Theft investigation into Shema and Hassan murder suspects

About 4 municipal employees and security guards Sami Aydogan and Sefik Ikisi, who were arrested on charges of murdering her boyfriend Hassan Idogan, 21, including Shema Demir, 18, floated ashore three days after the missing man’s appeal. An investigation has been launched into allegations of theft of diesel fuel and camera recorders.

What happened?

The incident took place on March 25 at around 16:00 in the Ağbayir area of ​​Bagbasi Mahalsi. Allegedly, Hassan Aydogan, who works for a private company, and his girlfriend Shema Demir, a student in the Edge Care Department at Ahi Ivran University Vocational School of Health Sciences, were sitting in the car with 40 BB 601 plates, while Sefik Ikisi and Sami Aydogan, who had been in the car for 8 years. Working as a security guard in Kirsehir municipality, he came to them.

Security guards Shema Demir and Hassan Aidogan, who identified themselves as handcuffed policemen, demanded to get out of the car. Hasan and Shaima responded to the situation after getting out of the car.

Afterwards, two security guards handcuffed Aidogan and Demir and put them in their car. He then moved about 50 kilometers from the area and came to the Kizilirmak River near the village of Kortulu in the central district. Security forces, who killed Hassan Aidogan and Sema Demir for unknown reasons, dumped the bodies in the river. After cleaning the car, the murder suspects left the village.

They have confirmed the killing

Families who could not reach their children reported the matter to the police. Teams from the Department of Public Safety Branch of the Provincial Police Department received a notice of an abandoned vehicle in the forest in the Ağbayir area of ​​Bağbaşı district. On examination, it was determined that the car belonged to Hassan Aidogan. A search of the car turned up the couple’s mobile phone, a coat and a bag containing Sema Demir’s personal belongings.

Afterwards, teams strengthening their work in the area examined security camera footage of the surrounding area. In the investigation, it was determined that a white car had arrived in the area where Hassan Aydogan and Shema Demi were, and left shortly after.

The parties, who followed the car extensively, determined that Hassan and Ima were in the car in the MOBESE photo. Shefik Ikisi and Sami Aydogan, who were in the car, were then detained. During interrogation, the accused confessed to the murder. Two security guards suspected of the murder were arrested and brought to the police station through a court.

Has been looking for Hasan since March 25

Police, Gendarmerie, Health, AFAD and an underwater search and rescue team began work when two security guards suspected of the murder admitted they had dumped the bodies into the Kizilirmak River. Shema Demir was found dead on the shore 3 days after the incident. It was determined that Demir’s hand was handcuffed to the back, his legs were tied with ropes and he was shot in the neck with a gun.

Demir, who was taken to the morgue of Kirsehi Training and Research Hospital, was discharged on his last journey after Janaza prayers at Aksagil village after the autopsy was completed. The search for missing Hassan Aidogan in the Kizilirmak River has been going on since March 25. Aidogan was not found after a search of the area until the evening. Due to the dark weather the teams have stopped their work today. Teamwork will resume tomorrow morning.

An investigation has been launched into the murder suspects

On the other hand, about 2 weeks ago, the device on which the diesel and security camera records were kept was stolen from a warehouse in Kirsehi municipality. The administrative investigation determined that four people were involved in the incident, including Kirsehir municipality security guard Shefik Ikisi and Sami Aydogan, who were arrested on charges of murdering two young men who had been missing in the city for some time. An investigation was launched against four suspects in connection with the theft, based on a criminal complaint filed by the municipality with the Kirshehi Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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