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ACHE Cezmi Gültekin, 72, who retired 26 years ago in Ağri, began her education at the Vocational Training Center to learn her dream job as an electrical installer and get a high school diploma, saying “there is no age to read”.

With 4 children and 11 grandchildren, Gultekin, who lives in Abide Mahalesi, has a high school degree. After retiring from the Special Provincial Administration, where he worked as a driver in 1996, he ran a market and ran a vehicle business for years.

Gultekin, who began working in the workplace where the advertising signs were made after leaving his grocery and automotive business, noticed the vocational training centers being implemented across the country by the national education ministry while watching the news on television.

Gultekin then contacted officials from the provincial education department to find out about his dream job as an electrical installer and to obtain a high school diploma.

Gultekin, who, with the help of officials, took part in electrical installation and panel mounting courses at the Agri Vocational Training Center under the provincial National Education Department, visited the center on certain days of the week to begin his education.


“Are you going to learn a job after the age of 72 and go to work in a government office?” Gultekin tries to learn his dream job from the master instructors of the course, not paying attention to the people around him, saying “there is no age limit for studying.”

Gultekin, who is currently a 9th grader, will receive a high school diploma as well as a master’s certificate and a business opening certificate when she completes her education, which will take 4 years.

Gultekin, who works in the workplace where advertising signs are made on certain days of the week and goes to vocational training centers on other days, works despite his advanced age and sets an example for those around him by continuing his education.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Sezmi Gultekin said he was interested in the electrical installation business and said:

“After 26 years of my retirement, I came to the billboard where I am now working and started working with young people. I learned how to make a lot of products that I like in the electrical installation business. Billboard, “I learned how to make LEDs and how many kilowatts a device works. There are young people in the course I went to, they will learn their profession and get a job. Vocational training center courses are very useful for young people and for us. “

Age is just a number, work keeps you fit

Mentioning that he was involved in volleyball in his youth, Gultekin said that he has always worked all his life and work keeps people fit and age is just a number.

Mentioning that he does not like to be lazy and always wants to learn new things, Gultekin says:

“When I started the course, people around me laughed at me. There were people who said, ‘Are you going to work at this age?’ I don’t listen to anyone. I think there is no age to work and study. And I am very satisfied. I like this job very much and I want to work as far as I can. I like to work with young people and they are very respectful. During breaks we drink tea and hang out together. Working is good for the body. I was an athlete in my youth and friendship with young people is very nice. Friends and stay young. “

Uncle Sezmi Gultekin showed everyone that there is no age limit for learning.

Hassan Kokrek, the provincial director of national education, said Gultekin was an example for Turkey and said, “Uncle Sezmi Gultekin showed everyone that the age of learning is not old. Reached 7 times. This growth is a major factor in our students finding jobs in the market and employers finding qualified students. Working to improve the home economy and oneself. ” He said. Source: AA

62-year-old by profession - there is no school to go to
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He said that he has no job and his dream is to return to AGRI school to study at the age of 62.
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When he returned, he said he was not old enough for AGRI to go to school - his dream age was a career 72 6
Not 72 years old to read - Profession AGRI returned to school at the age of 7 for her dream
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She said she was not 72 and her age was AGRI. She came back to school - a career for 9 dreaming of reading
72. He returned to school, to work. He said he was in the age of pain.

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