Vulcan Demirel: I met Galatasaray and Beşiktaş

Fenerbahce’s legend, Karagümrük’s technical boss Vulcan Demirel Fanatic has made a statement on YouTube.

“I knew I was ready.”

“Fortress in Fenerbahce for 18 years, then 2 years as a coach … Thanks to my teacher Ersun Yanal, then my teacher Errol Bulut gave me a lot of support. They taught me what I needed to learn about this and when I put it into my own thinking, I felt ready. Then there was the interim time of a broadcaster, you know, I started commenting. I think I’m expressing myself rather than commenting. Later, when our President Suleiman Hurma gave me such an opportunity, I wanted to evaluate it. I knew I was ready, my goal was already there. “

“The Seed of Your Consciousness”

“Goalkeepers always watch the game from behind, they can watch the game from behind. I have done this for many years. You don’t know if I knew. But somehow it is fixed in your subconscious, where it will come from, what option might come out well … maybe I didn’t think about it then, but now when I look back, I can easily see some things when I have a Look at them like film strips. I have been observing this from the side of the field in Fenerbahce for 1-2 years. “

“That’s how I started.”

“I believe I have been observing this for a total of 20 years, both behind the scenes and on the field. I am really confident that I can do whatever I want. At the moment, I am the head of the technical directorate, but I want and want to make a very good contribution to Turkish football. I can be very successful or very unsuccessful, but I have come this way. “

“My decision on the highway was a turning point.”

“Everyone has a turning point in their life. When I was playing at Kartalspore, they wanted me from different clubs. My manager Erdinç Şehit said one day that Gençlerbirliği wants me. At that time, I was traveling from Kartal to Findikzad in a minibus wearing a blue hat. My phone rang while I was sitting in the back of the van. I was excited when Ilhan Kavkav said – God have mercy on him – when I picked up the phone. I got out of the car. ‘We want you,’ he said. I said, ‘All right, sir, as you see fit.’ In the evening, Erdogan’s brother called and said, ‘We’re going to see Fenerbahce tomorrow, come back at 9 o’clock.’

“I was going to the Genchelbar League …”

The meeting lasted till 6 pm. On the way to meet with Cartelspor officials, Brother Erdinch was on the way, in Atashehi, he told me, ‘Your uniform is hanging in the GeneralBirligi, you go and play. But your brother Rustu is in Fenerbahce, you will wait behind him, ‘he said. I had a turning point. ‘Brother, I’m from Fenerbahce. Rustu Abi is Turkey’s best goalkeeper. Let’s go there. I will also learn from him. When the time comes, I will defend the fort in Fenerbahce, ‘I said. Decided there, next to the highway. Maybe if I had gone to Gençlerbirliği, there would not have been such progress.

“One day I will protect this castle”

“I am a person who grew up in a family from Fenerbahce and adopted Fenerbahce. I adopted Fenerbahce when Fenerbahce was a legendary name. I watched my first match with my uncle. As I get older I start to walk on my own. In one of the matches in Kayseri, I was able to get out of the field as the door was closed due to heavy rain. Until then, the question of goalkeeping did not arise. For some reason I went in front of a fort that day. I said, ‘I will defend this fort one day.’

“I’ve seen 3-4 actors like me in Emre”

When I first came to Karagumru, we had meetings with 4-5 people. Emre More is one of them. I said how much power it has. When we see Emre, he occasionally raises his hand, gets angry, scolds, but Emre’s rebuke is not to you, me, the coach or the fans. Emer fights with himself. I tried to tell him not to argue. I have worked for the Fenerbahçe team for 20 years, I have seen 3-4 football players have such a good relationship with the ball. He is only 24-25 years old. He will be able to serve the national team for many years.

“We should not compete with goaltenders.”

“Altai, Ugurkan, Irfan Kan, Ersin, Kaysarispor have Bilal. In fact, when we look at it, I have a lot of goalkeeping friends. We should be very happy in this moment. They have to compete within themselves, but we must not compete with them from the outside. In any case, the technical staff of the national team keeps whoever is better in the current situation. ”

“The goals I was most sorry to eat …”

There are some very bad goals that I have to admit. One, we had a friendly match against Italy. Later I got into the game. At that time it was ‘Cordoba Degg’. When I wanted to do it, I sent it to the opponent, the opponent scored a goal. The other. I can say that Nonda scored because we came out and clashed with Edu, whom Sabri had inflated, at Sami Ye N in Galatasaray. I was upset when I missed the ball from under my feet while playing with Schalke in the third. “

“I meet in Galatasaray and the basics.”

I always say that I am a fan of Fenerbahce, but of course, professionally there may be other clubs in my football life. Before I went to Fenerbahce, I met Besiktas, and Galatasaray, Mehmet Cancun … but I came back and came to the place where I felt and wanted. “

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