“We have been planning for 15 years” – TRT Spor

President Engin Kouen, who met with students on the panel where the history of Kokelispo was explained, made a statement after the event.

Cohen said the participation of fans in the Denizlispor match, which is to be held over the weekend, is very important.

Explaining that the club has a 15-year project, Coyne also emphasized the importance of establishing within the framework of the project. Chairman Kyun said work was continuing for a center where a team and infrastructure could camp together. On the other hand, President Kwon also briefed Dino on the transfer process to China and the referees.

“We are waiting for our fans in Sunday’s match to support Kokelispor and Barkin.”

President Engin Kouen, who called on all fans to come to the match for Sunday’s Denizlispor match, said half of the ticket proceeds would be spent on 4-year-old SMA patient Birkin Kaplan. Sheep, “Birkin is our son. Although Coquelispo is a sports club, we care about social projects. We have always taken care of brothers like Birkin in the history of our club. I think we will contribute a little bit. I hope and believe that our soup will have salt. We are waiting for our Coquelispo supporters in Sunday’s match to support our Coquelispor and Barkin. “ He said.

The 15-year project aims to win the Turkish Championship in 5 years and a European Cup in 10 years.

Emphasizing that they had a 15-year project when they took over, Coyne said, “This is our 15-year project; Kokelispor aims to go to the Super League in 3 years. We have plans for 5, 7, 10 and 15 years. We have a project to bring to Kokley. I think we have taken important steps in the name of institutionalization. Work on facilities is in full swing under the leadership of our metropolitan mayor. I hope a movement will start as soon as possible. Our metropolitan mayor will personally announce this project. The team and its infrastructure camp and training. We are working to build a center in the same place. We believe that our bees will be the future of Coquelispor in the short, medium and long term. This is an important project, I believe we will realize it. I hope In those 15 years, whether we’re here or not, there’s going to be a lot of talk about Kokley. “ Used expressions.

“We have decided to consider the interests of the club and Dino.”

The sheep are describing the departure process of team striker Dino Endlovu from the team“Dino helped us a lot from time to time, but for a long time we had problems because of his injury. Recently, we got tidal with the injury. After he came back from the injury, he got a serious offer. He shared it with us. He considered the offer. I am 32 years old, a good offer has come. I want to contribute to the club. ‘ Says

“We have tried our best, we want justice.”

Assessing the referees’ response from the club’s official social media account a while ago, President Engin Coyne said, “H.I never want to talk about Akem, but I have personally met with the most influential and highest authority. Our Kokelispor never needs a referee’s mistake. We don’t need referees to decide for Kokelispor. We are a large community. Let them come and conduct their matches with justice. We can lose, we can win, we can congratulate Harley. It deserves this community. This has always been the case in the past. I want the next referees to be fair and I believe they will be fair. Necessary steps have been taken. We want justice ” He said.

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