They stabbed an innocent child to death in Umrania, Istanbul

Istanbul A terrible incident took place in Umrania yesterday morning. Batuhan Kurt, 21, who works in a jewelry store, left home to go to work. While walking on the street, an unidentified person attacked Kurt with a knife. Batuhan, who was injured in the heart, got up from where Kart had fallen and started running. The suspect fled the scene. The terrified young man called his mother and said, “Mother, I have been stabbed. Report to the ambulance.”

Batuhan Kurt, who was taken to Umrania State Hospital by medical teams who came to the notice of people around him, could not be saved despite all the interventions. A police team has started work to nab the accused. Batuhan Kurt’s older brother Oguz Kurt said, “He was 21 years old, my brother. He was a child who had no enmity with anyone and was loved by his neighbors. We want the culprits to be found as soon as possible. We are the police. I want the help of the forces. “

At the third time
The third hearing of Azra Gulendam Hayatolu, 21, will be held at 14.00 in the 11th High Criminal Court, who was found guilty of a horrific murder five days after the disappearance of Mustafa Murat Ayhan, a civil engineer and real estate agent. July 28 in Istanbul .. Erdogan Ozturk

The target was Istanbul
In Yüksekova, a police officer on active duty in Istanbul seized 52.5 kilograms of explosives in 133 pieces in a car driven by him. The suspect has been taken into custody. Interior Minister Soylu said AK was expelled in 2019 for “common offenses” and said “he later returned with a court decision. His target was Istanbul.” Dilek Yaman Demir

1986 The ‘American Dream’ limousine, which was produced as the world’s longest vehicle with a length of 18.28 meters, was made even longer. The car’s features, which again broke the Guinness record with a new length of 30.54 meters, have attracted attention. The car, which can accommodate up to 75 people at a time, has 26 wheels, the limousine, which has luxurious features like jacuzzi, helipad, mini golf course and swimming pool, can be driven from both directions.

Turkish team wins
Different The Turkish team Golden Horn Robotics, consisting of 18 high school students from the school, has achieved a significant success in the ‘First Robotics Competition San Francisco Regional’. The team won the ‘Engineering Inspiration Award’.

Italy Former Prime Minister Berlusconi held a “short wedding” with Martha Fascina. The decision to marry Berlusconi, 85, and Fascina, 32, caused a great deal of controversy in the family, and feared a split in the িয়ন 6 billion inheritance.

Smoking genocide
In Sankattepe, 28-year-old Resit Y almost committed a genocide when his family warned him not to smoke. Reşit Y., who killed his mother with a gun and wounded his father and two sisters, was taken into custody. Although the life-threatening condition of Baba Ahmed Y was reported, it was said that the sisters had friction in their legs. Yunus Emre Kavak

Yes I am strong!
His mother Nure Demi filed a complaint on January 18, 2020, claiming that she had been sexually abused by her cousin Biral K. In her complaint, Demi claims that her relative Biral K., who is married 3 times, has 3 children and 2 grandchildren, took her to the forest and sexually abused her. Subsequent medical examinations revealed signs of sexual abuse. Biral K., who did not plead guilty, was arrested. After a hearing in the Antalya 7th Criminal Court, the rare KK was released on judicial control. Relatives, who could not reach Noor Demir, said he was missing. On March 19, officers found Nure Demir’s lifeless body in a hotel room on Adnan Menderes Boulevard. Bekatas, who was arrested in Yalova the same day, said in a statement that he had been previously married and divorced, and said, “I broke up with my ex-wife because she cheated on me. When Noor told me, ‘You can,’ you are not married. Will not interfere with me until I do, ‘I killed him by suffocation.’

The number of cases is 14 thousand 933
In Turkish
Yesterday 281 thousand 242 Covid-19 were tested. 14 thousand 933 people tested positive, 80 people died. The number of those who recovered was 18,536.

38 million lira transferred
6+ Joker When no one knew, he transferred 38 million 776 thousand lira. 5 + 1 No one knew. Those who know 5 will get 195 thousand lira, those who know 4 will get 2 thousand 273 lira, those who know 3 will get 143 lira and those who know 2 will get 14 lira.

738 thousand for one person
10 A person who knows has won 738 thousand lira. Those who know 9 will get 4,903 lira, those who know 8 will get 244 lira, those who know 7 will get 48 lira, those who know 6 will get 8 lira and those who do not know any number will get 7 lira. .

Melted in 8 months
In Amasya
Salauddin is alive Weight (68), weight He could not stop! 140 Weight gain. Health problems Growth, weak Decided to play sports, He paid attention to what he ate. Lose 50 kg in 8 months Below 90. Completely different To create an appearance Ozen, “Blood pressure and From my diabetes medicine I survived. Stomach Invisible. Number 45 I was wearing shoes. Lots have arrived. Now 43 Number one, ”he said.

Goodness Sman
In Konya
3-year-old Ibrar Karaka fell ill when he was 7 months old. It was seen that he has SMA. His family could not afford the medical expenses of 20 million lira. The little puppy’s fight for survival reached a cafe in Sivas, a kilometer away. Working in a cafe 27 employees He gave his tips to Ibrar. 5 thousand 60 lira has been collected in 3 weeks.

Beautiful as water
Living with Down syndrome Seren Su Yalkin, Overcome obstacles. 5 stars In a hotel He started working as a customer receptionist. He has won the love of all with his smile and strength. “This is my second home. I work from Monday to Friday. I want the weekend to end, Monday early, and I want to come here and start working now,” he said.

Flood warning
İSKİ has made a call to the people of Istanbul: the dam is overflowing. Stay away from the current bed.

From the cradle to the grave
In Bandirma, a child named Deniz Taylan fell from a cradle and died. Her family cries.

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