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Our ancestors did not say “he is known as Eagit” for anything. There are some names that are written in front of the ID. So is Uncle Ali.

I personally know him too late. He had a general store opposite the Health Center today. It was too late for me to recognize this person whose name I hear at breakfast every morning. In our house they knew him as ‘Uncle Oliver Ali’. And I thought you were just selling olives.

Whenever breakfast was taken home, his name was always mentioned. These were also called Uncle Ali’s treats. If we say catering, it was something close to the product bought. However, there was no ‘promotional announcement’ in his shop.

When I first went to his shop, there was an innocent Anatolian man in front of me. It was obvious from his appearance that he was virtuous. It showed that he was a “man of heart.” He preferred to collect “friends” instead of “posts”, which is one of the cruel rules of trade. His conscience swelled more than his wallet.

We didn’t know each other when I entered his old store. They introduced me to him. He looked at me with one glance. The thing that flowed into me from his point of view cannot be explained in words. If there is something already explained, it will have no value …

It was season when I was walking. The weather was pretty hot. He takes care of the next customers first. The scales were making mistakes against themselves when they weighed what they wanted. After canceling the fraction of the account, he told the customer the amount he received. He did not forget to give a bottle of water on the way out. I say he didn’t forget, it’s a habit of his.

We got our due. Deal with course. I also wanted to buy a bottle of water. But since he gave it to another customer for free, I didn’t dare ask. Because if I give him money, he can’t get it. Also, I thought to myself that this would be a kind of opportunism. As I was leaving after paying the money, I saw a working hand holding a bottle of water in the hand of a loving heart. “You’re sweaty, you’re thirsty …” with a guilty voice.

Uncle Ali’s conscience interfered as he walked towards my wallet with water. “Greetings, Guru …”

O water!

Can you turn off your heat?

O water!

What kind of fire protection do you have?

O water!

Are you able to clean the dirt?

To find the answer to all these questions, I left Uncle Ali’s old simple shop.

From this mortal world whose language is gone before seeing April.

May Allah use him with His mercy. I was not present at your funeral, but if I had been there I would have answered the “how would you know” question with “I knew better”. I always knew Uncle Ali well.

What the poet says: “Good people got on good horses and left …”

Uncle Ali, you rest in heaven. Can you halal your rights? Halal if I have the right.

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