There is no age for mothers Silvery hurricane

Is it hard to wait or accept death? .. Easy to forget or remember? .. Well, which one is more painful, can you tell?

Shortly after my father’s death, when I often longed for him, a long sentence came to my heart. When I muttered the words of my mind that day, I thought for a moment that my father had said these words. While I was recording by pressing the voice recorder button on my phone, I realized that I was hearing and sending it from my dad. That voice said: “Don’t think of death as a moment of life, and a man dies a thousand times to survive!”

The words that came out of my mouth that day seemed very, very familiar, as if they had been inside me year after year and wanted to go out that day; Later, I would often repeat it whenever I thought of it. And every time I repeat it, my father’s sad eyes and face accompany me for some reason.

My father “A. Murat BeckWe said goodbye to eternity in 2006, July 26th, on a hot summer day …

My mother yesterday “Mrs. Normin” We sent him to my father. After a winter day, a bright sun shows its face as the crowd gathers in the mosque garden. The prayer was said, the prayer was said, the halal was taken … His coffin, which was carried on the shoulder, was kept in the hearing; After a short time “Mr. Murat.” He met her at the cemetery and said goodbye to her eternal journey by her loved ones.

It is possible for us to do our best to survive; However, when death comes, when the footsteps of death are heard slowly, unfortunately we can do nothing but wait. When we realize that death is as normal as survival and only when we accept it, our soul can find some peace.

The most painful aspect of death is undoubtedly “untimely”. It is one of the most meaningful words spoken in ancient times, “God give you a continuous death” They say. I am a person who has embraced this word wholeheartedly and assimilated it into my soul. That’s why I’m comfortable. I had a “young death” that hurt me a lot. Parents who have lost their children, I have seen many people who were shocked by the news of their brother / sister’s death.

My childhood friend in the seventies Enver (Eren) In preparation for burial, Kukuk’s children have Farin Street (Rafik, Mursel, Bahri, Muzaffar, Bekir, Ahmed, Mehmet, Haluk) In the empty space next to the garden wall, at the market counter where we sat, his mother “Aunt Fatma” We were listening to the sage’s lament with teary eyes.

The neighbor next door to us, who is closer to us than a relative Carpenter Sadiq (Altinkesar) And Aunt EminTheir son, who was then a small sapling,Suleiman AbiI saw their pain when they said goodbye. ” I say I witnessed it because I was too young to understand their suffering and not be able to be a partner in those years. Moreover, I did not know the meaning of the word “where fire falls”.

When I reach the age where I can understand and share those great pains, my neighbors who left us at a young age: Gurbuz Hamarat, Hassan Kalender, Muzaffar Hamarat, Mursel TerzioluUnexpectedly, our proud brother Gospel Gursu Gone from us; Then turn around my dear friend Elias IlmazarI love you so much My fatherNext Dede Kenan And many more.

Of course I’m sorry for my mom. Maybe one more summer, we can sit on the porch and watch the view outside, pick the seeds and have our tea. When I lay in her chair and sat next to her, she could hold my hand, caress my cheek, hug me and kiss my scent … she would say again … but, that’s all. I don’t really know if it was worth going through some pain to germinate some more seeds. I think if my mother had endured it I would not have seen her suffer so much. My mother was eighty-four years old. Now it has started falling out of hand. I don’t know if he realized he lived longer than my dad or if he had given up on himself lately, so he had no desire to live. A friend of mine sympathizes, “Mothers have no age” Says I wholeheartedly agree.

I’m not entirely sure he knows how old he is, but I’m sure; She has seen the deaths of her four children; He has always received love and respect from his children, bride and groom; Played with his grandchildren; He gladly testified that they had grown up and married; He felt the love of his neighbors in his heart until his last days; She played games with her grandson’s little boy, joked, laughed …

He lived his last days to the fullest, just as he did for an old woman. “Mrs. Narmin” … I My dear mother I will always remember it like this.

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