Abundance of money and love

Dear Astrology Lovers, We are starting the week of April 4th with the Moon Taurus Journey. Financial issues, bilateral relations, land will be on our agenda. In general, we can be lazy and reluctant, working slowly. The things we like and our tastes are at the forefront.

On Tuesday, April 5, the language of our love, Venus leaves Aquarius and begins its journey to Pisces. Romance will be an important part of our lives when Venus is in Pisces, while Aquarius is hard to enter into a serious relationship. It is a time when we fall in love, want to be, want pure love. In the case of love and money, the shadowy aspect of this fertile time is to be a victim of love and financial matters. It is better to be careful about these things. This is a time when we tend to gain weight, so be careful. Artistic activities will do us good at this time. This is a wonderful time for artists. Especially towards the end of April, some of us, especially those who have the sign of Venus Water, will experience good progress and abundance in financial matters and in bilateral relations due to the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius and those who have Venus in this sign will have a more severe effect.

With the Moon-Neptune square, which begins with the Thursday night hours and affects the whole day, there can be sharp ups and downs of emotion, deception, deception and deception. The day will come when we will be thoughtful. Be especially careful when trading and in traffic. We can miss measurements and have trouble eating and drinking.

Aries / Ascendant Aries: Dear Aries and Growing Aries, you are starting this week with a sudden change in financial matters. It is better to avoid risk. An unfinished relationship may come to the fore. You can go inside yourself and find your ideal in your love life. Some secrets may come to the fore. With love

Bull / Bull Rising: Dear Taurus and Taurus Growing, you are starting this week with your plans and events that will suddenly appear. You should think twice before changing your appearance. In your social circle, issues of love may come to the fore and you may become popular. With love.

Gemini / Twin Rising: Dear Gemini and Gemini, you are starting this week with a little more introspection, wanting to spend time with yourself. You may not be able to use your energy properly. An unnecessary risk in your career could be the loss of money this week. In the case of bilateral relations, you may face ego war. With love.

Crab / Rising Crab: Dear Cancer and Growing Cancer, you are starting this week with the contingencies that will develop in your social circle. Be careful about debt. A compensation lawsuit may result in what you are waiting for. During this time, foreign cultures may attract your attention and opportunities for relationships outside of your own heritage may emerge. Foreign travel can come to the fore, can get success in education life. With love.

Lion / Leo Rising: Dear Leo and Growing Leos, you are starting this week with the difficulty of dealing with authority figures in your career. This is a time in your business life when you need to stay calm. Your debt and inheritance issues will come to the fore in an average of 1 month. This is a time when you will be attracted to emotions instead of love in love. With love

Virgin / Virgin Rosing: Dear daughter and growing daughter, you will start this week with issues and incidents related to lawsuits, education, foreign affairs, travel, distant relatives. In the case of bilateral relations, you and I must stay away from fighting. You may encounter problems in your partnership. One week to change your relationship. With love.

Scale / Scale Rising: Dear Tula Rashi and Tula Rashi, you will start this week with issues and incidents related to inheritance, debt, credit, wife’s income. I would advise to avoid shopping on Monday or not to lend money. Your diet may change. A love that will suddenly appear in your daily life can knock on your door. Aesthetic interference may come to the fore. With love.

Scorpio / Rising Scorpio: Dear Scorpio and the growing Scorpio, you are starting this week with issues and events that will lead to the development of bilateral relations and partnerships. Your dating life can be revived, you can indulge yourself too much. You value your hobbies and you want to put your own happiness first. Good news about your children may come to the fore. With love.

Spring / Emerging Spring: Dear Sagittarius and Growing Sagittarius, you are starting this week with topics and events that will develop into your daily routine. New improvements may come to your health. There may be some problems and disasters about family, home, mother and home. Stay away from emotions for a week. With love.

Capricorn / Capricorn Rise: Dear Capricorn and growing Capricorn, you are starting this week with your child, hobbies, recreational life, artistic problems, problems and events that will develop your relationship. You can feel better about the vehicle and move closer to someone from your inner circle. If you work with trade, positive things can happen. With love.

BUC / Rising Bucket: Dear Aquarius and Ascending Aquarius, you will start this week with home, family, home related topics and events. You should be alert against sudden financial loss, you should protect your money. In the case of bilateral relations, one should try to stay away from controversy. With love.

Fish / Rising Fish: Dear Pisces and growing Pisces, you can start this week with heavy communication traffic, heavy vehicles. You can hear the news from your surroundings. You can make better decisions about your life and change your appearance. You can feel a fruitful time in bilateral relations and financial matters. With love.

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