Life, you have an order

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We were a family of seven fathers, mothers, four sons and a daughter.

My father’s father (my grandfather) Mehemed. He was the Imam. I saw it when I was in bed.

Even then, he would not have interrupted his prayers.

My mother’s father: Hachi Hussein (my grandfather) was self-sufficient.

He did not understand religion, faith, prayer, prayer.

My grandmother left him a daughter and a son and took Hasan instead of Hossain of the same village.

My mother She was attracted to him because he grew up with Cholai. Religion did not know faith.

When my father Ibrahim returned from a four-year hiatus, he lost his wife, Fatma, and their two children.

After saving 50 lira from his military service, he took his neighbor’s daughter Fatma to Batman in the city (lih) and “I am a master. I’m a mason. ‘ Said and became a master.

He brought me, my brother Alatin, and our sister Mehdi, who was in my mother’s arms, to Batman.

An older brother named Sabri worked with him. Later Manab worked with Mehmet Shah and got nursery from him.

There were several currents in us, that is, in our family.

Father is a designer. Reach out to the community.

Brother Nurku.

My mother ‘Allah Allah Mandallah’ How is this wind ..

If he remembered, he would pray.

However, he always fasted in Ramadan.

Who’s left?

I have a little boy Alatin, Mehdi and Abdullah, born in Batman …

I was watching what was happening.

My father did not have one.

Six months lazy. She was with her shakes for six months.

My brother grabbed Mehmet Shah and his Nurkuluk from some emptiness.

My mother is just as wonderful as her father. Crazy Devon like Evelyn.

It was not possible to get down to the well with its rope. I also swore to his Hasankef religious teacher.

And I decided to read. To put it bluntly, my brother admitted me to the school because of the stigma of not being able to read.

She arrived at school, but my father was the most angry.

“He went to Kamal’s school. This boy will not improve. He becomes Bedin Said, and so it was.

I learned in school, away from religion.

When I go to primary and secondary school, I put religion in neutral gear.

I have given importance to life, nature, science and science.

Before that Revolutionary Became

Then I discovered my national identity in the revolution.

Who am i I started saying.

“Look at me” A man who says and denies his Kurdishness.

Who am I here?

It took me to a different place.

I cut my own stomach.

Therefore, religion was a gap in my identity.

And to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention.

If they ask me now, “What is your religion?”

They have peace of mind‘I am a Gibranist’ I say.

‘Yes, to the Absolute Creator, but I do not need any guide or prophet to approach Him’ I say.

In this way, our family became a religious milad.

My brothers after me followed suit.

That’s why they left so early.

Alatin passed away at the age of 26 and Abdullah at the age of 31.

Only me and my sister Mahdi remained.

My sister has religious responsibilities for my mother, father and brother.

I stand for my two brothers who have stayed with me and gone before me.


My brother Sabri came to see me in Diyarbakir’s dungeon for a while.

We were one month old then We were on hunger strike.

He told me: ‘You shall not fast a day outside. You are now on a hunger strike for a month. How can that be? I’m hesitant ‘He told me ‘Brother, not only you, I have a belief. And my faith is my promise to my friends. We will never break our promise until this pressure is lifted. ” Says

Surprised and finally “You are so faithful and determined, if you prayed for your religion and your faith. You will get married. We will all be your disciples. Says

No need, I am fasting for thirty days at a time. There you are, be a saint. I am a fighter for rights and justice.

I am fighting in this world.

They want me to account for it from another world. But maybe they won’t ask you.

He shrugged and walked away.

Maybe this is the last time I saw him.

Will it be obvious?

This is life.

Do you have an order?

March 31, 2022

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