Erdogan discusses “Trabzonspor and sports” with Arikan in Trabzon

A conference on ‘Trabzonspor and Sports’ was held with Erdogan Arkan in the municipality of Akkabat district of Trabzon.
Axabat Deputy Mayor Sevdet Bayractor, Aqabat Deputy Mayor Serkan Ozdemir, Sebat Youth Sports Club President Semil Kalkishim, Municipal Department Supervisor, teachers, students and many Trabjanspor held a conference at the Erbol Gunaidin Art Center in Aqabat. Space with her beloved participation. At the conference, Erdogan welcomed Arkan with a round of applause. During the conference there were interactions with the audience, comments and criticisms about Trabjanspar, memories were shared, expectations were expressed and the feeling that Trabjanspor had created for fans across the country and abroad was discussed. After the speech, Aqabat Deputy Mayor Sevdet Bayraktar Erdogan presented Arikan with a nostalgic Trabzon scarf and jersey, while Deputy Mayor Serkan Ozdemi presented a plaque. The conference ended with a souvenir photo shoot.
Erdogan Arkan, who said leader Trabzonspor’s championship was highly anticipated, said: “Trabzonspor will celebrate the championship with 40,000 fans this year. This championship was highly anticipated. Fans will tell about this championship from generation to generation; Will transfer. The deep love and boundless support of the fans towards Trabjanspar played a major role in the separation of Trabjanspar from the Anatolian parties and its success. Wherever I go in and out of the country, I have witnessed the admiration and interest of the Anatolian parties for Trabjanspar. Trabzonspor is a beautiful and exemplary team in this country. Since the start of the season, all the steps for the championship have been taken very carefully and very carefully. Step by step we are going to the championship. Now it’s up to the fans to feel and show their championship position. Probably the most enthusiastic championship in the history of Turkish football will be celebrated by the fans of Trabjanspor. “Sports and championship celebrations are both beautiful with friendship, peace, understanding, tolerance and a sense of brotherhood,” he said.
“Every bullet thrown into the air is ready to take another’s life.”
In his speech, Erdogan Arkan noted that the championship should not be shot in the air and said, “Trabzonspor fans have been waiting for this championship for years and preparing for it. But I’m telling everyone not to use weapons in our championship celebrations. Every bullet fired into the air is waiting, ready to take another’s life. The joy of this championship, which has been expected year after year, should not turn into pain, sorrow and tears. No championship is more valuable than someone else’s life. I believe that the value of Trabzonspor, which is an example to all, its fans will show great devotion in this regard. ” He said.
Expressing his feelings and thoughts at the conference, Aqabat Municipality Deputy Mayor Sevdet Bayraktar said: He told us what the idea of ​​a championship in our city should add. Trabzonspor fans measure the announcer’s response when Trabzonspor scores a goal and Trabzonspor scores a goal and measures the announcer’s response when justice is sought. This city, this supporter, loves and hugs you for showing the same fairness in both situations. If you are a victim of injustice, know that behind this fair voice there will be a huge Trabjanspor supporter. Said.

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