What is sports law, what are its sections? Here are the articles of sports law passed in the Turkish Grand National Assembly

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The parliamentary National Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Commission has called for the presidency of AK Party Ankara Deputy Emrullah Ishlar.

Sports Clubs and Sports Federation law proposals; It was adopted by the National Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Commission.

Balance budget system will be installed

According to it; In sports clubs and sports joint-stock companies; Regulations will be made in terms of accountability, audibility and transparency. Sports clubs will be removed from association status and turned into sports joint stock companies. A ‘balanced budget’ system will be introduced for sports clubs and sports joint stock companies. The presidents, board members and managers of sports clubs and sports joint stock companies will be jointly and multiplely responsible for the losses of clubs, companies, shareholders and creditors if clubs, companies, shareholders and creditors intentionally or negligently violate their obligations. Laws, bye-laws and articles of association.

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With the proposal, the Spore Joint Stock Company will be a joint stock company that will be established as an affiliate or subsidiary of the sports club or will be registered with the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the independent and involvement of the sports club in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code. In sports activities.
Sports clubs must be established by at least seven real or legal persons to participate in sports activities. For the establishment of a sports club, an application will be made to the Ministry of Youth and Sports along with the notice of establishment, statutes and other necessary documents.

The ability of sports clubs to participate in the activities of a sports branch will depend on the registration of this sports branch by the sports federation with which it is approved. Relevant sports branch registrations will also notify the Ministry of Sports Federations.

Special conditions will not be required for membership in a sports club and it will suffice if the person has the ability to perform. The membership application will be made in writing and will be decided by the club’s board of directors within 30 days. Those who lose the eligibility required in the bylaws for relevant legislation or membership will have their membership automatically terminated. There will be no provision in the Sports Club Act that would illegally limit membership.

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With a decision taken by an absolute majority of the participants in the General Assembly meeting, the sports clubs may merge with another sports club in the same province, with at least three-quarters of the total membership. Join the General Assembly.
The amalgamation of sports clubs will be subject to the approval of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Sports clubs will automatically close if the first general meeting is not held within the time stipulated by law and the mandatory bodies are not established, the formation of the board of directors becomes impossible according to the constitution and the general meeting. Cannot be held twice in a row.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports may prohibit sports clubs from participating in sports activities, those who have lost the conditions of registration, formed their organs in violation of the law, will not rectify these violations within 3 months and do not participate, despite written warnings. They have been involved in any sporting activity for three consecutive years without permission or excuse.

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Sports clubs are removed from association status and allowed to register as joint stock companies. The joint stock companies established under the Turkish Commercial Code and legal entities will become sports joint-stock companies after their registration by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
Sports federations must have the status of a sports joint stock company in order to participate in certain leagues and require a minimum capital for these companies, whose paid up capital is not less than one million lira.

The Ministry, the sports joint-stock companies that have lost the conditions of registration, have created organs for those who violate this law, who, despite the written warning of the Ministry, do not rectify these violations within 3 months from the date of warning. Not participating in the activity, their registration will be canceled.

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Sports joint stock companies need to register with the sports branch where they will work with the relevant sports federation. The registration of a sports joint stock company who will not participate in the activities of the promised sports branch for 3 years without permission and excuse will be canceled by the concerned sports federation.

With the proposal, the goal is to close the legal loopholes in the law by providing for the definition and elements of professional sports activities. It is possible to engage in sports activities professionally subject to a contractual relationship with a sports club in sports branches which are accepted as professionals by international organizations of which the sports federation is a member and where professional activities are permitted by law. Or sports joint stock company.

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Sports clubs and sports joint stock companies will be able to open professional branches to work in professional and approved sports branches.

In order to prevent disruption in the management of the sports federation, it has been possible to hold an extraordinary general assembly without waiting for the duration of the general assembly for the reasons mentioned in the proposal.

As the number of members of the Disciplinary Board falls below the quorum of the meeting, only the members of the Disciplinary Board will be elected in the general meeting to be held. Financial general meetings will be held every 2 years on the date mentioned in the original constitution.

Employees of the Sports Federation cannot be representatives of the General Assembly. The number of representatives of the club in the General Assembly cannot be less than 60 percent of the total number of delegates. 10 percent of the representatives of the General Assembly will be with the representatives of the Ministry.

The proposal also regulates the responsibilities of the General Assembly of the Sports Federation. According to the proposal, the board of directors will be the body that manages and represents the sports federation.

The Board of Directors shall consist of 11 Heads and 11 Alternate Members, including the President of the Federation elected by the General Assembly. At least two key members of the board must be national athletes in the relevant sport at the Olympic, Paralympic and Deaf Olympic Games as well as in the Senior World or European Championships or Cups and who left the active sport at least a year ago.

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