“Who is protecting the principal of Commodity Exchange Primary School?”

A statement was issued about Seçil Cesur, principal of Commodity Exchange Primary School, who allegedly used mobings against teachers and personally used many school materials by the board of directors of the education sen Canakkale branch. In the statement; “The problems of teachers, parents and staff at the Commodity Exchange Primary School, one of the prominent schools in Chanakkal, are not solved. Everyone is uncomfortable. The problem is not solved.

“We have lodged complaints with the provincial director of national education Ilmaz.”

The statement said there had been several meetings with Sesur; “To address the grievances of our union member teachers and parents, we had a meeting with Ferhat Ilmaz, the provincial director of national education, in September 2021. The meeting discussed the following issues, which took place in a warm environment. Dan, that he beats teachers and parents, that he yells at some teachers in front of his students, that he calls teachers who object to his practice, and that he interrogates them, that he treats his servants. It does not address issues related to classroom deficiencies and needs, it has been reported by parents. “We have long said that he claimed and tried to get rid of. About him, and that he showed rude treatment to the parents of the students. We have stated that our goal is to solve school problems, and we have no intention of blaming anyone, “the statement said.

“We have waited a long time for the problem to be solved.”

The long-term problems are expected to be resolved, the statement said; “However, we have seen that nothing has changed, it is getting worse day by day, and the discomfort of teachers, parents and staff is increasing. In December 2021, we issued a press release in front of the school to highlight the problems. After the inspectors came to the school, the school principal continued to work to this day, although the school’s camera records clearly show that he took statements from parents and staff that the allegations against the school principal were made by a school employee. Many complaints and grievances, which are considered crimes, sit in the principal’s chair. Teachers feel sorry for parents and children. Then the principal caused a lot of problems for the newcomers. The elected parent-teacher association management. Miti’s books were confiscated, some members were kicked out of its doors, 15000 TL loans were not recorded and no decision was made, the union wanted to repay them, and despite multiple applications to the National Department of Education, no action was taken. .

“Student parents report their problems to Governor Aktas”

In the last statement; Parents of some students said they had a one-on-one meeting with the governor of Chanakkal, Ilhami Aktas, in his office in January and explained their problems and submitted a petition, but said that although their petitions had reached the provincial education department, there was still no action against the school principal. No action has been taken. We demand an end to the ongoing investigation against Cecil Cesur, the school’s main supporter, and the school principal, who has problems with the school. The name of such a beautiful school has been successfully mentioned. Teachers work in a peaceful environment, parents work in a peaceful environment. And the happiness of children comes first. A school cannot be sacrificed to a principal. “
(Erin Ashnaz)

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