Göksel Gümüşdağ: The Arbitration Board has made a historic decision – the Super League

Başakşehir president Göksel Gümüşdağ said in a statement after a meeting of the club association that the decision of the arbitration board regarding the referees was correct. Gummussag said it was a “historic decision” and in discussing the league’s registration, “I don’t think anything like that will happen. There is a worthy Trabjanspar at the top of the league,” he said.

Başakşehir club president Göksel Gümüşdağ came out of a meeting at the Association of Clubs and made a statement to members of the press. Gümüşdağ began his speech by calling for the club’s union to take a decision on broadcast tenders and referees, saying: . My vision is clear, I’m in the same place. Those who support the decision taken by MHK and TFF, and those who do not. At the very beginning, I argued that this decision was not the right one. In this process, the final decision taken by TFF as management was overturned by the Board of Arbitration. I think the Arbitration Board has made a historic decision. It is very important to create an atmosphere of trust in Turkish football. Today is 8 weeks left till the end of the league, that day was 10 weeks. If there is an embarrassing situation about information, documents and people, they are shared with these boards and we all respect them. As a person who has been involved in football for 18-19 years, President of the Association of Clubs, 1st Deputy Chairman of TFF and has served as Chairman of the Club, I would say that the decision was not legal, humane or conscientious. This situation is reversed by the decision of a historic arbitration board. The next process is the decision of the TFF. After that we have nothing else to do. In our view, we stand without moving 1 millimeter, ”he said.

“What are men talking about, what are we?”

“Turkish football needs an atmosphere of confidence,” Gummussadag said. We need brand value in the international arena. It is clear that we do not have international success. We do our best to take our clubs to the best places in Turkey and the world. Mostafa Bay, my vice president from the European Club Association, returned early in the morning. We are talking about European Club Association 2026 fixtures, metavers, measuring children’s IQ level in infrastructure, what we are working on. As a footballer, I always argued that this decision was wrong. We have expressed our views from the beginning. I have evaluated the decision of the arbitration board with the presidents of the club today. I explained my opinion and why I was defending it. Everyone may have a different opinion. Those from club unions agree with this decision, and those who do not have it. Turkish football needs an atmosphere of trust. In the past, six referees were suspended during the Hassan Dogan era, but they were given at the start of the season. It was not right to change the rules during the match. Today, clubs against each other wanted to break up and bring against each other. But I believe the club association is very strong. We remain friends. Let’s change the publication tender, brand value, MHK and MHK structure with the consultant report. “People may be good, they may be wrong, but the board evaluates them.”

“I congratulate him (Mehmet Baykan).”

Asked about Mehmet Bayakan’s decision to resign today, Goksel Gumusdag said: “The vice-president responsible for the law, who has been a very important TFF footballer for many years, has said that the matter was not consulted for a long time. Yes, it was against the law and after the arbitral tribunal overturned the decision, he felt sincerely responsible and took an honorable position and resigned. “I congratulate him,” he said. There should be no problem with registration. At the top of the league, there is a Trabjanspar who is different from his game. He is OK. There will be no problem if the league is not registered, ”he concluded.


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