Let’s see if your child is ready to start school!

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Starting elementary school is a stressful time for both family and children. “Will my child succeed in school?” Will he be able to make friends at school? Will he be able to meet his own needs? ” This type of question is the biggest concern of parents … You can find the answer to this question by checking if your child is ready for school. Child Development Specialist Deniz Temur has developed a simple test for families who are confused about starting school.

It can be started by law, but …

This test is especially important for assessing children aged 60-71 months. Objective assessment of children’s development is crucial for the healthy continuity of children’s educational life during this period when they are able to start school legally but the final decision rests with the family.

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Despite not being ready to start school, children who begin 1st grade are more likely to experience social, emotional, and academic problems.

When making decisions, families must keep their child’s development at the center. Problems arising from parents such as financial problems, child care issues and the work of both parents should not be included in this assessment. Parents should not enroll their children in 1st grade unless they are convinced that their child’s development is sufficient to fully start school. It should not be forgotten that children start school early and this difference between their classmates will not stop in their education. The frequency of problems such as separation anxiety, school phobia, difficulty making and communicating friends, disobedience and lack of attention is also very high among children who start school even when they are not ready.

“Is your child ready to start school?”

Deniz Temur, who suggested watching their children for a while in light of the questions below, advised parents not to enroll their children in 1st grade without answering almost all of the questions below.

  1. Is her physical development enough to start school?
  2. Will she be able to meet her toilet needs alone?
  3. Can he do his personal hygiene properly?
  4. Can he eat without any help and use utensils as needed?
  5. Can he undress and clothe himself? Can it open it?
  6. Can he separate his personal belongings?
  7. Will he be able to understand the rules and work according to the rules? Can they understand and explain the reason for the rule?
  8. Can it provide anger and emotion control? For example, could it be a feeling of hunger, waiting for the toilet?
  9. Can he recognize, copy and count numbers and match objects?
  10. Do they have limited skills like painting, recognizing shapes and drawing?
  11. Can he draw straight and curved lines, use a pencil for a long time?
  12. Can it recognize colors?
  13. Can he protect himself by working in a big team?
  14. Can you go up and down the stairs?
  15. Understand and execute commands and establish a cause-and-effect relationship between a given command?
  16. Can they distinguish opposite and similar ideas?
  17. Can he introduce himself and his family?
  18. Do they understand concepts such as weight and width, give instructions that dictate and obey orders given?
  19. Has the scope of his attention developed enough to listen to the speech?
  20. Can’t understand the abstract idea?

What is the school start age?

It is compulsory for children 72 months of age or older to start school in September 2017 Children between the ages of 69 and 71 are also required by law to start school However, if families inform the school with a doctor’s report that their child’s development is not suitable for starting school, then their children cannot start 1st grade. A similar situation applies to children aged 66-68 months. Enrollment of children in this group is mandatory by law. However, families cannot send their children to school with an application. At this age, the family’s appeal, not the doctor’s report, is considered sufficient. Children aged 60-65 months do not need to start school legally. However, families can enroll their children in 1st class if they wish. Here, families have to apply with a petition to start school for their children Children under 59 months of age cannot be admitted to 1st class under any circumstances.

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