Why don’t mothers die? Osman Mufti Ullu

He is currently studying at Harvard University (Boston / USA) and Bogassi University, then at Northwestern University (Chicago / USA). Hande Özdinler is a great and humble scientist whom I look upon with curiosity and pride.

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Their job “Degenerative brain / nervous system / muscle diseaseAt the beginning of the interest of this valuable scientist who “focuses”Mitochondrial health“It’s coming. According to Dr. Ozdinler,”To reduce or even treat age-related health problems“If we want, first of all”CellsWe tend to focus on ourselves, especially “Mitochondria-lysosomal enzymes and endoplasmic reticulum“We need to focus on the three of them. Dr. Ozdinler goes one step further: “Our priorities and first goals areMitochondrial healthHe added: “Why do mothers die? The answer to your question is hidden in the mitochondria.

Let’s share together the emotional and perfect sentences where Hande Hoka explains his thoughts about mitochondria, which you will read in the box below, right after he lost his late mother.

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Mothers do not die
Dr. See what Ozdinler says in the hand

Our mitochondria We get it from our mom. In that great mating process where the ovum and sperm come together and the first foundation of life is laid, our embryos receive their mitochondria / energy stations from the ovary / oocyte, not from the father / sperm. The rest, said. Let’s leave it to Ozdinler in hand, because what he said is very important: “My mother is dead. We gently and prayerfully placed him on the ground, as if he were planting a seed … but my mother’s mitochondria stayed with me. I have my mother’s mitochondria in every cell. In my every breath, in every heartbeat, every time I raise my hand, at the beginning of every thought, in short, what my body expends its energy; There ‘My mother’s mitochondria‘Here. My mother may be gone, but I have mitochondria. “

Mother code
We get our strength from our mothers

Dr. Özdinler’s “Mothers do not die!I remind you again that the scientific basis for the excellent explanation he laid down was emphatic: we all have mitochondria, the source of our life, which produces our energy, not from our father, but from our mother. Therefore, our mothers may die, but they do not die. Dr. As Ozdinler puts it, “We unconsciously keep our mothers alive in our cells, like a secret code. Even though our mothers are dead, they continue with our strength. These tiny organs work inside our cells as if they were our mothers. In short, each mother presents her own mitochondria to her child. As a result ‘Life Energy‘It actually goes from mother to mother.’

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How to protect mitochondrial health

In our mitochondria Released while generating energyMoule“We will be”Corrosive toxic free oxygen radicalsThe most important enemy of mitochondria. If these corrosives can be cleaned regularly, mitochondria will be able to generate energy for us for a long time. The most effective way to protect them from this destructive attack is to “Antioxidant forces“Familiar”Natural cleaning kitIt is wise to take advantage of this. So, who is in that team? Vitamin C, Vitamin B1B2B3, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, Zinc, Catalase, Glutathione Peroxidase, Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme and of course Glutathione!

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The list goes on and on, but for now, that’s enough.

Why don't mothers die?

Good knowledge 1
10 Things That Make Earrings

Top 5
One: ear wax
Two: Excessive noise
Three: Ear Infections
Four: Meniere’s disease
Five: Anemia

Why don't mothers die?

Second 5
One: High blood pressure
Two: drugs (aspirin)
Three: Brain tumor
Four: Atherosclerosis
Five: Grinding teeth

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Benefits of N-acetyl cysteine ​​supplement

N-ACETYL As most of us think, Cysteine ​​is just “Obstructive respiratory diseaseA (COPD) Is not a natural medicine that is used to soften the sputum and make it easier to clean the obstructive chin mass. Acetylated cysteine ​​molecule
It increases the production of glutathione and thus we have a lot. “Extra healing“We also know that you can offer more. See what’s in the top 5 of those cures.

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1) It reduces the damage of free radicals. It slows down oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.

2) Supports lever function. Accelerates liver detox.

3) It helps to cleanse the body from heavy metals.

4) It suppresses the production of thyroid antibodies which cause Hashimoto’s.

5) Improves and supports intestinal health.

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