According to the family of the man who was martyred in the police, father Halil Aslan: “If he had known the police, he would not have shot.” Brother Hassan Aslan: “We have no terrorists in the past.” Was.

The body of the man who killed two policemen in Sanliurfa was taken by his relatives from the morgue and buried at the Sanliurfa center. The family of the man who spoke at the funeral claimed to have fired on plainclothes police members, assuming they belonged to a tribe with which he had a feud.
In Sanliurfa, Deputy Commissioner Abdullah Yasir Binichi and police officer Semal Bozkart, who worked in the provincial security department’s narcotics branch, Mehmet Aslan, whom they were pursuing, were shot dead. The man who blocked the road with his car opened fire on the white-clad police officers, who fled the scene on foot, and the deputy commissioner and police officer, who was taken to hospital, were not rescued. Martyred in the effort.
Teams working across the province to apprehend the man reportedly found someone similar to the man on the Mardin Road route yesterday afternoon. The Sanliurfa Provincial Police Department Special Operations and Gendarmerie Special Operations team conducted land search and scanning activities in the area with the help of commandos. The parties have intensified their operations around Kayanakli rural district of Halilia district to neutralize the suspects in the area.

His body was buried in the center of Sunliurfer.
The body of the killer was handed over to his relatives on the same day at the Forensic Medicine Institute morgue. Relatives who performed the janaza buried him at the same place after prayers at the Bediuzzaman Family Cemetery in the center of Shanliurfa.

Allegedly, he fired shots out of enmity.
The family of the man claimed that Mehmet Aslan fired at the police officers because they thought they were members of the tribe with which they had enmity. The family of the man, who said they were a nationalist family and loved the police, the military and the state, said they were declared terrorists, but that was not the case.

“I lost my 3 sons”
The man’s father, Halil Aslan, said they were people who respected the flag and said, “We are people who respect our state. We are not terrorists. We hate terrorism. We lost 3 of our youngsters, my son, 2 more sons. Those policemen are also my son. This was done by mistake. He thought they were enemies, he pulled out his gun and fired. This would not have been possible if the police had known. We respect our state. There is a Turkish flag everywhere up to our door. We love Mehmetsey, we love our police, we love our state. I came from this party. He mistakenly thought he was blocking the Beni Isil tribe. He pulled out his gun and shot them. I was returning from the doctor, he told his brother, I shot 2 people from Binisil, take care of yourself. He told me the place, so we got up and left. We didn’t know him as a cop, we knew him as Benny Isil. On the way, the police stopped us, they showed us a gun. We didn’t say dad. They told us to lie down. We made a statement. We came to the police station, gave a statement. We left in the morning. “We are people who respect the state, we are not terrorists,” he said.

He called his brother and told him that he had shot two people from the opposite tribe.
The man’s older brother, Hassan Aslan, claimed that Mehmet Aslan had called his other brother, Mustafa Aslan, to say that he had shot two people from the opposite tribe, and said, “I was angry with this boy. It was there in 2004. He said he had a contract with them recently and they did not pay him. After that he was threatening on social media to receive this. The meeting of our tribe was held on the same day. They said, “Mehmet, don’t ask for anything from these, let’s collect how much you can get from these.” Mehmet said, “Why do you repay the debt of others, I can’t stand anything like that.” The boy is a nationalist boy. A boy who loves the police. Go home and see the flag. See our history. The child was confronted by a civilian vehicle near OSM Hospital. 3 people got out of the car. They do not identify themselves as police. When he sees a gun on their waist, he treats them with his gun because they belong to the Beni Isil tribe. When they take care of his gun too, this boy will surrender if he knew he was a cop. Wait, wait, I don’t want to shoot you, I thought it was my enemy, I thought it was Bini Isil Tribe, so I was going to shoot it, and he knew it was Bini Isil Tribe. After the shooting, he is looking for his brother Mostafa Aslan, he is on the card. It says I shot 2 people from Binny Isil, take care of yourself. There are phone records. So we are not terrorists, our past is clear. Bini Yusuf tribe. See who is my father’s real uncle Mostafa Halaf. Where did we come from and where are we going in the war of independence? We have no terrorists in the past. If there is, then let them hold our heads, let them hold our children. In that case, our neck is thinner than a hair, “he said.
On the other hand, the relatives of the person were seen hoisting the Turkish flag at the janaza.

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