Mayor Gultak planted a sapling with the children at the ‘Every Child is a Sapling’ event, while the Mediterranean Municipality organized a ‘Every Child a Sapling’ program in collaboration with the District National Education Department.

– The children brought saplings with soil to the Akdeniz Municipality’s ‘Every Child is a Sapling’ event. Attending the event, Mediterranean Mayor, Mostafa Gultak, emphasized the importance of the project, saying “a healthy nature, clean air, a deep blue sky and fertile land are the most precious legacy we will leave behind. Our children.”
A sapling planting ceremony was held in the garden of Nakarli Primary School in the framework of the project ‘Every child is a sapling’, in collaboration with the Aqdaniz Municipality and the Aqdanis District of National Education. Mediterranean Mayor Muhammad Mustafa Gultak, as well as officials from the district agriculture department and district national education department, parents, students and residents of Nakarli were present on the occasion.

We set out with the vision of “Let every child be a sapling.”
Speaking at the event, President Gultak said they work very hard with their bureaucrats to create services and projects. Gultak said, “Today we are organizing a very important event in Nakarli. Tragic events like erosion and floods have occurred in many parts of our country. It has resulted in loss of life and property. We are leaving. We will plant about 5,000 saplings and bring them to our world through this activity carried out by our other bureaucrats, especially the Department of Agricultural Services. I think it is valuable. Conditions to enable learning, ”he said.

“A treeless world is a dry world”
Drawing on the need to protect the environment and nature in order to live in a clean world, Gultak said, “If we think about climate change, we should not think of a world without trees and forests. A world without trees is dry. The world. We talk. Can, ”he said.
Mentioning that Mersin is one of the most important national parks in Turkey, Gultak said, “I have seen the trees that have been planted there. It’s been a long time, they have grown a lot; they will grow. 510 years from now, when you visit the National Garden, You will encounter a lot of big trees and a juicy environment. Maybe. ” “You may not know that the trees we planted today. A few years from now, these trees will create a great awareness for a clean and beautiful world. Here, for the green world,” he said.
Noting that children will become more aware as they read, Gultak said, “Trees and plants are one of the only systems in the world that control the oxygen stock of the world. So, a green world means a world of fresh air with plenty of oxygen. The deep blue sea when we go down, we have lush forests, trees, mountains when we go up. Our ancestors have left us like this. We must protect them. I say especially to our vice presidents and bureaucrats, It should be planted. ‘ Our kids, how important is that? Understand, ”he said.
On the other hand, it has been reported that about 5,000 olive, walnut and olester saplings provided by the Akdeniz Municipal Agricultural Services Directorate will be planted in sports facilities, schools, green areas and at the edge of municipal lands within the district boundaries. . The students performed dances with drums and fountains.

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