Last minute – Besiktas flash response to Galatasaray President Burak Elmas!

The Beşiktaş club responded to a statement by Galatasaray president Burak Elmas about the suspension of the derby on the club’s official website.

Here’s the explanation …

This is our response to the statement made by Mr. Burak Elmas, President of the Sports Club in Galatasaray on 12.03.2022, which is far from courtesy, not sporting and does not reflect events:

No request was received from our club or our managers from the Galatasar Sports Club, the Turkish Football Federation or anyone else regarding the postponement of our match in Galatasaray on Monday 14 March at the Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex. Our club learned from the media about our opponent’s request to postpone the match and was forced to answer constant media questions.

While answering the endless questions of the press members who were invited to the training of our football team at Vodafone Park yesterday, our President, Mr. Ahmed Noor Sebi, regarding the delay, the rules of suspension are clear and if not. If suspended within the framework of this rule, it would create chaos as it would set a precedent for other clubs in the future. Galatasaray – Beşiktaş and Galatasaray – Galatasaray Barcelona matches for ground problems that can occur due to rain in the stadiums of the sports club, which we did not see the same hospitality during the construction of our stadium.

Is it part of the plan they implemented to realize their hidden intentions, that they went to Izmir to find cover for their claim, using the country’s score as an excuse, contrary to rules and regulations, and they did? The plane was coming from Barcelona and Izmir to Istanbul?

When the weather report announced by the authorities was in the air a few days ago, what is the reason for them not to be careful about the transport and the field?

We also bring to the attention of the public the following statements made by the President of Galatasaray yesterday:

We are surprised that you did not realize that our President, Mr. Ahmet Nur Sebi, had requested the Turkish Football Federation to increase the limit for all clubs representing our country in Europe. In accordance with the Turkish Football Federation’s Financial Fair Play Guidelines, our President’s request was made to all clubs representing our country, and thus to increase the limit for our clubs to represent our country in the European Cup regarding the Turkish Football Federation’s Financial Fair Play Guidelines in Galatasaray. Sports clubs also benefit.

If they had not been eliminated from PSV Eindhoven in the Champions League qualifiers at the start of the season and had been in the Champions League group with 7 goals in two games, they could have moved to Besiktas, who are 44th in the UEFA rankings with 70 points and 37th in the country with 77 points. Could have contributed enough to the score. The UEFA report makes it clear that we are the clubs that have contributed the most to the country’s score in the last week, last month, not last year, in the last 10 years. We recommend that they review these reports.

2 months after sharing the photo content on the club’s official Twitter account in Galatasaray on 21.01.2022 with the following statement: Taken before the Trabzonspor match ৷ why didn’t they share the same content about the Besiktas match to be played at the same stadium in 2022?

Those who spoke of unity to contribute to the country’s score and those who spoke of their 117-year values, would have thought of these ideas when publishing a post titled “Once Written History” on the club’s official Twitter account. After our team’s Lyon match in the UEFA Europa League in 2017! We are leaving all these shameless statements to the discretion of the people.

In this case, their former coach, Fatih Terim, reminded them of the term “Derby is played all over the world on Sundays” after playing the European Cup match in Fenerbahce on Thursday, 2019, about the Fenerbahce Besiktas match on Monday 25.02.2019. We urge them to reconsider the allegations made by them in today’s match.

We recommend to the President of Galatasaray and his community, who have used the phrase “we will deal with our opponents like a lion” about the Galatasaray-Besiktas match to be held at the Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex on Monday, March 14, and to appear as lions Barcelona in the Europa League. Because we, along with our football team, who are champions of the League, Cup and Super Cup in the 2020-2021 season, will face football fans with all our good intentions as always to show a quality match and win.

As a result, it is significant that they have made these statements in a bid to distract perceptions from the situation in the league with last season’s 3-Cup champions Beşiktaş.

We respectfully present information to the public.

Besiktas JK

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