Non-surgical solution for drooping eyelids

With age, the skin around the eyes begins to lose its elasticity. It shows the upper eyelid downwards over time. It adds years to your look, making you look old, tired and unhappy. Lower eyelid problem is a problem that can be solved by surgery for many years. Fortunately, the medical world and aesthetic practice have improved a lot and now it is possible to solve this problem without surgery, incisions and scars. Cold plasma technology; It is an effective, simple, non-surgical procedure that enhances skin firmness and elasticity, increases collagen production and creates a lifting effect on drooping eyelids, giving a younger and more vibrant look. In fact, it is one of the safest and fastest treatments to get rid of tired eyes when drooping eyelids.

Quick results
A small pen-like device specially designed to use the power of cold plasma; During the procedure it is kept at a distance of 1 mm from the skin and does not come in contact with the skin. The working principle of the micro-current emission heats the skin of the eyelids in a controlled manner. The skin goes through controlled damage before it cools down. The most important advantage of cold plasma technology is that it is applied to the hanging eyelids without any contact with the skin. Thus, you are in control of both the depth of application and the treatment area. It also does not come in contact with the skin but allows sensitive and fast work. It is compared to surgery; This means that the eyelids can be removed without surgery, without a trace and return to social life quickly.

Elasticity To increase
Non-surgical lower eyelid lift with cold plasma; Stimulates skin collagen production, increases its elasticity and restores its firmness. The application, performed by a specialist anesthetist, takes an average of 15-20 minutes. It tightens the skin of the upper eyelids which makes them look tired and old. The most important benefits are:
It does not cut or sew the skin.
You stay awake throughout the application.
Visible results are achieved after 20 minutes.
A quick return to social life is provided.
The risk of side effects is very low.
It provides impressive long-term results. However, if you have a lot of hanging on your upper eyelids, surgery may be the most suitable option.

Plasma Technology How does it work?
Using the power of cold plasma, a special pen-like device works by carbonizing the plasma gas on the surface of the skin. Thus, it provides a strong energy flow that turns the skin component into gas. The application creates a response in the lower layers of the skin, never touching the upper eyelids. During the procedure, a flash of plasma appears on the surface of the skin, creating white spots on the surface of very small size. These spots help to tighten the skin in the target area. Plasma, also known as the fourth state of matter, is formed by the ionization of atmospheric gases. The energy from the plasma device reaches the skin instantly, creating a small beam. When applied to the skin of the upper eyelid which has lost its elasticity and sagging, the effect of cold plasma is seen as visible hardening of the skin. The application has similar results to traditional eyelid surgery. However, general anesthesia, eyelid incisions and stitches are not required. This means there is no risk of side effects associated with the surgery and a much faster recovery time.

Other ways to stay young
The effectiveness of the results varies according to different parameters. Here, various factors can be mentioned, such as age of the person, production of collagen, amount of drop in upper eyelid. Although visible results are found in the first application, an average of 1-3 sessions are recommended for treatment. In the case of younger patients, the results may be sufficient even after the first session.

Medical aesthetic treatment
If you want to regenerate your eye area without surgery, you should know that there are many more options to choose from. Treatments such as Botox, Filler and PRP applied by specialist doctors offer the opportunity to treat droopy eyelids without surgery. E.g. Botox is an aesthetic treatment that is applied to relax fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscles. The filler is applied to areas with volume loss to help restore the skin’s former firmness and youth. Although the efficacy of Botox lasts an average of 6 months, this period increases up to 9 months with the application of cold plasma. In addition, it has fewer side effects than medical aesthetic applications. I recommend this app for men and women who want to lift the eyelids less without any injections, incisions, surgery and risks, minimal side effects.

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