Emre Kina: Theater is my debt

“Fatih Altayli ile Bire Bir”, which aired on Bloomberg HT on Wednesday evening, has gathered viewers on screen this week with its colorful guests. Altaili, on his program last night; It is hosted by actor Emre Kene, musician Deria Koroglu, conductor Nissan Ak and conductor Pinar Ishakolu.

Fatih Altaili, Emre Kena, Pinar Ishakoglu, Nissan Ak, Deria Koroglu

“I was lucky, I worked with great masters.”

“I have one older brother and three older sisters, only I was interested in theater,” said Emre Kena, referring to her parents as theater artists. Used phrases.

The famous actress, who also talks about her theater journey, said, “I graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Jellyha Barksoy is my teacher. I have completed an important part of my career in Bakırköy Municipal Theater. I was very lucky, I worked.” With great masters. My experience brought me to Duru Theater. I named my daughter after her. Both my daughter and the theater are 17 years old. ” He said.

Emre Kinaya and her daughter Duru

Emre Kinaya and her daughter Duru

“Tomorrow, I’m like a mom. I’m a mom and dad. We’re in Mode, my daughter is studying at St. Michel French High School. Sometimes I get on the train. I need 1 more hour of sleep in the morning,” Kinay said of his daughter. He continued.

“That is my debt”

Noting that he did not make any money from the theater, Kenny said: “It was open everywhere for 18 months during the epidemic. We closed it. The theater is a bit more ‘despite the job.’ .We said, let’s go, the departure of the equipment truck is 9,000 TL. He gave Izmir 6,000 TL of diesel fuel. The cost of the actors, their accommodation … I consider this to be my loan. I make a certain amount of money from television. I have to spend for the industry. Because I came from there. ” Says

Emre Kınay, who was married to Emine Ün, an actress like her, said, “My first marriage was to a celebrity. My second was to a celebrity. The problem was with me.” (Laughter).

“I’ve turned my hobby into a profession.”

Deriya Koroglu, the lead singer of the group ‘Yeni Turki’, says that she started singing as a hobby and turned it into a profession. The master artist said, “After finishing science high school, I finish my university education in architecture. Then I get a master’s degree in economics.” Made a statement.

Deria Koroglu

Deria Koroglu

Daria Koroglu said: “We traveled with 68 generations of wind. We entered the studio with our own money, borrowed money from our family. We forced our terms because we had enthusiasm. Then came the September 12, 1980 coup. “She said.

Telling the story of his debut album, the musician said, “We are at 79, there are conflicts on the streets. There are tough days. We also have a clear position. The album has names like Can Youssel and Nazim Hikmet. An album with poetry. Go and we refuse. Mine Varghese had a song, “Let’s meet next week.” We went to his record store. He said, “We just deliver it.” There was. Self-censorship. Then we had to set up a company. We were able to release the album. ” Used phrases.

“You don’t have to be authoritarian to be in government”

Orchestra conductor Nissan Ak said, “I started playing music with a guitar. Then I entered Fine Arts High School because I was very interested in music. I studied piano. I studied composition at university. I wanted to create something new. ” You don’t have to be authoritarian to manage. Female conductor The ratio has risen from 1 percent to 8 percent. Currently, my orchestra is in South Carolina. The state of Turkey has more orchestras than where I am alone. Our most important task is to prepare the orchestra. We have to prepare a very large stock in a very short time. In 7.5 hours, we make 1.5 hours of music. To ensure that the rehearsal is completed smoothly. There should be a difference between the first rehearsal and the quality. The last exercise, “he said.

    April white

April white

“The passion of food since childhood”

Pinar Ishaqolu, a private chef, said, “I have been fond of food since I was a child. My mother is from Trabzon and my father is from Rise. I used to watch my peers play. I am determined about Ravioli. ” Says

Pinar Ishakoglu

Pinar Ishakoglu

Isaac O’Leary puts it this way: When I finished high school, I said, ‘I want to be a cook.’ When my parents objected, I wanted to read art. I graduated from the university’s cinema-television department. Then I studied business in England. I worked in the textile industry from 2001-2009. I started reading Kukri in 2005. I have studied both business and cinema-television which has been very effective in my cooking life. I took the pictures shared on social media myself. My business education has also contributed a lot to human relations.

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