CHP Chairman Kılıçdarooglu: “We do not know how many children have autism”

Republican People’s Party Chairman Kemal Kilisdaroglu said, “I’m sorry to say, we don’t know how many children have autism. These families are invisible. In general, they need to be identified.”

Republican People’s Party Chairman Kamal Kilikdaroglu attended an event organized by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality at the Dogan Tasdelen Contemporary Arts Center in Kanka on April 2 to mark World Autism Awareness Day. Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansour Yavas and CHP deputies were present on the occasion. Speaking here, CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu touched on the rights of autistic citizens and their families.

“We don’t know how many children we have autism”

Noting that children with autism should be identified as normal, but if families find and detect this problem, Kılıçdarooglu said, “the state of the Republic of Turkey, which is contained in articles of the constitution that cannot be changed, is a democratic, secular and The state of social law. The state of social law, that is, the social state. Those who have problems, unable to solve problems, it can be economic or physical. There is a person who can be cared for constantly, if there is a person with a disability his disability can bring the least burden to the compile healthy data on such problems.I am sorry to say, we do not know how many children we have autism. “Usually, these need to be determined,” said Mansoor Bay. No. If he discovers it with a family, if he finds a family, “he said.

“If there is a disability at home, the mother must have the right to social security.”

Noting that the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of National Education (MEB) are responsible for the number of children with autism and that data should be taken regularly and shared with the public, CHP leader Kılıçdarooglu claimed that there should be a shadow education agenda for children with autism and that staff should be formed. . Kılıçdaroğlu says the right to education is very dramatic and children with autism should attend class 40 hours a week. And his social security premium should be paid by the state. He should be entitled to retire when the time comes. We are thinking of solving this for family support insurance as well. Family Assistance Insurance. If there is disability in the family apart from lack of income, if there are children who go to school, they should also have some extra opportunities. Education, yes, is a very dramatic event. He was told at every meeting I attended that he should study at least 40 hours a week, but he watches 2 hours. “

If the Ministry of National Education does not provide 40-hour lessons to children with autism, the families of these children are recommended to file a lawsuit against the ministry, CHP Chairman Kılıçdaroğlu stressed that as a politician, they are always ready to support this issue. Kılıçdaroğlu says:

“If such families do not give their children 40 hours of lessons, the Ministry of National Education will sue for compensation and seek justice. We will also support you. You go to court to testify, explain why there should be 40 hours, and oblige the Ministry of National Education Let the Ministry of National Education give 40 hours of lessons. Is there a provision of 2 hours lessons per week for the disabled? Ready. I would like to express this. If you want legal help, we can get help from the international community and give you all the legal help you need. Organization so political power to meet your demands With decisions that can be heard in a way that predicts you will be fair in any case. “

“We will share it with families and enable them to start treatment and education.”

Noting that he took an example from an application he made to his grandson while in England, brought the questions to Ankara and translated them, Mayor Yavas said they were continuing to work on the Internet to begin the study, “It appears that while you are there. Fill in the given questions, according to the answer, there is something in the child’s development. They identify that there is no problem and they start preventive training earlier. I have come up with all these questions, I have translated. But there is a problem. There is no chance of getting up, but we must do it somehow. At least in today’s environment, we sent them to them via the internet and we got them from there. I’m still working. “

Gradually, as a municipality, they will open two facilities that they will open, “We are opening two break rooms in Cincinnati on Monday and Anitepe on Wednesday, and in Ankara, where there is a great need. ‘ – Ankara

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