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What kind of father was Halit Akçatepe?

I learned from my father that we should live our lives wholeheartedly, sincerely, with a sense of humor, full of joy, and full of humor, despite the many difficulties and problems that come with life. I have learned that I must do well in what I do and never compromise on my ideals. I have learned that money has no value except to meet our needs and we should never be captive to it. He has made it a principle for us to stay away from lies, emotions, hypocrisy and lies. He taught love, for which anyone can be mad, that true love never leaves the heart. If you can look at life today cheerfully and comfortably, he has left me for this huge legacy.

His mother was Leman Akatepe and Halit Akatepe

In childhood He entered the children’s section of the Istanbul City Theater. So what happened to the movie?

My father started acting in movies when he was 5 years old. In 1945, at the age of 7, he entered the children’s section of the Istanbul City Theater. Then, at the age of 17, he began acting as an amateur at St. Benoit’s French High School. He became a professional theater actor in 1960. He has performed not only in city theaters, but also in many private theaters, such as the Kahitler Theater, Abani Dilligil Theater, Muammar Karaka, Devekusu Cabaret, and Dostlar Theater, founded by Cahide Sonku. My dad actually went to the movies in 1960 as an adult.Broken heartIn the summer of that year, he first received a series of offers from Siri Gultekin, who is considered one of the best directors in Turkish cinema, and then from a production director, Memduh Un. Thus, 17 years later, my father retired from acting in 1954, “Once upon a timeIt started again in 1971 with a colorful fairy tale film.

His father was Sıtkı Akçatepe and Halit Akçatepe

Your grandmother was also an actress, but your father’s family wanted her to be an actress. Why don’t they?

This profession is still very difficult in Turkey. My grandfather told my father “Look, my child, you have chosen your profession very well, but you have chosen your country wrong.“He even said some harsh words, but it would not be right to mention them here.

When my dad was a theater actor at university, my grandfather said, “Read and wander here“She is OK.

Halit Akatepe with his daughter Itar and Ebru on the set of Tatli Dilim

You and your sister starred in a movie with your dad. How old were you then? What do you think about that time?

My sweet tongueMy sister and I acted together in the film. I was 6 years old then. This Our first and last movie It has already happened. After 1972, my father worked for many years with Arzu film and director Ertem Egilmez. This happened when Ertem Brothers specifically wanted us for this movie.

Yes, I have an unforgettable memory. The screenwriter of the movie, Sadiq Shendil, the great man who is Yesilkam and one of the biggest building blocks of Turkish cinema, congratulated us and said,I am handing over your Oscar“He said. She wore an amber elephant necklace around my neck. What an honor it was for me in front of so many filmmakers and directors.

Ebru Bozatlı Akçatepe and Halit Akçatepe

The actors he has acted with the most are Kamal Sunal and Tariq Akan … How was their friendship outside the set?

Kamal Agabe and Tariq Agabe were my father’s closest relatives outside the set. Of course, Matin’s brother and Jackie’s brother can’t be counted here.

Tariq’s older brother was a part of my childhood and family. When they left the set, we would stay together at the great table my mom made for dinner 3-4 days a week.

Who were your father’s closest relatives in the art community?

Everyone loved my father, but his closest relatives were Kamal Agave, Tarak Agave, Metin Agave, Jackie Agave, (We already lived in the same apartment and he was my most valuable playmate when I was younger.) Cihat Tamer and Vasif ngören.

Your father also has a screenwriter. How will it work in the creative process? What will he be inspired by?

Yes, when my father Arju was working in film, he was not only an actor but also very active in screenwriting. Since he was studying in a French high school, he has read a lot of French books and researched scripts. But he must change them according to the Turkish version.

Ebru Bozatlı Akçatepe and Halit Akçatepe

Do you have unforgettable memories with your father?

But the first thing that comes to my mind is; One day we were sitting at a desk, I was 14-15 years old, I had a talk with my dad; “Dad, I don’t think about movies, but I want to be an actor, how can you help me?“I asked. My father too“Look, boy, you don’t want to be an actor because I want to be an actor. There are certain conditions for being an actor. If you agree, you will be.”“Said”Is that Dad?? “I asked.”You will love theater, you will fall in love, you will be in a state of emotion. But then you will get married, you will like theater more than your husband, then you will have children in future, you will like theater more than them. If you agree with all of this, come on, and I’ll get you started right away. ‘Because it’s a flag, I took it from my parents, I kept it“He said. After I moved to Vienna at the age of 17, I found myself in the theater at the age of 20. As my father said, I got married and fell in love with theater. As long as I’m involved in theater.”Akatep“His title will never change, he will be with me and the flag will be there.

A daughter has been born from your father’s second marriage. How did you feel years later when you had siblings?

I wanted to be my little sister’s shoes for a while. Because our childhood was spent when my father worked very hard. After all, he didn’t have much time for us. Wherever Gunsu matched his quiet time. And he got a chance to see my dad more.

Halit Akçatepe and Ebru Bozatlı Akçatepe

His right side is partially paralyzed due to a cerebral vessel. What did he want to do after being released from the hospital after a long treatment?

He wanted to have a Turkish coffee right now. He loved Turkish coffee. My late father used to drink 6-7 turkey coffee a day.

Can you tell me about your father’s last moments? What did you talk about last?

I have always been by his side since my father’s illness. Although I was in Vienna, I visited her almost every month and I always wanted to be with her. He listened to me the most, next to the doctors and nurses … I made a definite return from Vienna in 2016 for my dad and after that we were all together until his death. He was my precious, very good friend, a wonderful friend. At that time, he was most sorry for his close friends who died.

Halit Akatepe with his daughter, grandson and son-in-law

How does it feel to see on the screen?

Of course, I am both very happy and very sorry. I think I’m by your side but I can’t touch it.

What would you do if your dad was with you today? What would you tell him?

As always, I would hug her again, make her coffee again and listen to the memories of her life with excitement. I’ll tell him; “I still collect as if I’m going to tell you everything, Dad … You’ve dedicated your life to art and comedy … You’ve taught me to look at life with a beautiful, funny, optimistic, positive and bright outlook … I too today I applaud you with pride and honor. “

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