5 reasons to skip sugar

If you are addicted to sugar it may seem like a difficult decision, but reducing sugar consumption can prevent a variety of health problems, from heart disease to cancer.

Eating too much sugar at any age is detrimental to overall health. Eating sugar can lead to infections, fat deposits, myopia, ulcers, libido disorders and even concentration disorders.

The effects of eating too much sugar are many. Since 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended no more than 25 grams of plain sugar per day. Common sugars are sugars added to foods and beverages. Therefore, the general sugar intake recommended by the WHO is not related to the natural sugars found in fresh fruits and vegetables, nor to the sugars found naturally in milk. It is not about carbohydrates other than sugars, such as grains (wheat, rice, etc.) and lemons (lentils, lentils, etc.).

5 Reasons to Quit Sugar # 1

5 reasons to stop sugar

So, what are the health benefits of eating less sugar? Here are 5 reasons to skip sugar.

1. Increases the risk of diabetes

Every food with carbohydrates raises our blood sugar, so where is the problem? The problem is repeatedly the extra cost. When blood sugar rises after a meal, the pancreas makes insulin, which allows sugar to enter the cell. However, when eaten in high doses, the cells become sensitive to insulin (insulin resistance), sugar no longer enters the cell, and gradually high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) become chronic. This is where the complications occur. Diabetic retinopathy (eye damage that reduces vision), diabetic nephropathy (which can cause kidney failure), lower extremity arteriopathy (pain and soreness while walking), and damage to the heart and brain vessels (which can lead to heart attack). Stroke).

2. Causes of overweight

Ordinary sugars that do not give a feeling of satiety are digested very quickly. Therefore, they can be eaten in large quantities in a very short time. In addition, when ingested, if no effort such as various exercises, they tend to accumulate as fat in the fat cells. Therefore, if you do not exercise, these can increase your weight. Reducing or eliminating sugar should be part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

3. Increases the risk of cancer

Sugar does not directly cause cancer, but it does cause cancer in a variety of ways. Eating sugar can cause pancreatic cancer. Also, some hormonal cancers (especially breast) and more commonly colorectal, uterine and prostate cancers are also affected by sugar consumption. Excess sugar consumption accelerates the cell growth cycle, including cancer cells, and stimulates the development of inflammatory molecules that contribute to the formation and growth of cancer. Eating less sugar and staying under the recommended diet helps to fight the development of these diseases.

4. Causes of fatty liver

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Non-alcoholic fatty deposits in the liver. This type of fatty liver is especially triggered by eating very sugary drinks. However, it can lead to cirrhosis and even liver cancer. There is no drug therapy for its treatment yet. Especially you need to eat healthy food by reducing sugar.

5. Trigger cardiovascular disease

Studies have shown that a certain daily intake of sugar increases the risk of certain diseases. Reducing the use of sugar reduces the risk of this disease. For example, the risk of hypercholesterolemia associated with excess cholesterol in the blood is reduced by stopping sugar consumption. Many scientific studies have shown that high sugar consumption is associated with high cholesterol levels.

However, this is not all, excessive use of sugar weakens the vessels and the plaques begin to freeze. Arteries close and can lead to serious conditions, such as a heart attack. Reducing sugar intake helps reduce the risk of this disease.

5 Reasons to Quit Sugar # 2

Hidden source of sugar used in daily life

Sugar is not always where you expect it to be. Even some salty foods may have high sugar levels.

Biscuits, crackers, cookies and cakes

Generally, a lot of sugary snacks can be eaten too much in a short time. Because sugar can create addictive effects. Stimulates the taste buds by combining with flavor enhancers (such as glutamate). As a result, once you start snacking, you can’t stop.

Snack biscuits contain an average of 60 percent carbohydrates, with 3.8 grams of sugar per 100 grams. After all, not surprisingly, chips are also quite harmful to your health.

What can be eaten instead of snacks? Vegetables (cucumber, celery or carrot sticks, cauliflower cauliflower, etc.) are super healthy alternatives. For more delicious food, you can think of a cake that you can make yourself at home.


Mayonnaise, ketchup and all industrial sauces that go along with meat and vegetables are high in sugar. These products are also high in calories, very salty and very fat.

Ketchup contains an average of 25 grams of sugar per 100 grams. Barbecue sauce and sweet soy sauce contain an average of 52 grams of sugar per 100 grams. Also beware of industrial tomato sauce, a product often considered healthy, serving 100 grams of industrial tomato sauce is equivalent to one condensed sugar on average.

What can be used instead of industrial sauce? It is ideal to make your own sauce to better control the amount of sugar added. If you want to use an industrial sauce, read the labels carefully. Choose a product that contains less than 12 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

Sandwich bread

Sandwich bread is a super-processed food. White sandwich bread is super-rich in sugar, and contains an average of 48 cubes of sugar in a 500-gram package. In other words, when you eat 2 slices of bread, only three-fourths of it is sugar.

Are Drumsticks Healthy? Not really. One baguette of white bread is equal to 20 cubes of sugar. For this reason, baguettes sold in bakeries are not good, contrary to popular belief.

Can I replace bread with? Choose bread with low glycemic index. For example, you can choose sour bread, whole grain or rye bread.

Pot food

Allows you to prepare food in a short time without cooking canned food. But they are also often fortified with sugar to enhance the aroma, texture and even the shelf life of the food they contain.

Particular attention should be paid to canned vegetables (especially corn, tomatoes and peppers), which are usually kept in water with extra salt and added sugar, as well as ready-made canned foods (vegetable salad, ravioli …). These are very caloric, very fat, very sweet and very salty.

What can be eaten instead of coconut? If you are accustomed to buying canned vegetables, be sure to wash them well before cooking or eating to get rid of excess salt and sugar.

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