. Everyone needs to be environmentally conscious. There are trash cans everywhere, but people throw their garbage on the ground. All they have to do is throw garbage in the trash can! “It’s really sad. I don’t throw, so I shouldn’t throw when I’m out. Everyone should be aware of this …” he said in a statement.

“Germany is a bit better, of course, but there are some people who work unconsciously. I’ve never been to Japan, but the situation in Japan was good. In fact, it was the best …”

Small …

Favorite food? “Kebab.”

Do you want to stay in Turkey? “I hope I will.”

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