Dad, where did you go? I’m not old enough …

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It’s a tough interview for her and me. We have known each other for a long time. Palin Oztekin, who usually has a smile on her face, is thoughtful at this time and her eyes are always moist. She says she has been waiting for days to see her father in her dreams and the night before she saw it for the first time: “It was like seeing a painting. A current is flowing, half of his body in the water. A beautiful duckhead green shirt with his hands leaning against a stone. He was watching nature. It was a peaceful place. I think it’s a beautiful place right now, where Tunsel Kurtz, Errol Gunaidin and Bekal Kent are all talking. “Then take a deep breath, let’s get started.

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What comes to mind first when you think of ‘Rasim Oztekin’?

Father. My dad … he was my playmate, my guru and the one with whom I would share most of my troubles. We spent most of our time as friends. As I got older on the theater stage he became my master and we started walking the same path. He did not isolate me from the important area of ​​his life. They say “pears fall down”, so I look a lot like him. For this reason, I can say that it is the mirror of my life.

We first heard that he had a heart problem. Then it was said that he was recovering …

In fact, his condition was the worst. It was a cardiac arrest. A device was then inserted to contract the heart. An angiography was performed on the stranded vessel. He reacted then, but then it started to get worse instead of better. And we lost.

The first time I heard …

I didn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was not ready. People try to accept it, but it is very difficult. He is 62, very early. This is the first time I’ve said, “Dad, I’m not that big yet.” Also, I grew up as her father’s daughter, she still had a lot to look forward to. She wanted to have a happy marriage and grandchildren. But at the same time, it was as if he had planned everything, including the removal of the turban. It’s too early for us, of course. But he has already gone where we are going; Reunite with her loved ones, family and lords. I think he’s having more fun there.

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How do you feel then?

Space! His number is saved in my mobile, I will never delete it. Looks like he’s always texting me. As if to say, “I’m back from the tour, girl, look what I bought for you”. I still don’t think I’ll ever see it again.

Dad, where have you been? I'm not old enough ...

Nisantasi, 1990

Turkey lost its father

What would you tell him if he heard you now?

“I miss you so much Dad. Dad, I didn’t grow up, where did you go?” I want to be a child again. Because the time we spent together as children was precious. “Come on, let’s go on the boat again …”

Is there anything left inside?

Lots of ‘wishes’ … We were planning a vacation abroad. We are going to Greece. In the chaos of life, people can’t stay together in a crowd of work. My dad had COPD so we couldn’t meet especially during Corona. Don’t be silly I could have spent more time with her, but we had a video chat process to protect her. After losing him for a long time, I was able to embrace him in the hospital. I would love for her to survive and for her to hug me.

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Did he miss the hospital because of Corona and felt something like his control?

No, she was going for her checkup. Or the nurses were coming home. He had no problem with that. His final check was also good.

Has he left a will?

It hasn’t come out yet, I think it’s probably not.

It is said that after losing players, their value is known. What do you think?

In that case, my father is lucky. He always worked, he was liked. It is better not to say a bad word about a person. I think the audience put him in the place of a father because he has entered the human house in the role of a father in most of his works. Not only did I lose my father, the whole of Turkey lost his father. For example, when Baris Manco died, I was very impressed. While watching the funeral, I said, will my father be said goodbye with such caress? It was really the same. Just one thing to say: Rasim is the second name that everyone sends together, after Barish Abir, says the same prayer …

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Dad, where have you been? I'm not old enough ...

Kusadsi, 1989

I brought the roof from my father that day

What is your oldest memory?

The day we got on the same stage when we were six years old. The play titled ‘2071 Turkey’ written by Gani Mujde … My father, Demet Akbag, is acting in Senk Core. Since it was Senk Abi’s birthday, they secretly wrote me a small introduction and we surprised Senk Abi on stage. I can’t forget the moment we took out to greet Dad at the end of the game. I guess that’s where I first swallowed the dust of the theater.

Did you come on stage together again?

No, it didn’t. My father’s heart condition intersected with my growth. He was not on stage for a long time. We were not offered any series together. It’s something that stays inside me.

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At first your dad didn’t want you to be an actor …

Yes. He did not want that because of the confusion in the society at that time. Also, there was no such serial; He would say, “Girl, don’t be an actor, you’ll be hungry.” But I started working secretly.


In high school 2, I signed up with an agency available online. It turns out it was a figuration agency. I was a few months extra, waiting to see if the dialogue would come to fruition. Then I moved to a regular company and auditioned for the TV series Life Science. I told Gani Mujde not to tell my father anything. After the first episode was shot, I called my dad and said, “If you’re at home, open ‘Life Science’.” Her voice became hoarse, she was stunned. Then I secretly entered the BKM kitchen and invited to see my father one evening. For him, the real private square is the theater stage. “Your flesh is mine, your bones are mine,” he told Nekati Akpinar and Ilmaz Erdogan. After my last play ‘Asle Tumi Mukt’, he came on stage, closed the door and kissed me on the forehead and said, “People improve with theater, but you have improved yourself a lot by making TV series. Let your path be clear, I saw myself watching. That day I bought a turban from my father.

Dad, where have you been? I'm not old enough ...

Kas-Kalkan, 1991

He had a short life, but he was fully alive

How was your father’s life?

He always did what he wanted. He loved the memory of Beyoulou, when he was a boarder at a high school in Galatasaray. His life to Aivali, the joy of fishing … His life was short, but he survived completely.

At what age did your parents get divorced?

11. Since I was little, I have lived with my mother. But we lived close by. I used to go to see games with him on weekends. That theater fountain was our playground with the girls of Ferhan (Sensoy) Abir.

What was unknown?

He read a lot of books. He even read three books at the same time. How can I not mess it up. He was very disciplined, but also lazy. He loved and hated his laziness. He would say, what would I do if I was not lazy?

Were they angry

No, there were times when he was unemployed, but he was always a favorite. After the movie ‘Gora’, he went through a new transformation in the character of Rasim Oztekin. After that character came different jobs in terms of variety of roles. I can say that he became famous again after 40.

He last appeared in an 80s TV series. And there are some episodes that haven’t been aired yet Can you see

No, I can’t see. I haven’t reached that point yet. In fact, two days ago, Canal D was a ‘dairy philosopher’. People around me said, “Don’t open it.” Because like the character there, my father loved the land. He was a man who wanted to settle down in Kunda in his spare time and planted his own garden. I hope he built that life for himself above.

Watching the match alone without the audience

Then …

I will continue this profession as my father’s legacy. I would like to organize a ‘Rasim Oztekin stand-up show’ for the club in Galatasaray like a competition. There is a project called ‘Rasim Oztekin Theater Students’ with the Contemporary Life Support Association. We say in our work “Don’t send flowers, donate”. Those who donate there are also raising new children as my father’s students.

Your father was a member of the Galatasaray Council Board. Have you started working in a team?

On our show ‘Deep GS Lunch Time’ at Clubhouse, my father’s friends discovered me. My name was mentioned when the chairman of the council, Eşref Hamamcıoğlu, was running for president. First, my school friends took permission from my father for me. He called me and asked what I was thinking. The last 15 days have been cut short by intense phone calls. As my father’s last wish, we entered into a good process with my President, Esref.

Will you watch the game with your father?

Lots. From the age of eight. Until he thought I was 13. I was a hooligan. One day, the combination came, I saw we were in a separate stand. My father said, “You swear so much, you have become a thug. I was thrown into the grandstand. Now we put a picture of the stadium. He watches the game alone without spectators.

‘I Didn’t Want to Forget You’, starring Pelin Oztekin, will be played on Yalova with a ‘low audience’ and will be broadcast live on YouTube. The play tells the story of a couple who have been married for 11 years.

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