Where are 1 lakh children?

2022.03.31 04:00


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“My mother has been working since the day she was born. When the factory was established when he was six years old, they employed him… the poverty in the house was such that ছিল everything was expensive and with money. “

Zeze’s life, which we had in our childhood tears, is now the reality of hundreds of thousands of children in our country… Zeze’s country is now our country.
Poverty, poverty, deprivation …

Inequality in education has reached unprecedented levels in the history of the country as a result of marketing of education and deprivation of children’s right to education in the last 20 years. It was inevitable that the perceived inequality with the epidemic would increase rapidly, but for the political power that transferred billions of liras to the capital, the children of the poor and the people were kept for the right to education and for selling their lives. No action has been taken on the impact of the epidemic on education, not even in the policy documents of the Ministry of National Education, including the 2022 budget and the 20th National Education Council.

Hundreds of thousands of children’s lives were wasted.

According to 2020-2021 formal education data, 676,000 children dropped out of formal education, not even the peak of the iceberg. The Ministry of National Education has announced that the number of students enrolled in vocational education centers has increased by one hundred percent to 321,000. It was announced as good news that children were turned into cheap labor by those responsible for their right to education. Children who are employed 4 days a week can only go to school for one day and those who have been deprived of their right to one day education are told that they can go to school on weekends and evenings with the arrangements made during the epidemic. Formal education includes statistics, an attempt to make the experience disappear.

No matter how many attempts are made to cover up the truth, it is the truth of millions of children … 1 million children are out of formal education …
Where are 1 lakh children? What are 1 million children going through?

Hasser Foggo, one of the founders of the Deep Poverty Network, summed up the concept of “deep poverty” by saying that “poverty is the only child left.” According to a study conducted with 103 families, 13 percent of families work with their children. Only 6 percent of families make a living by working with children. 39 percent of 103 households do not even have access to safe drinking water.

According to the 2020-2021 data, the school enrollment rate for girls at all levels of formal education lags behind that of boys.

Only last week; The principal of a school in Bursar’s Osmangazi district instructed teachers to “sit separately for male and female students” and the sacked principal was returned to his post at jet speed. Soon after the incident, students at a cult school in Essenler, Istanbul, were again subjected to violence. Within the scope of the project in Antalya, ‘girls’ education has orphaned men.’ Etc. Nurettin Topchur, an anti-co-educator with a reactionary expression, distributed the book “Turkey’s Education Case” to the governorship teachers.

Children’s lives are blocked by the marketing and backwardness of education across the country.

If they are poor and have a daughter, then this market-oriented, reactionary blockade is imposed as a “destiny” in the lives of children … Children are either made into cheap labor, are married off as their children, or are forced into groups and Communities

Now hundreds of thousands of children are screaming about their experiences. “Mother, look, the king is naked.”

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