Living on the coral wall after death

It’s been 9 years, I can’t go to my mother’s grave! For me, not even 9,365 days, 9 minutes have passed that Goddam Day … Now, so many years, months, weeks, days, hours, seconds, I think if I go to that grave, all these moments’ in my mind without him Being that I am being crushed under them. Does one’s mother die, I don’t think she will die …
The day before, GuardianThe 77-year-old dentist in Janet HawkI finally decided to visit my mother’s grave … Atlas Like all that passes without it ‘Moment’I feel like I can carry their weight now.

“What a sacred thing.”

Hawk, a sea lover and professor of dentistry, changed his mind two years ago. He added in his will that he wanted to be part of a coral reef after leaving this world.
To fulfill this wish of Mrs. Janet, her relatives cremated her body and buried her ashes. ‘Coral wall ball’ They need to mix it into a cement known as perforated concrete. This concrete ball will be placed at the bottom of the ocean, near the coral wall and after a while, it will start to settle on the bottom of the ocean and feed the fish.
Janet Hawke when she first saw the ‘Coral Reef Ball’ “Oh, how ugly.” Said then, he was happy when he thought that the colored fish would go through the hole of this ball made of his own ashes.

An environmental and useful method

After a death ‘Coral reef’ As a service to live with fish on the seabed. ‘Eternal Wall’ Is provided by a charity. Perpetual walls place these concrete ‘coral wall balls’ made from the ashes of people who have died for some time in specially landscaped ocean beds around the United States and which cause zero damage to marine life. Later, the families and friends of the deceased were given coordinates of the locations of the ‘coral wall balls’ so that they could visit their loved ones.
During the epidemic, the number of people seeking to leave the beach as a ‘coral reef ball’ increased threefold.
Eternal Reef officials say that human desire to return to the sea after death dates back thousands of years. Ancient Rome And Sweet cornThere are people buried in that sea, South Pacific OceanThey say that the dead were cremated on a raft and left at sea, and the custom of throwing the ashes into the sea still exists in Asia.
After their own deaths The idea of ​​being a ‘coral reef ball’ aims to revitalize the habitat of environmentalists and endangered corals. They say it.

More than 3,000 people have been on the coral wall

Eternal wall for this service Reef Ball Foundation Work with One meter high, two meters wide and 250 kg to 1800 kg The coral wall balls had a rough surface for plants to grow and fish to survive. Eternal wall to date More than 3,000 people have set up coral reef balls at 25 different locations.
University of EdinburghProfessor of Marine Biology Murray RobertsCoral reef balls mixed with human ash are a good idea: “Corals grow well in this type of structure. I don’t see anything negative about this service.”
Roberts says the inclusion of human ash in artificial coral reefs can help protect walls from destruction, as well as highlight the damage humans are doing to the ocean: “When you have an artificial wall with human remains, imagine the horror of trolling that area!”

Crabs, living with sponges

Eternal Reefs is for people like Janet Hawke who want to be a ‘Coral Reef Ball’ after they die. 3,000 to $ 7,500 He says they pay for reef balls that cost money. The CEO of Eternal Reefs, who says they see themselves as ‘reef makers’ George Frankel “We see this as a way to show respect.” Said
From the administrators of the Eternal Reef Jim Hustler A ‘coral wall ball’ It is home to 56 species of fish as well as crabs, sea urchins, sponges and corals. Says he did. When the ‘Coral Reef Ball’ project, mixed with human ash, is completed, it will be spread over an area of ​​16 acres, and a total of 250,000 ‘Coral Reef Ball’ Available
However, some scientists said ‘Nature Friendly’ Says that this seemingly innocent method is not so innocent. Charities Natural death centerIts manager Rosie Inman-CookThe crematorium, which emits an average of 400 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for each body, is not a good idea: “Burning is a disaster!”
Opposes the use of concrete, which is responsible for 8 percent of global CO2 emissions when constructing artificial walls. University of EssexMarine biologists “The environmental cost of concrete is much higher,” he told Michael Stein. From that point of view, if you are really environmentally conscious, this concept (becoming a coral wall after death) does not look very good!

My Mao lives in Phule

Janet Hawk says she watched a video of her decision to become a “coral reef ball” after she died: “It simply came to our notice then that these balls soon became home to fish …”
When I left my mother 9 years ago, there was a small board in her name. Shortly afterwards, my father built a special stone tomb for him. He maintains graves several times a year, planting flowers … Now, so many years, months, weeks, days, hours, seconds, I think my mother lives in that flower … Like the poor Atlas with the world on his shoulders, I think I can carry the burden of all the ‘moments’ without him.

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