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Lele Orta, Turkey’s first female referee with a FIFA license and head of the Okan University’s Faculty of Applied Sciences Sports Management, and FIFA-licensed active football referee Kansu Tirakki assessed TFF’s 2023 target to AA reporters.

Lale Orta, who has laid a new foundation in women’s football and encouraged women in this field in Turkey, says the country has an important future for women’s football.

Many years in Turkey “Football is a people’s game” “Women’s football is a growing trend. FIFA attaches great importance to it. Women’s football leagues started in Turkey in 1994. Then, due to some negative examples, women’s football leagues were suspended and then resumed.” Football is a flowing water, no one in front of it. Can’t stand We have to take very important steps to adapt to the countries that are at the forefront of women’s football in terms of what we can do next, how we can go further, “she said.

With the emphasis on the female referee match management in the 2023 Super League, the responsibility for the lower league should be given at the moment, Orta said:

“I think the referee should handle a match in the Super League in 2023. He should handle a match in a lower league now. That infrastructure is complete and ready, but at the moment I don’t see much of it. Participate so that when they play in the Super League, it is easy for the public to see. Let them manage the match in such a way that they are digested and the people can easily accept the female referee. After all, if successful, the potential is accepted by the people. “

Recalling the four FIFA-licensed female referees in Turkey, Orta said: “Sport Toto 1st League or TFF 2nd League is the most important league to prepare for the Super League. At the moment I don’t see any referee managing in this sense. We have a lot of experienced referees. They can all be given a chance. Conducting matches, you can see which one can manage. A match in the Upper League. Take part in that league and get equal opportunities. I think it’s better for them to decide their own destiny. ” Expressed opinions.

Referees say Turkey feels more pressure than Europe, with Orta saying women will not feel any physical disadvantage.

“Success should come before sex”

Lale Orta, who served as assistant referee in 1990 and as referee in the top league matches in Turkey in 1999, said: “At that time, women attracted a lot of attention and the demand for female referees increased a lot. This is not accepted. Referees should not be segregated as gender. What you mean when you say female referee is more important than being a female referee. Physical performance, knowledge and managerial identity. Success should come before sex. ” Used phrases.

Recalling Turkey as one of the countries with the highest number of female referees in Europe, Orta said: “Today FIFA has 211 federations approved. At least 156 of them have at least one female referee. A total of 822 international referees, assistant referees and female VAR referees.” There are 6 referees We have 521 female referees in Turkey, “she said.

Lale Orta emphasized that the appointment of a female referee to the UEFA Super Cup Final in 2019 is an important message for the world and continues:

“It served its purpose. A very good example was set in the name of female referee. She was asked more and more why there is no female referee in Turkey. When I first came out, I was told, ‘There is no one in the world. There is no place, why are you giving ‘and criticized at this moment,’ The whole world gives, why don’t you give? ‘ “It simply came to our notice then. . The TFF project acknowledges the need to have a female referee for training in the 2023-2024 season and is preparing for it. It could be now, in the past the way for female referees was blocked If there are 10 steps to the promotion of a referee, and all the men “women were given the right to take 3-4 steps and face blockage. There will be a delayed right, but this number will increase due to our female referees conducting successful matches 2023-2024 season. “

Kansu Tiraki: We believe in ourselves

FIFA-licensed referee Kansu Tiraki told the AA correspondent that female referees had been working in the amateur league until last year.

Tiriaki said they have started working in the 2nd and 3rd leagues for the last year. “A year ago, our teacher Lale Orta turned on the light for female referees, but we could not carry it out like everything else. After Stephanie Frapart, the interest in female referees in the world has increased a bit. Our president said there will be. In 2023 our country The woman will be the referee. “ He said.

Noting that the value and training offered by female referees has increased, Tiriaki said:

“We are getting ready. Of course, this is not an easy thing for us. It takes a few years to reach the performance of a referee to manage a match in the Super League and we are speeding up all our work on the accelerated program with support.” We trust them. If they stand by us and support us, I think everything will be fine. I hope we see that in 2023. “

“Support of Super League clubs is important in women’s football”

Tiriaqi said the Turkcell Women’s Football Super League was played in two groups this year. Tiriaqi explained that they also participated in these matches and continued as follows:

“You know, UEFA and FIFA support women’s football a lot. FIFA continues to advance towards equality between men and women. In the beginning, it prioritized refereeing. In that sense, it was very important that Super League clubs support women’s football. Football in the country. “Being done professionally means it has financial and moral benefits, which inevitably attracts everyone. I think the better things await in the coming years, the more enjoyable it is for women’s football. Women referees mean we can express ourselves more easily. “

March 8, International Women’s Day, Tiryaki is being celebrated “First of all, I wish for days when there will be no war, no children will die, no women will be remembered, only March 7,” she said. Says

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