Will the school start age change from then on? When will my child go to school?

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The question of which school my child will go to has become one of the topics that many parents, whose children have arrived at school, investigate in the first hours of the morning. Many citizens who are looking for answers to the question of which school my child will go to are searching for information published by the Ministry of National Education. Well, what will be the starting school age and which school will my child go to? Here is some information about that.

The primary school start age, which was 66 months, has been restructured to 69 months, with some proposals for amending the law and decree No. 652 tabled in Parliament.

Also, the structure of issues related to the right to start school early or late according to the level of development of the students will be drawn up by the regulations. With the new regulations, it will be possible for fast-growing children to start school early and for those whose development is slow to start school late.

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With the proposed new law, children who turn 72 months of age on December 31 of that year will be enrolled in the first grade of primary school, but problems related to the commencement of primary school or suspension of enrollment will be regulated by a regulation. , Depending on the child’s developmental conditions.

– There was a difference of up to 23 months in the same class

After the National Ministry of Education (MEB) implements the proposal, the regulations relating to pre-school education and primary education will be amended in accordance with the law.

According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent of the Ministry of National Education, the age of starting primary school from 60 months to 23 years may vary depending on the request of the parents. Months (60-83 months) between students in the same class.

With the proposal submitted to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the goal is to reduce this age gap and positively affect the adaptation of children to school and their educational development.
It also aims to reduce the demands for suspension of enrollment in primary schools during the process.

– Registration is easy to suspend

With the removal of the requirement of medical report for suspension, the procedure for suspension of registration will be simplified.
As soon as the new proposal takes effect, children who have completed 69 months of enrollment by the end of September will begin primary school. By the end of September, children aged 66, 67 and 68 months will be able to start primary school based on the written request of their parents. Children aged 69, 70 and 71 months, who have the right to enroll, will be able to suspend enrollment in their primary school for one year at the written request of their parents and be directed for pre-school education.

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With this regulation, the period, which was set at 69 as of the end of September, corresponds to 72 months as of the end of December. The age of starting primary school will be sorted according to the age of 6 years by maintaining the integrity of age and it will be ensured that the age difference between the population of 6-7 years can be clearly made.

As soon as the law comes into force, pre-school education for children up to 60 months will be directed.
The rule regarding age for starting primary school is expected to be effective from the 2019-2020 academic year.

The Ministry of National Education has not yet released official information on school start age. However, the school start age for 2019-2020 is expected to be as follows.

As of September 30;

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Born in 2015 48 to 53 months old For those who are in kindergarten
Born in 2015 54 to 56 months old Those in compulsory kindergarten
Born in 2014 57 to 59 months old Compulsory master class
Born in 2014 60 to 65 months old Optional for Grade 1, Mandatory for Grade 1
Born in 201466 to 68 months To be able to suspend 1st class enrollment by applying among students, to attend kindergarten (It is expected to be 69 months.),
Born in 2013 69 to 71 months old 1st class registration is required but may be delayed for one year by report (It is expected to be arranged as 72 months.),
Born in 2013 72 months and up Registration will be subject to compulsory education age.

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How do you know which school your child should go to?

Citizens seeking answers to the question of which school my child is enrolled in will be able to get clear answers through the Ministry of Education’s e-school interactive platform. As soon as the system opens, parents, who will click on the link below, will be able to know the results of pre-school, primary and secondary school e-registration by entering their login code, TR identity number and date of birth.

Click here to find out which school your child is enrolled in

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