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Added March 31, 2022


The youngsters teamed up with actress Ain Insi at the Essenler Cinema Academy, which was held for the fourth time this year by the Essenler Municipality. Sharing her 48 years of stage adventure and professional experience with young people, Inci said, “The master-student relationship is very important in acting. I learned a lot on stage,” she said.

Bringing new talent to the field of cinema with its strong academic staff Essenler Cinema AcademyBy organizing workshops, it has been bringing together the leading names of the sector with the youth. The Academy, which offers training in “Screenwriting”, “Directing” and “Editing Techniques”, is hosted by master actress Ian Insi this week. In answering young people’s questions, Inci made a candid statement about his acting prowess.

My biggest support was my dad

She was very fortunate to have a family that supported her as an actress, Ince said, “My dad was a very strict, disciplined person who never let me down. And he was very interested in classical music. He had an incredible knowledge of music. I am a government servant boy, but we had a piano and a nice rock record in our house. My father was a mechanical engineer, but he composed music before his death. I wanted to be an actor. He said, “If you’re going to do this, you’ll get your education, and he took me by the hand and took me to the Conservatory.” The people around me were amazed. I passed the test and liked the opera section. Parents still have prejudices. They can respond.

Insi: Read a lot!

Noting that he has read a lot of books since my childhood, Inci said, “I have seen a lot of benefits from reading. Reading is a field where a lot of people involved in art and acting are fed. So read a lot. How to analyze the characters in the books and novels you read. You know what to do and you can easily analyze their spirits. Imagination is a huge resource, which is what we need most, “he continued.

“The characters I play are guests of my body, my soul, my imagination. I have been living with them for some time. Acting is a master-student relationship. I learned a lot on stage. During our tenure, all stages will open on October 1st. On August 15th, we would rush to the glass boards to see if the games were over. We immediately found our name on that stage. I can’t talk about that excitement. We didn’t think to shorten the roles, but now everyone is interested, disliked, giving up halfway to the role. I also played a character I didn’t like. There was no word then. No outsiders were allowed to play. Actors like Dad have acted in every character there. These games will be like games. Now you see, especially these are poured into serials. That’s why I didn’t like the character I played. I didn’t have that luxury then. “

I was familiar with the character of danger in Iran

Insi, who also advised young director candidates, said, “Changes can happen once the script is received. However, the managers must finish it and be ready to read the rehearsal. Everyone should be very good at this job. The director, the cameraman, the actors, the make-up and the make-up should not be disturbed. ”

Commenting on the adoption of actors with single characters, Insi said: “The adoption of single character actors is good in terms of popularity. I’m talking about the series. In the theater, I was a very lucky actor. I played a very good character. There was a role I forgot. I played the role of an MS patient. I worked hard. For example, I have the Magic Mom series, which I played out of my mind. At that time, I had a game every day and there was a time when I didn’t watch TV. Called me. I was, “What a ridiculous show. No one will see.” I accepted the character. It was a very enjoyable job, but it didn’t contribute to my acting. The last time I went to Iran, they called me my magical mother. Recognized as the character of Perilis.

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