Dilek Dogan’s family goes to ECHR

WALL – Six years after her assassination, Dilek Dogan’s mother, Aisel Dogan, said “my daughter is under the ground, but the police who shot her were sentenced to 45 days in prison, and she objected,” and said they had filed the file with the ECHR. Will bring

Dilek Dogan, who raided his home in Kukarmutlu Mahalsi, Istanbul on October 18, 2015 and warned police officers entering with shoes to “wear shoe covers,” was shot in the chest by police bullets during the argument. Dogan, who was taken to the hospital by ambulance that arrived 45 minutes later, was treated in the intensive care unit, but died a week later, on October 25, 2015.

A case has been filed against Special Movement Police Officer YM, who killed Dogan, and sentenced him to 20 to 26.5 years in prison for “intentional negligent killing” and “using public service vehicles and equipment in a crime.” Istanbul’s 12th High Criminal Court, which handled the case, sentenced YMK, a police officer, to 6 years and 3 months in prison for “deliberate misconduct” and “causing death by negligence” during a March 17, 2017, decision. . The Supreme Court, the chief prosecutor’s office, has rejected an appeal against the police officer who killed Dogan last July. If the file, which is still pending in the Supreme Court, is approved, the offender will remain in jail for only 45 days.

In the six years since the genocide, the Dogan family has sought to prosecute the police for the punishment of the perpetrator, whom they blamed for “intentional homicide” or “possible intentional homicide” for “conscious negligence.” It means “reducing good behavior”. Noting that no justice has been done, the Dogan family will take the case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

‘They take everything’

Dilek Dogan’s mother, Aisel Dogan, made a statement to the Mesopotamia Agency on the 6th anniversary of her daughter’s murder. Dogan said, “My daughter was my everything, one morning they came and took everything.”

Describing her life in the midst of state persecution, Ma Dogan said that because of the pressure they had to move from the village of Afsin Serkizai in Maras to Istanbul Armutlu, but the persecution continued in the city where they had moved. Explaining that his wife had been arrested and they had arrested her in the first year, Dogan said, “I was left alone with five children. Since my child was young, I had no chance to work. We lived five years with support. Relatives. We lived in a makeshift house. I know how hard it was for me to manipulate my children. “

‘I can’t get used to my daughter’s death’

Dogan, whose pain is still the same as it was six years after the genocide, said on the first day, “I can’t get used to my daughter’s death. I feel like Dilek has never died. One day he will knock. It’s been years since I’ve been here. It’s still spring. “

‘He wanted to be a lawyer’

Mother Dugan said her daughter wanted to be a lawyer. “Dilek said, ‘They kept my father in prison unjustly, I will protect innocent people’, but since our financial situation was not good, he was working after high school and helping the family.” Dilek was always cheerful and helpful. On the way to work in the morning, when he saw the children at the door, he said, ‘Mom, is there anything at home? He said, I give it to the children. If he had a diamond, he would cut it in half and give it to his friend, “he said of his daughter.

Mentioning that they named her granddaughter “Dilek”, who was born 3 years after her daughter’s death, Dogan said, “My granddaughter Dilek is just like my daughter. Sometimes I feel like I’m raising Dilek again.”

‘I just want justice’

Reacting to the police acquittal of Dilek’s killer, Dogan said: “My daughter is under the ground, but the police who shot her were sentenced to 45 days in prison, and she was also objected. For which book is the 45-day sentence appropriate? “” I want everyone to hear my cries, “Dogan said.” I don’t want anyone to die. I don’t want anyone to be punished for their political views. I just want justice. No one should be told ‘this doesn’t happen to us’, these things can happen to anyone, ”he said.

Recalling her son Emrah Dogan, who was detained and arrested for demanding the trial of her brother Dilek, Dogan’s mother said the other son had to leave the country because of the pressure.

Dogan goes on to say: “They imprisoned my son with false statements and files. Under pressure, my other son had to leave his wife and child and go abroad. We went to the grocery store from our own home. “We can’t go to the market, we are under constant surveillance. We have been victimized. You can do the worst in this country. “

Father Dogan: They have been declared ‘terrorists’

Referring to her struggle for justice over Dogan’s murder, father Metin Dogan recalled that the policeman who killed his daughter told the court, “The state ordered, I shot myself.” Dogan, emphasizing the determination of the police who killed Dilek, said: “My daughter has no political affiliation, she has been called a terrorist.

“The policeman who shot my daughter was not punished with a single bullet. Was my daughter’s life as worthless as a bullet? They talk about the ‘state’. Law, justice, no,” said Dogan. Justice, for whom is justice? There is law and justice for the sovereign. There is no justice for them like us. The Turkish judiciary has become a police force. You can’t do what you want, ”he said.

‘I wanted you to sleep in peace’

Mentioning that he had buried his daughter in his village in Marashe, Father Dogan reiterated his demand for justice and said, “I buried her in her own town if they hurt her grave. I wanted you to sleep in peace, away from home. I want to see him again year after year. What I want is for no one to feel what we have given, “he said. (MA)

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