Who is Silan? Where is Ceylon, the guest of Ibo Show, and how old is he? What is Silan’s last name, is he married? Gazelle song!

Gazelle WHO? Who is Silan, one of the guests of Ibo Show, who will be coming on screen this week? Where did Ceylon come from, how old is he? What is Ceylon’s last name? Ceylan is married, who is his wife? Gazelle song! The issues were on the agenda. We have compiled curious things about Ceylan, who enchants the audience with his songs. Details here …

Who is CEYLA?

Ceylan or Ceylan Avcı, born June 26, 1974 in Fındıkzade, Istanbul, with his full name, is a Turkish folk musician and Arabic musician of Zaza descent.

He is originally from Tunselli. Her father, Ahmet Avsey, is from Tunselli and her mother is from Bebert. She has twin sisters named Nalan and Najan Avasi. Her father, Ahmet Avsi, was a costume player on stage and at weddings. Ceylon began singing in 1984 at the age of 10.

He spent his childhood in Germany, at the age of 7 he sang in the wedding halls with his father in Germany. She won first place in a music competition that entered in 1983. They returned to Turkey in 1984. When she released her debut album at the age of 10, everyone knew her as “Little Gazelle”.

Her album “Senny Sevlenen Olsun”, which was released in 1986, has a sales figure of 1,300,000, a record that is hard to break in our country.

Ceylan married her cousin Erhan Bozkurt in Nuremberg when she visited Germany in 1990 with her father and Yılmaz Köksal, Melike Zobu and Yunus Bülbül, bypassing her father who followed her like a spy.

Ceylan, who was twice voted Best Female THM Artist by Crawl TV in 1999 and 2001, was awarded a gold record by Mü-yap for her album “Ah Guldum”, which she released in 2005.


1. Wife: She married her cousin Erhan Bozkart in 1991. She was divorced a year later. He has a daughter named Melody (b.1992).

She has a son, Yiğitcan (b.1995), from Yıldıray Gürgen, with whom she married Imam in 1995.

2nd wife: In 2000, he married Ahmed Tatli, son of Ibrahim Tatli’s first wife. She is divorced.

3rd wife: She married Turkish singer Murat Kurun in 2006. Divorced in 2007.

4th wife: She did this on September 20, 2011 with car dealer Gunkal Tanoren. On October 19, 2012, he divorced his 4th wife.


01-1984-He burned me- / I am in love-Sah Phalak-Ujeli

02-1985-One day you will come back to me / Blue Blue-Sah Plaque-Uzelli

03-1985-Fate Trap-Sah Phalak-Ujeli

04-1986-Let him who doesn’t love you die -Sah record-turquoise

05-1987-I will not leave you-Sah Falak-Minarechi

06-1988-Love Me Let Me Love You / My Ma-Sah Plaque-Minaresi

07-1988-You can’t be trusted very much

08-1989-Valla / I was always crushed-Silan Music Production-Minaresi

09-1989-For God-Same Music-Minaresi

10-1990-O Finished Me To-Silan Music Production-Minaresi

11-1990-I was born without destiny / Arabacı-Ceylan Music Production-Minareci

12-1991-I am sick for you / Listen-Gunar Music-Minaresi

13-1991-Amazing How I Live-Bayar Music

14-1992-Give Me Back-Buyer Music-Destan Music

15-1993-Santaj Montez-Ozdemi’s Records-Akbas Music

16-1994-Don’t Criticize Me-Ozdemi’s Records-Epic Music

17-1995-My Kirflower / My Separation-OzDemi’s Records-Epic Music

18-1996-They took my life / I’m Mother-King music

19-1997-Güldestim-Prestige Music

20-1998-Le Le Kırvo / Ağlayı Crying-Prestige Music

21-2000-Zeyno-İdobay-Akbas Music

22-2001-Can Kana-S Music-Universal

23-2003-Sing-S Music

Blade 24-2004-Gelsen-Ozdemi

25-2005-Ah My Heart-OzDemi Plaque

26-2007-Word to U-Ozdemi Blade

27-2008-Is It Again-Ozdemi’s Blade

28-2009 – Seylan of Folk Song – Sehan Music

29-2011-Arabesque -2011-Seyhan Music

30-2012-I need myself- Fa Productions

31-2014-Tell Me Something-Cylan Music

Movies and series:

1998 – Ayanali Tahir (Silan) (TV series)

1994 – There is a Festival (Guest Artist) (Current Photo)

1993 – The Triplets (singer) (Motion Picture)

1991 – Because of you (moving picture)

1991 – I was born without luck (moving picture)

1990 – Dreams (moving picture)

1990 – Bitter Destiny (Ceylon) (Motion Picture)

1989 – Gypsy (moving picture)

1989 – Let the Devil See Your Face (moving picture)

1989 – I’m Always Crushed (Silan) (moving picture)

1989 – The sun rises again (Silan) (current photo)

1989 – They Killed Me Too (Current Photo)

1988 – Refuge (moving picture)

1988 – I’m Crying (Ceylon) (moving picture)

1988 – Acı Gurbet (Ceylan) (moving picture)

1987 – Evacizler (Ceylon) (moving picture)

1987 – My mother / I will never leave you (Ayşe) (moving picture)

1986 – Love and money (moving picture)

1986 – Mother’s hug (Ceylon) (moving picture)

1985 – Orphan (Ceylon) (film)

1985 – Garibim Silan (Silan) (moving picture)


1990 – Bitter Fate (moving picture)


1989 – The Sun Rises Again (Song) (Current Picture)

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