2. Autism Summit

2. Autism Summit

The Istanbul Provincial Department of the National Academy of Special Education will host the Autism Summit on April 2-3 to mark World Autism Awareness Day.

In the framework of World Autism Awareness Day on 2 April, the Special Education Academy of Istanbul Teachers Academy, which continues its activities under our provincial national education department, organized an important event to draw attention to autism awareness.

The Online Autism Summit, which reflects institutional collaborations, will bring together prominent names on health, the medical assessment process, services provided to people with disabilities, employment and professional studies. Also, future research into autism will be discussed with academics who specialize in their field, and emphasis will be placed on reflection from the academy to the field. Levent Yazıcı, our national education provincial director who provided information about the summit, said they were here to raise meaningful awareness about autism and to draw attention to the importance of raising awareness together.

We all have to join hands for our children.

Reflecting on our ministry’s commitment to bridging the gap and creating equal opportunities in education, Yajisi noted the importance of institutional collaboration with our children with autism and their families in a new hope, love and walk towards Mars. What can be achieved when we offer the necessary opportunities. It is possible to make a big difference through special education. Our children can reach the same school level with their healthy peers through this training. It should not happen. Forget that our children are our future. As educators, we are always there for our children and their families. We are pooling our resources because education also serves as a kind of healing at this time, so we should all join hands for our children.

The summit that we will host on Friday and Saturday will once again show the importance of building a hopeful future together. This will not only draw everyone’s attention to the study of people with autism, but will also raise the issues that need to be done for them to get a better education. But first, we don’t see autism as irresistible. We will continue to see it as an integral part of education, our duty as a nation, to contribute to preparing our children for the future in a healthy way, step by step, with love and education. “

Awareness activities starting from training of trainers

In the first session, the differences in autism symptoms according to the age and developmental stage of the child and the early diagnosis of autism, the faculty of pediatric psychiatry at the University of Bahchehir, Prof. Dr. Dr. Inform Özgür Öner.

Autism, special needs and rare diseases of the Ministry of Health, Professor. Dr. Onur Burak Dursun will focus on what can be done together for children with autism in the education and health systems. SBU Autism Research and Application Center Director Prof. Dr. Ozalp will talk about adapting to the educational approach in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Psychotherapy and Applied by Families.

Professor Dr. vocational education and employment of young people with autism. Dr. Attila Cavkitter will take the floor. Professor Dr. İlknur Maviş, entitled “Autism and Developmental Language Disorders: Similarity-Difference”; Professor Dr. Rua Osman, “Director of OGEM, Interfering in Routine Contexts of OIZ”, entitled; Professor Dr. Yeşim Güleç Aslan, entitled “Behavioral Skills Education Overview in the Context of Instructor Education”; Professor Dr. Ibrahim Halil Deacon will take the floor entitled “Early Intervention Process in Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Example of Change”.

The Disability Care Services Division of the Ministry of Family and Social Services, which is separate from the services provided, assistance provided to families and awareness activities, will take its place at this summit. The chief engine of the department will draw attention to the work of Boyraj. Sule Doganolu, Branch Manager, General Directorate of Special Education and Guidance Services, Ministry of National Education, will also brief us on the studies conducted in our Ministry. Also, our branch manager Gülşen Özer, assigned to study in our province, will transfer to our province autonomous education and guideline studies. Our Provincial Director of National Education, Mr. Levant Yajisi, who will inaugurate the summit, will talk about the work we have done in our city in the context of autism awareness.

Emphasizing the importance of creating new solutions for adults as well as making the best use of social services for our children, İŞKUR Head of Business and Vocational Department, Assoc. Dr. Yavuz Kagan Yasim will focus on studying with young people and adults with autism spectrum disorder. It will underline the importance of awareness by addressing supported employment and what will be done in the future.

Services, support and activities

Sule Doganolu, Branch Manager, General Directorate of Special Education and Guidance Services, Ministry of National Education, will talk about the activities conducted by the General Directorate of Special Education and Guidance Services.

Biruni University lecturer Professor. Dr. Bünyamin Birkan will discuss autism from a behavioral perspective. In addition to the Green Crescent Presidency, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr. Mücahit Öztürk will talk about the use of drugs in the autism spectrum disorder.

Hastep University faculty member Professor. Dr. Selda Ozdemir, “From the Early Intervention Research of Autism to Practice in the World”, Eng. Dr. Ayhan Bilgiç “Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatrist Gold Standard Method Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Ados and Adı-R”, Professor. Dr. Baris Korkamz, “Istanbul University Serahpasa Medical Faculty Hospital Neurological Perspectives on Autism”, Professor. Dr. Neurological diversity and autism from the perspective of neuroscience, Professor. Dr. Sagegin Vuran, “Dealing with People with Autism: Anger? Emotional Depression?”, Professor. Dr. Burcu lke Kürkçüoğlu will take the floor titled “Toilet Training for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder”. The Autism Summit will conclude with a concluding speech by Seda Karakaulu, Coordinator of the Academy of Special Education.


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