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The video, where burgundy-blue team midfielder Visca answers fans’ questions, was published on the club’s social media account.

“This goal could be the most memorable goal of my life.”

Whiskey, a fan, “How did you feel about the goal in Galatasaray? Can you tell us about your joy?” Recalling the last-minute goal in Galatasaray, he said: “I was incredibly happy because the match went from defeat to victory, it’s an incredible thing. Certainly, this 100 percent goal will probably be the most memorable goal of my life.” Says

“What was it like to be a child in Sarajevo in the early ’90s?” Visca replied that it was very difficult to have children at that time.

“It was the hardest time of my life.”

Visca said he was in the village with his mother, older brother and sister and remembers the details of those days that upset him.

Visca said the village was bombed every day from the plane and he and his mother fled to the mountains and hid. “It’s a hard feeling. I don’t want anyone, really anyone, kids like me to feel that way. It’s a hard feeling, but we saved it, sometimes I think, but it was really the hardest time of my life. ” He said.

Visca gave the following answer to a fan who asked her what she thought of Turkish food:

“The culture is 90 percent, 100 percent the same. When you go to Bosnia, you all notice the same culture and the city. We always say we are two sister countries. I like them all as food. There is meatballs here. They are very different. No. I invite all the Trojan community and supporters from here, I hope to invite everyone to Bosnia after this year’s championship. “

“I feel like I’m in Bosnia.”

In response to a question about whether Visca could get used to Trabzon after 11 years in Istanbul, he made the following assessment:

“11 years later, changing cities, culture is not an easy thing, but from day one I was greeted by Trabzonspor, Trabzonspor employees, football players, technical coaches, everyone welcomed me everywhere when I went out. It was already 4-5. Gone. Probably 6 years ago. Many people wanted me here. But I am very happy today. Also, the people of Trabzonspor are as stubborn and ambitious as the Bosnians here. I am very, very happy.

“Are you going to sing another Black Sea song when we’re champions?” In question, Visca expressed that he wanted to sing again.

Revealing that they will play for the championship again next year and he wants to sing a new song like Totem again, Visca said, “No problem, I’m ready. “ Says

Visca, who asked fans about his hobby outside of football, said he doesn’t think about anything other than football and that he always focuses 100% on football and sets new goals for himself every season.

“Abdullah teacher is my football teacher”

Your fans, “What do you think of Abdullah Hodja?” Visca answers the question as follows.

“Abdullah’s teacher is my football teacher. He took me from Bosnia 11 years ago. I learned everything about football from Abdullah’s teacher. The details are important, how you behave on and off the field, how you talk. Every detail matches, only passes. , Some things. … I’m aware of it today, so I’ve been playing football for 11 years in a row. I’ve learned everything about football from Abdullah’s teacher. “

“I want to run to the stand and jump there.”

Visca also answered the question of what he wants the fans to do in the championship game. “Whether or not we score a goal in the match we’re going to win … I want to run and jump there too.He replied.

Your fans, “We love you so much. What do you think of Trabzonspor fans?”In question, Visca expressed the following thoughts:

“There are great fans. I came to the first match, it was really something else. Each match was a full stadium. I feel like I was born again with the fans, together with the Trabzonspor community. I never get tired of matches here. So you support us. You’re important to me, I’m probably the best example. “

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