New posture from Marve Bolugur: Don’t let my mom see it!

The name of the beautiful actress Marve Bolugur, whose marriage with singer Murat Dalkilik lasted only three years and then she could not find the happiness she had been looking for in love for a long time, Kaya was known for some time with the famous name of Turkish pop music Emre.

Balugur, who was seen with Care last week, responded to the news with a statement saying “there is no relationship, there are jobs”. Although Bolugur Care spoke of his successful work and said that they had worked with him in music, journalists did not find him very credible.

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After seeing Emre Kaya, who works day and night with his team for work on his Arabic album, in his studio, Marve Bolugur shared his very clear pose with the famous pop singer on his social media account. The picture of the beautiful actress, who is seen to be energetic and happy, during a deep conversation holding hands, forces those who see it to say, “What is it if not love?”

Emre Kaya, known as a workaholic by his close circle, takes a break from the Arabesque album and is always seen with Marve Bolugur when he visits the venue; Although he maintained his silence on the matter, it was misleading that the sympathetic actor shared the opposite. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that Kaya did not share anything other than her work and sports on her social media account.

The actors then go to a place to have fun. A new photo of Boluğur dancing with Emre Kaya, whose video she shared while dancing to Nilufar’s song “Sen Muhimsin”, was on the agenda.

“I say when I fall in love”

The actress, who posted pictures shared on her social media account with a magazine page describing ‘Merve Bolugur and Emre Kayar’s love dance’, which she actively used, used the expression “I told you my friend … I’ll tell you when I fall in love”. .

Beautiful 34-year-old actress Marve Bolugur ended her “love” claim with this statement from her Instagram account, which has 3.7 million followers.

It turned out that he was present at the wedding

It was then revealed that Emre Kaya was among the guests at Murat Dalkilik and Marve Bolugur, who got married in 2015; According to Behlül Aydın from Hürriyet, Kaya, who is now close to Dalkilik’s ex-wife, decided not to talk about the relationship because she was afraid of retaliation.

“I wish you happiness”

Dalkilik, who attended a birthday party, was then asked, “How would you describe Emre Kay’s relationship with your very close friend and ex-wife Marve Bolugur? Emre Kay also came to your wedding.”

The singer said, “Emre is a friend of mine whom I love, and Marve too. I want them to be happy. If they love each other and can go well, if they are happy, I don’t think they are the third person. They have something to say no matter what. Yes. I wish them a lot of happiness. I also like Emrek, he is a very good man. “I don’t know if there is anything like that. Ask if it’s not sure, ”he said.

Share your new pose

In addition to her tumultuous love life, the beautiful actress Marve Bolugur, who came forward with photos shared from her social media account, which she actively uses, recently added a new one to her most talked about frame.

Bolugur, who has been away for many years and is also concentrating on album work with his YouTube channel, shared his photos on his Instagram page, which has 3.7 million followers, wearing a low-cut, black swimsuit and leather pants, with the note “Swimming” Clothing season “.

Expressing a similar gesture in the story section, Bolugur shared a picture of him sitting in one place and wrote the message “Don’t let my mother see me”.

“Season open”

The player’s posts received comments that received thousands of likes, such as “The season has begun”, “We’ll fix it insha’Allah Marve”, “It takes courage to be awesome” and “You’re so beautiful”.

On the other hand, the famous name, “I’m flying!” Share with his statement; Balugur Post has received over 38 thousand likes in a short span of time.

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