What do the doctors who say ‘let them go’ want?

Today is March 14, Medicine Day. But today is not a holiday for health workers, but a day of unity and struggle. Losing rights, working conditions, insecurity and violence are the days to re-declare what they are suffering.

Health workers, who were applauded across Turkey for their support at the beginning of the epidemic and who were told ‘let them go’, are on duty today because they could not get their due.

Within the scope of the Turkish Medical Association’s “The future is in our hands” and “Work is our word” programs, General Health-IS will leave work on March 14-15 and March 14, 15 and 16 across the country. .

Physicians who advise patients, in other words, come together to announce their own prescriptions.

Mention that they have been trying to assert their rights for months. President of the Turkish Medical Association, Prof. Dr. Sebnem Korur Fincancy, He said they had expressed their concerns against the destruction of the health environment, the work environment and the demands for human life wages.

“Political authorities are responsible for correcting this”

President Erdogan ‘If they go, let them go’ Fincanci made a statement stating that they did not like the pay they received for his comments. “We have many more burning and concrete issues, such as health violence. The important thing here is that we will eliminate those causes. You are gone. The political authorities are responsible for correcting this. So yes, we have seen. Trying to leave, they should tell you that we will do what you can to resolve this privacy.

Increased 24 times in 10 years

In the last 10 years, the number of permanent doctors abroad has increased 24 times. Whereas in 2012 the number of physicians applying for a certificate of good conduct was 59, the number of applications reached 1405 in 2021.

Fincansi said 197 doctors applied to work abroad in January and 158 in February.Not only the number of doctors who are thinking of going abroad, but according to the number given by the Ministry of Health, the number of resignations in the public sector was nine thousand, the number of retirees was three thousand. People will not be able to find a doctor who will provide public health services soon. They tell people to go private with this step and spend it out of your pocket. Indeed, for our right to health, society here needs to protect physicians and protect physicians. Says

“Doctors can’t trust their patients”

“Physicians can no longer trust their patients. The concern of ‘when I will encounter a violent incident, when my patient will pull a gun on me’ has actually become a relationship model that disrupts healthcare services. However, we need. Health.” Mutual trust for service delivery. “

“Privatization policies should be avoided”

The demands of the health workers are being ignored due to getting wages below the poverty line. Husnu Yildirim, co-chairman of the Health and Social Workers Union (SES), “Although the government brought a draft law on this issue, it was later withdrawn. President Erdogan had earlier promised 3600-7200 additional indicators, we want to implement it. We have to implement a health policy to prevent healthcare.” I want legal control. We want the privatization policy to be abandoned as soon as possible and the public resources transferred to private hospitals to be transferred to the public health service. “

“AKP is responsible”

Health workers are not responsible for many of the negative changes in health, but the AKP in power today.Yildirim says:

“It is difficult for us to understand that the AKP government has imposed this responsibility on the health workers. The health workers who have worked in this country for years will not stop fighting and will not leave their country,” said President Erdogan.

Reply to body letter

On the eve of Medicine Day on March 14, Health Minister Fahretin Coca sent a letter to all physicians and 39 professions in Turkey, gathered under the roof of the health service. In the letter he wrote to physicians, Koka said, “Make sure our state is determined to do the best for you.”

Hachi Yusuf Eriazgan, Chairman of the AHEF Organizing Commission and Representative of the Physicians Union Sunliurfer Koker shared the response to the letter with Kumhuriyat.

In his response to the letter, Eriazgan said, “We strive for the decent work environment we deserve and the health services our people deserve,” and listed the demands of health workers as follows:

“1- To ensure real security in hospitals, FHCs, ADSMs, there should be adequate number of security guards and controlled access to the necessary equipment and devices and institutions such as equipment. And the right to health-related social security for offenders whose punishment has been finalized.

2- Guarantee of doctors and dentists like judges in case of misconduct. If there is no element of intent, the physician should not be imprisoned and compensation should not be sought from the physician.

3- Eliminate the wage difference arising from the difference in the status of physicians at the same level of education through the understanding of equal pay for equal work between all physicians and dentists. A single item salary, which is paid from the general budget and reflected in retirement, should be arranged and this salary should be allocated to the salary of at least one senior medical colonel or 10-year judge and prosecutor in 1st degree.

4- Immediate withdrawal of contract and payment rules in family medicine. Increasing the quality so that the population is reduced to 2700 due to progress in family medicine, but the number of family doctors responsible for the population is 4 thousand. The current expenditure loss for the last 5 years should be replaced and the current expenditure should be calculated according to the annual cost item. All buildings open to family medicine must be provided to the administration as public buildings and allocated for family physicians. The right of family physicians to leave without a power of attorney. Will not deduct salary on leave or report. Deficit to exclude family health workers. Many of the reports requested from family physicians have no scientific basis. Most statements should be made by a commission at a wellness center, not some kind of report from a family doctor.

5- End of more than 24 hours of overtime practice for Assistant Physicians. Not being forced to work overtime with the threat of tariff wages and the removal of debt securities. Abolition of compulsory services, especially after specialization and minor training.

It should not be forgotten that the path to a healthy, happy and prosperous society goes through healthy physicians.

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