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We are hearing about the selection of the Istanbul Film Festival, which is preparing to meet moviegoers for the 41st time this year, from পরিচালকKSV Istanbul Film Festival director Kerem Ian. “We are delighted to be back in theaters in April, two years after the epidemic. In its 41st year, the festival will be screened in seven theaters. At the 2022 Berlin Film Festival, it won the Best Screenplay Award and the Best Actor Award. Rabbi Canning Against George W. Bush “Our inaugural film of the year. Every year in preparation for the selection, we scan all the films previously screened at the world-famous festival. Includes April and the program’s most notable and best films. The winning films include the one that won an award this year, the Philippine production “Leoner Will Never Die” and Marina Gorbachev’s “Klondike”. Productions that we didn’t get the film from the Venice Film Festival in October will be seen in this year’s program “Original Title: Home” directed by Dan Cowan and Daniel Shenart. erything Everywhere All at One “was a movie I wanted to take part in at the festival. We couldn’t include this picture in the festival program because it was screened in early April. ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ or ‘Once Upon a Time in America’, which the new generation does not see on the screen. Every year we retrieve an old movie from Turkey. This year, we’ve retrieved the movie “Expected Song,” in which Kahid Sonku has both directed and produced it and starred opposite Jackie Muren. The feature film competition will be held this year for the first time in the ‘Young Masters category’ competition. We have formed a young jury consisting of film students between the ages of 18-25. Will evaluate films in “Young Masters category”

“Birdremy” (2022) (2022)

Director: Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

Players: Birgir Dagur Bazarkasan, Ascle Ainer Palmason, Victor Benoni Benedictsson

IMDb rating: 4.3

Icelandic director Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson is bringing his second film after his award-winning production “Heartstone”, which was released in 2016. Presenting a course of friendship, loyalty and solidarity with his young actors, the film also depicts the dark and cruel world of adolescence. One of the most anticipated films of the teen drama Komal Natak Utsav.

“Alcaras” (2022)

Director: Carla Simon

Players: Jordi Pujal Dolset, Anna Otin, Zenia Rosette

IMDb rating: 6.0

In her second feature-length production, Catalan writer-director Carla Simon returns to the countryside, setting the stage for her extraordinary autobiographical film “Summer 1993”. The film, which premiered at the 2022 Berlin Film Festival and won the Golden Bear Award, tells the story of the great Sole family, who spent every summer of their lives picking fruit from their family gardens, facing eviction from their land in Catalonia. .

“Avec Amour et Acharnement (both sides of the blade)” (2022)

Director: Claire Dennis

Players: Juliet Binoche, Vincent Lyndon, Gregor Colin

IMDb rating: 7.7

The film premiered at the 2022 Berlin Film Festival; It highlights a curious love triangle while emphasizing the incongruous feeling of coexistence in a relationship. Starring Juliet Binochet, three masters of French cinema, Vincent Lyndon and Gregor Colin, the film touches the heart as well as the drama of the mind.

“Whirlpool” (2021)

Director: Gaspar no

Players: Dario Argento, Franোois LeBron, Alex Lutz

IMDb rating: 7.6

Gaspar Noé’s latest film “Vortex”, which had its world premiere at the 74th Cannes Film Festival, tells the story of an elderly couple living in an apartment in Paris. Making a name for himself in the world of cinema with productions such as “Enter the Void, Love” and “Climax”, Noé invites you to watch a documentary on his latest film. Focusing on an elderly couple who are beginning to feel the effects of aging, No tells her thoughts about death from her own perspective.

“Let’s go” (2021)

Director: Mike Mills

Players: Joaquin Phoenix, Gabby Hoffman, Woody Norman

IMDb rating: 7.5

“C’mon C’mon” directed by Mike Mills, who produced “Beginners” and “20th Century Women”, and Joaquin Phoenix, who won an Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in “The Joker”, and “Transparent” Gabby Hoffman, who starred in the series. Won two Emmy nominations for In the world premiere of the film at the 59th New York Film Festival, we will witness an adult-child relationship that learns to understand and love each other.

“Coma” (2022)

Director: Bertrand Bonello

Players: Julia Faurluis Labequietia Casta

IMDb rating: 7.2

“Coma”, which premiered at the 2022 Berlin Film Festival, was inspired by a letter written by director Bertrand Bonello to his 18-year-old daughter and quoted by Deleuze, “Never enter someone else’s dream, it can be dangerous.” While reflecting the concerns of the younger generation, the film touches on the rebirth after the epidemic. An experimental quarantine project, the image provides a creative look into the mind of an 18-year-old boy.

“De Euskildis (The Innocent)” (2021)

Director: Skill vote

Players: Rakel Lenora Flottum, Alva Brynsmo Ramstad, Sam Ashraf

IMDb rating: 7.0

Director Eskil Vogt, who reflected his distinctive voice on the big screen through his 2014 production “Blind”, questioned the innocence of children in “The Innocents”, which premiered at the 74th Cannes Film Festival. It takes her on a journey into the secret world of a child who tries to hurt her autistic sister and does so without her parents noticing. Scandinavian film blurs the line between good and evil.

“Peter von Kant” (2022)

Director: Franোয়াois Ozone

Players: Dennis Menochet, Isabel Adjani, Khalil Gharbia

IMDb rating: 7.9

The inaugural film of the 2022 Berlin Film Festival, “Peter von Kant”, directed by Francois Ozone, pays tribute to the rising adventurous voice of French cinema, German filmmaker Renner Werner Fassbinder. Ozone reverses and reproduces gender by playing with the structure of the movie “The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant” shot by Facebinder 50 years ago.

“After Young” (2021)

Director: Kogonda

Players: Colin Farrell, Jody Turner-Smith, Male Emma Tajandrawidzaja

IMDb rating: 4.3

South Korean director Kogonadar’s new production “After Young” offers a different perspective on the future developed by artificial intelligence. Colin Farrell and Jody Turner-Smith star in the film, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021, and also at the Sundance Film Festival. Set in a world where robots are bought as babysitters, “After Young” reflects the distinctive style of the director.

Tickets for the 41st Istanbul Film Festival, held April 8-19, are on sale at from Friday, April 1.

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