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Tatar desertIn a sense, there was a desert of ambiguity and uncertainty, the novel of a life obscured by an endless decision. Big Portrait Big Secret His novel – although described as the first science fiction novel in Italian literature – is like a note on the initiative and futility of unknown people.

Nihat Dali

Life is not a compositional lesson; It does not flow in a straight line of entry, development and conclusion. It is like a forest, with a lot of ambiguity and uncertainty. A person is born into life as if he were embarking on a journey that began long ago, and he is detached from life, leaving a journey that continues. Just as it is uncertain before and after birth, the experience between birth and death is also part of the ambiguity. People intervene in life, emerging as an intrusive subject, at least to avoid the uncertainty of what lies between birth and death, the discomfort and anxiety caused by ambiguity. It would be like turning a forest into a garden. Touching the vast forest, cutting it, he makes life familiar to him, conjectural. It controls the other through naming and sorting. It turns life from forest to garden; Lives and wants to live in the plain of a text consisting of introduction, development and conclusion. One person does it, but in some cases his efforts are in vain. It cannot overwhelm itself or your life … both life and itself overflows the structure and transgresses boundaries. The forest fairy wakes up, gets up, finds a way to penetrate a man from somewhere.

Some writers paint a picture of this endeavor that ends in futility that we are trying to describe. Dino Buzzati is one of these writers. He takes his reader out of the garden and leaves him in the forest; It pushes people away from the life flowing on the plane. Recognition comes out of the way, standing in front of unknown people like a huge object. When a man shrinks in the face of life, he realizes his inadequacy again. Wants, desires, fears, waits, but what does he want or desire, is he really afraid, what does it look like? Life comes back to an unanswered or delayed question. Beckett’s theater script is right: Godot will come? Maybe come, maybe not. How meaningful to stop and wait, is the uncertainty of this bite worth it? Then he should leave. What if Godot comes? Ah, what a miserable situation!

Tatar desertIn a sense, there was a desert of ambiguity and uncertainty, the novel of a life obscured by an endless decision. Big Portrait Big Secret His novel – although described as the first science fiction novel in Italian literature – is like a note on the initiative and futility of unknown people. A two-part novel by two heroes. It also has two problems: uncertainty and dissatisfaction with the basic human aspirations. In the first part of Professor Ismani’s story, the transformation of man, who is vague, inactive, inactive, and evolves in the face of life as he is always confronted with dilemmas, is followed.

Ermano Ismani, a professor of electronics at an unnamed university, one day received a proposal from the Ministry of Defense:

“Would you agree to transfer to one of our military districts for at least two years on an extraordinary mission of our highest national interest, in addition to scientific value?”

What is this mission, the name of a place? Is it a nuclear facility, or is it being studied on an atomic bomb?

Dino buzzati

There is no answer to the question, no one knows these answers. Professor Ismani, who is cheerful but timid, always shy in the face of authority, is not taken very seriously because of his disguised disguise and timid attitude, does not say yes or no and is dragged away by what he reveals. Melville “I do not like” Against Clark Bartleby, who made a strong objection to this saying, Ismani is a powerless man who can’t even make a choice, can’t say no, sees himself doing it and is powerless in the face of life. He embarks on a journey through that tense universe of uncertainty and ambiguity. All the turns of the road frighten him, he wants to go back, but he does not find the strength to do so. He has reached his duty with his stronger and more determined wife. Here we meet the second central protagonist of the novel, Professor Android, who was the scientist in charge of the big secret project.

“Many years ago, dear Ismani,” Der Android, “When I was young, I didn’t even graduate, a question came to my mind: they call this thing the light of the soul. Does a human being really need to exist and survive?” Is darkness everywhere except us? If we find a body, an organism, a vehicle, a suitable carrier, can this interesting phenomenon be realized? I’m talking about building a machine. If we can create an instrument that senses like us and can reason like us, then we can get rid of this invisible tumor that weighs on us like lead, like the soul, yes the soul. We go to the higher person. Even a greater power, to any kind of God. It will be a way for us to finally get rid of our pain and loneliness. “

This scientific description of the project is only a cover. Because Professor Android is fluctuating between insanity and talent. He cannot bear the absence of his wife Laura, whom he loved many years ago, held, married, but cheated on and then he dies, and somehow wants to invite her to life and make her exist. The object of her unfulfilled desire that she tries to create with this project is none other than Laura. He wants to revive Laura in the building he has set up in a wide plain and to put Laura’s soul in this mechanical body. Laura to create a mechanical body with her voice, her will, her contrasts! The novel ends in despair. The creature is not satisfied with what has been created, it wants to be embodied, wants to get a skin, wants to be loved and loved. When he crosses the line, he has to be torn apart by his creators. “There are two tragedies in life” Oscar Wilde says, “One is not getting what you want, the other is getting what you want.” Creator Andrew realizes that he was wrong when he said that he had achieved his desired object through an ideal, which Plato called “the desire for deprivation”, and that he did not want what he got.

While reading the novel, published by Timmas, with careful translation by Esma Fethiye Güçlü, two thinkers and two philosophers came to my mind: Baumann and Lacan. Modernity and ambiguityI thought about the situation he described ‘, what Lacan said around desire. As Android hides its purpose with its science project, Dino Buzatti also looks like a science fiction Big Portrait Big Secret In his novels he deals with the issue of human existence, which he always revolves around, covering the realm of modernity.


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