Ilhan Palut: Every match is very important and valuable …

Conaspor continues to prepare for the match, where it will host the 31st week of the Sport Toto Super League in Gozettepe under the direction of Technical Director Ilhan Palut. Prior to the training, Ilhan Palut and footballer Adil Demirbagh made statements to the press.

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Giving information about the national team and the injured players, Palut said, “After the national game break, we will start with a match on Gazette. We had 6 players in the national team. They came to Konya like last night. Only Mpoku hasn’t joined us yet. And Immortal has a mild illness. We won’t even see him in training, we sent him home. Abdul Karim was injured. Fenerbahce could not play in the match, could not join the national team. He also participates in training, warm-ups and introductory parts of short pass games with the team in a controlled manner. But we have not seen Abdul Karim in the condition of the match yet. Our assessment continues with our healthcare team. I think his condition will be revealed by the time of the match, ”he said.

“I think it will be a very difficult match.”

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“Every match is very important and valuable. The Göztepe match is one of them. Our opponents, especially Fenerbahce, are just 2 points apart and it shows that we have no credit. When you look at Göztepe from the side, they too are in a different struggle. Again, I think it will be a very tough match. But we also have to win. We will try our best to fight on our own field. Hopefully, we will say goodbye to this match with a good result, ”he said.

“We need to regain stability in our team defense.”

Talking about the declining defenses of the team in the last few matches, Palut said, “I see that there are positive and negative changes in my team in general matches and even in half-time matches except team defense. We are talking about this with my team. The league has become too small, so there is no more ups and downs. That is why we need to find stability again. Team Defense is at the top of the parameters we need to achieve this stability. I am also uncomfortable with this issue, but in the rest of the process, we will try to bring it to that level through sacrifice, good struggle and proper organization. “

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Noting that the game system they played was not a system built in a very short time, Palut said, “Because we worked hard. Of course this game does not change? It can change, of course, but it’s not easy to change it in an instant game or from match to match. We do have alternatives, of course, but the fact that the overall stable progress and general good running results are acceptable throughout the season has not forced us to do much research on the subject. Other systems playable? It’s worth playing, but I don’t think it’s an easy thing. A certain period of study is required. Of course, we can make alternative arrangements in other seasons if our player group changes are similar to the participation of other players. “

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“Coniaspor doesn’t want to win the match by scoring a goal because the opponent has given us a moment’s break.”

“I also received a congratulatory message. I had no prior knowledge. This is a good situation for both Koniaspor and my players. Because it’s not something I do alone. After all, the players also contribute. I believe that the whole Coniaspor community does not want to win the match by scoring a goal because the opponent gives us a break for a moment. I want these to become a normal situation that everyone should do, not a situation that requires fair play awards in Turkish football. The new generation of players and coaches must continue to do this in terms of respect for their opponents as well as technological-strategic development. I would like to thank my club, my players and all those who have considered me worthy of this award. “

Adil Demirbagh: “We want a break again”

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Explaining that they had prepared very well for the Göztepe match during the national break, Adil Demirbagh said, “We have suffered an unfortunate defeat in the match at Fenerbahce. We want to do makeup for this with Göztepe match. We want to catch up again. This year, we have achieved an incredible momentum and reached this level. Hopefully, we will win the match at Gazette to maintain this level and watch the next matches, ”he said.

“We’re going to play Champions League music in this town.”

Asked about the goal in the Champions League, Demirbagh said: “We have finished second in the league and we are defending it. We want to win the match at Gazette, maintain this level and get one step closer to our goal. We will start with the Göztepe match and Beşiktaş ends with the match. I hope the Champions League music is in town too ৷ we’ll steal it. “

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Ilhan Palut: Every match is very important and valuable ...

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