What is love at first sight?

Over the years, various ideas and theories about love have been put forward at first sight. Which idea is closest to you? Let’s first look at what love is, how it affects our body and whether it can happen at first sight.

Love is a powerful emotion. It can be more intense than other emotions and it is varied. Emotions can coexist with other emotions, such as physical attraction. When you fall in love, you feel the change in your body. Your heart is beating fast, your blood circulation is spreading to your arms and legs as your body is releasing adrenaline. Adrenaline makes it in the body. Adrenaline is also secreted when the brain sees and perceives it as a danger. The brain sees love as a threat in the first place. The hormone oxytocin is then secreted. The most appropriate name for oxytocin is the love hormone. Because of this, you feel more loving, confident, happy and content. You think your life is simple and good. Your appetite and sleep patterns may change. If you see her and feel these, you can fall in love with her. One of the theories focuses on this biochemical aspect of love.

Some cognitive-behavioral theories say that thought comes first and then emotion comes true. In other words, he focuses on the mental symptoms instead of the physical symptoms and says that these physical symptoms are actually created by thought. An example of this is, ‘At first you think about the other party in your mind, you get tired of what he might be like with past life experiences and then you feel something towards him’. Moreover, the mind does this very quickly and sometimes does not even notice what you are thinking. In this theory, many of the features that you see on the other side are his or hers. Think that you have feelings for her because it catches you.

From childhood, you learn many ideas as you grow older. The meaning of many words about life is shaped by the experience of life. It’s like being a family, being in love, being a mother, being a father, being a good friend. You learn most of it while you are alive, or you observe your own parents and the environment around you. You automatically increase their role internally. That is why you yourself have observed that you behave like them in certain moments. Television, your immediate environment, what you hear and observe, your school, the environment in which you were born and raised all play a role in developing your personality, but also in shaping your perception of these concepts.

Your expectations of the opposite sex are thus internalized year after year, even if you do not realize it. Sometimes we see that girls marry women who are more like their fathers and men are more like their mothers. Here is one of those reasons. You have a list in your mind that you want to be in the opposite sex that you don’t know. When you see what you think is right, you begin to compare the features in your mind. As soon as he meets many people you feel love for him. Moreover, this comparison process happens very quickly and you do not realize it.

Another theory is that you blame the other party for the features you think you don’t know At this point, the person in front of you doesn’t actually have those traits, but you feel like they do, and you attribute those traits to the person in front of you. Sometimes you will find that it goes beyond your expectations over time. In fact, it produces a lot of remorse. Because the mind can sometimes be wrong with appearance. There are some factors that distort perception. For example, concepts like physical attraction and beauty. He can make people realize that what is beautiful and attractive will be better. For this reason, this theory claims that there is love as a result of the thoughts we impose unknowingly.

Another theory is that there is no love at first sight, there is choice and love can happen over time. It speaks to the fact that the first thing that is felt is a mixture of physical attraction and emotions. It is believed that the higher the share, the more intense the emotion. It is sometimes thought that passion and choice can also be confused with love. Which thought did you feel close to and which one did you feel close to?

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